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  1. Yea and that who my team (Cowboys) faces next week and let just say that going to be a game where they are going to get destroyed
  2. He still gets paid because he still would be considered on the active roster through I don't think he can play through I think im wrong on that.
  3. They are thinking he will be put on the Commissioner list so yea, I am reserving judgment till the evidence is found, Right now it he said she said
  4. Follower of the CreedProof Eizen has settled one score.But there are still payments to be made.That's part of the creed. The Howling CalamityProof of the will to finish the fight against the exorcists.Once all is devoured, it will be done. Almost done with the game then it post-game stuff.
  5. From what I see theres one thing that catches my eye which is tales of Vesperia and it the price I would pay to get it. Other than that not much for me
  6. Well ok, then I guess that works then but still tie-breaker sucks.
  7. Yea you are right about that it is going to help the NFC North, and NFC West
  8. I understand why teams hate it because it leaves a sour mood. and this affects both team denominator. Ugh, I hate ties.
  9. Well, the Jags are going to get nowhere this season if Foles left shoulder injury is serious and keeps him out for a while.
  10. Yea which is going to suck because pats dso not need another Superbowl
  11. Well now he with the Patriots let see how long that will last
  12. The Unquenchable FlameProof of learning the true story.In spite of this—No, because of this, you must go on. I think my heart cannot take this game anymore.
  13. This is a really awesome feature and I am glad that you added it so thank you
  14. The Transgressor's Chains Proof of knowing your sin and its price.There is no escape now. Honestly, this is where I had to turn the game difficulty down because I got frustrated at the game but it done and I can move on.
  15. I wasn't going to buy anything from the game but saw Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for $10 and I was like I can fork over $10 for it.