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  1. 50 minutes ago, guy_flies said:

    Yes. You have to complete the 80th request of defeating the grim reaper for his trophy, as well to unlock new game + (which is needed for master difficulty trophy and completing your persona collection trophy)

    OK thought so, im guessing repear  only postgame 


  2. 20 hours ago, jantrick2 said:


    I did them all after finishing the story and they weren't much of a problem, so I guess the earliest you could beat them would be late 50s or early 60s. Probably earlier with the right party and personas

    good to note 


  3. 28 minutes ago, yuber1234 said:

    Can anyone tell me if completing all requests is required for any trophies? I don't want to check any of the secret trophies until I finish the story to avoid possible spoilers. I have the "What are Friends For?" trophy.


    Thanks in advance.

    I think so, some are post-game rquests. 


  4. 35 minutes ago, jantrick2 said:

    If anyone is planning on doing Merciless, make sure you have a persona with Zio skills before starting NG+. The 1st miniboss in the tutorial area is a bit of a pain otherwise.


    How early can you start grinding treasure demons (the rare monsters)? I just cleared the first keep in Shibuya

    They start appearing in the second jail


  5. 1 hour ago, hash_braun said:


    Best advice for this one is do it through remote play on PC and set up a macro to automatically accept the request, fast travel, walk to the boss and spam it with maxed out Alice Eiha attacks.


    Then you can let that run while you go about your day and just have to walk your character back to the exit every five or so minutes (manually because it's impossible to set a macro not knowing where they'll be positioned after the battle).

    I am now curious how to set up this Macro


  6. 15 minutes ago, Gage said:

    You don't need to touch Merciless at all, and it's not worth playing unless you absolutely don't want to grind bond the fast but boring way at the end of normal playthrough. You only start a playthrough on Merciless then can just reload the old save on first playthrough. 


    If you do want to play Merciless, it's really fucking rough. You get like 3 shot by enemies at the very start of the game. 

    Dont you have to do a second playthrough due to the inmate registry 


  7. 19 minutes ago, Sword said:

    I'm kinda torn. Have had my eye on the Trials of Cold Steel games for awhile but they never seem to drop to a good enough range that I would buy them. I'd like to play the whole series but not pay full price on them. Torn between waiting for the whole series to go on sale again to roll the dice and see if they are offered at better prices, or just go on and buy 2, 3 and 4 now. 


    Do those games go on sale often? Would you recommend waiting? I got like 170+ backlog games now, I've just been trying to scoop up every game I can on sale. Wait or buy... wait or buy...

    You may get these prices again around April for the next Big In Japan sale, but no promises. 


  8. 1 hour ago, BKnocheese said:

    All the Trails of Cold Steel games are on sale, except for the first one... 🙃


    Bummer. I was thinking about getting into the series, but don't want to pay full price for the first one.

    I was surprised that CS1 is not on sale because it the first one you would get if starting the series. 


    As for me in the sale I have no idea since im getting P5 Strikers this month do not want to spend too much so I might go with ZTD, 428 SS, or maybe Dangaroa games I have no idea yet. 


    13 Sentinnals I totally recommend because it a damm good experience, and not a too difficult platinum  


  9. 1 minute ago, Dreggit said:
























    You have all been added to beta group. Please double check and be sure I have added you properly. More about groupings next week.

    I am there thank you 


  10. 16 minutes ago, Gretchen27 said:



    I'm a new Switch owner! Late to the party, but finally here. Thought I'd ask the folks of this thread for game suggestions.

    I plan on getting:
    Animal Crossing New Horizons
    Astral Chain
    Monster Hunter (one of them anyway)

    Any exclusives I should look into? I've never played a Zelda game, so it's not on my radar. Played the Mario games Paper, Galaxy, & the original. None of which held my interest. I'm looking for RPGs (Japanese, western, doesn't matter) & simulator (in the vein of Harvest Moon or Sims) games. Anything Pokemon-esque is welcome too. 

    Fire Emblem Three Houses is a must buy, it is a great RPG that I have put over 115 hours into and have much more to go. 


  11. 22 minutes ago, yellowwindow7 said:

    it seems Sam Porter dropped the ps5 during shipping it on foot to fight some B.T's


    pro tip: Do Not Buy a Console Day One!

    the first line up is always the " Test The Water Before Sailing on It "

    This I really want one but it better to wait for bugs to be fixed