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  1. Hey Dillan and Zack, My favorite moment would have to been when I got my PS4 back in 2017 and found my favorite game Persona 5. When I first got my PS4, my brother had his own in his room, and it was hard to play on it (because his room is not one I would go into), and at the time my computer was shit so I could not play mass effect Andromeda so my brother said as a birthday present decided to get me a PS4 to play, and as a bonus, I got Persona 5, and I just fell in love with it. Also for anyone who wants a damm good JRPG let me direct to Trails Of Cold Steel because it awsome. I would like to shout out my fellow discord peeps in the Plat Cast Discord as I would not have many friends to play games with and talk with PlayStation about.
  2. Store still has not updated for me yet so i am doing a bullet it seems
  3. Is it only for US i thought you can change the currency on the site?
  4. as of today 10/20/2020 the deal is still ongoing for anyone who still wants it.
  5. Likes the Danganropa series and some great JRPGS
  6. Most of all Yakuza I try to do all substories (except for FOTNS and Judgment), but this one might not be one I do all of them because of Disco, other than that I never really plat these game due to the grind.
  7. Steins Gate Elite question- Is there a good order to do the endings, I am following a guide I just want to ask just in case there a good order to do it in. I am not very far in (only chapter 1) but I am enjoying it so far right now it just really explanation, and stuff (have seen the first couple episodes of the anime so I kinda know the start but not all of it). Also, it gets a thumbs up for me because of Mamoru Miyano who is one of my favorites VA in japan is in it.  

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    2. mako-heart


      Just scanned it, seems about how I did things. I would get Mayuri before Chris, personally. But that's just from a story stand point.

    3. Yuna4353


      @mako-heart is Chris "Kurisu"?

    4. mako-heart
  8. I got thios trophy on my first playthrough, most of it is just don't use Taxis because it much better to travel on foot
  9. The Cowboys are done this season with Dak injured no way they are winning anymore games after this one
  10. Finished Yakuza today, honestly has the best side content in the series for me (0 is a close second though I still need to play it thoroughly) Next game I will be playing is Steins Gate 0 as a VN break is needed, and then going to go back  to Sakura Warrs, then Steins Gate 0, then hopefully Yakuza 0 depending on if CS4 is released. 




    Here are my stats for my playthrough, plan on going back to do 100% maybe when I do a whole series runthrough again 


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    2. Yuna4353


      @PooPooBlast OK I am in a bad I cannot type phase, I am planning on playing elite that why I said I plan on playing steins gate 0 after sakura wars I just sucked at typing, and yea it was 100 hours, 30 of those were on Part 1 haha. 

    3. CorrinFireEmblem


      i wish you to earn a platinum trophy for this game, you deserve it and you are a dedicated player. Wish i could earn just yakuza 0 ^^

    4. Yuna4353


      @CorrinFireEmblem I probably will earn it at some point I just want to get through some of my backlogs as this 100% take forever. I I thinking of going back to Kiwami after 0 to replay it on legend and do 100%

  11. have you earned a trophy?
  12. Update after putting in my new level on psn trophy leaders my new level is 218
  13. Im at level 12 so I will assume 200-210
  14. For any people who still need to preorder CS4, the digital deluxe edition is now on PS Store, and it 25% for  (PS Plus members) off (it will be $60 as it would be the standard edition). 

  15. This really sucks, I am pray not too many more get COVID because there is an outbreak going on