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  1. For me it is ether Detriot Become Human, or Yakuza 6 because those were the most time sinker, my other platinums were easy ones.
  2. Overcoming the PastDefeat Yunalesca Feel the PainObtain Anima
  3. And Rudolph may get fined but they are still figuring that out
  4. Yea if it not the rest of the season then something wrong with the league because it just wasn't right.
  5. I am pretty sure that will cause him a suspension for the rest of the season. I would also like to add that people are saying that Rudolph started it but Garett should get suspended for what he did afterward
  6. Best Monday Night Game that for sure
  7. With how good the Niners are doing tomorrow MNG is going to be good.
  8. Yea, I try to be for my team (Cowboys) but it hard because of how bad the playcalling is. at least we don't have many players out
  9. Honestly, after this first quarter, this game is already decided and it just shows how the Cowboys are not ready for good teams, they have the players but the coaching just sucks.
  10. Yea it disgusting because he honestly started all of them but I guess the refs just got what they got and called it on the Cowboys. I am just glad the Cowboys won and I can go to bed happy
  11. It's All About the MoneyObtain Yojimbo
  12. HeartstringsView the "Underwater Date" scene
  13. Here for You Clear Sholmès' Epilogue route Memories with SholmèsUnlock all Sholmès images
  14. I would get trails of cold steel but I want to play trails in the sky first so I will probably wait Akiba trip catches my eye
  15. I was thinking of getting cold steel 1 because it was on sale but then I saw trails in the sky SC on Steam and am going to get that because of it a little bit cheaper and since skies are before cold steel I want to play Sky before Cold Steel