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  1. The guide should work good. Zoelius does a lot of guides for the Falcom games (Trails, and Tokyo Xanadu), and their guides I always recommend.
  2. Fire Emblem Three Houses is a must buy, it is a great RPG that I have put over 115 hours into and have much more to go.
  3. So since it 2021 now I have a list made up of all the games I want to beat in 2021, some are not going to be played on playstaion but i thought making my goals this year with games I want to beat.


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    2. Leenewbe


      A nice list of rpgs there, plenty of grinding, good luck 👍

    3. Yuna4353


      @Leenewbe I play too many RPGS but that my go to genre 

    4. Leenewbe


      I now your pain, I have plenty of them in my backlog too, just haven't really been in the mood to play them for a while. 😅

  4. Plat #9 

    AI The Sommuium Files 

    Going to be doing my first Atelier game with Atelier Ryza next should be fun might do the plat for it, need some for the milestone of 10 plats.

  5. #9 AI: The Sommunium Files This game had a fun story but I just could not hold onto the gameplay because some gameplay mechanics just did not stick with me, however, the story was worth the struggle in the gameplay.
  6. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA is speaking towards me, and at $20 I am pretty sure I will be getting that, not too many others on sale that interests me other than that.
  7. Piece of Cake Award This is a weird pick because I started it in 2019 but finished it this year but it definitely easy as it just going through the stories, and not too many choices. It's like Dark Souls So this is not the only time I mention this series (honesty most of my awards may go to it because of its impact), but when I first started this series I had really major issues with how the combat worked, and I just glad I got help in knowing what to do. Bad Ass Award If anyone knows this series and its S Crafts they are some of the most badass things you can see in a JRPG Grind of the Year Giving this to some of the substories in this game because I will be honest the substories in this game were not my favorite, and they had some grind aspects t it that I had to spend morning finishing up a set of the same minigame substories. King of the Internet and Worst Online Experience Combing these two categories because this is the only online game I played this year, so I cannot really say a best and worst because it just the only online game I played Sleeper Hit of the Year I know I mentioning t his series a lot (it comes with playing not too many games this year), but when this series does not get that much attention, and when you get into it more, and start to fall un love with the world it hooked me into this series, and cannot recommend it enough. Biggest Bomb of the Year So this game is great, but playing it this year (when it an 11-year-old game) shows it ag so much that it is hard to like it too much. I need to play the second one before my PSNow is up (that another knockdown because PSNow is not a good service if you don't have the manpower) Best Trophy Image How to scare a sims player with triplets is I'm right. Worst Trophy Image This is from Sakura Wars really just changing the middle for its bronze, silver, and gold. It is simple and just meh. Best Female Character This is a weird pick because of how she placed in the story but it Eri from Yakuza 7. One of the best party members you could have in the game she is just a very useful character overall. Best Male Character Machias from Cold Steel for me. I think he had some of the best character developments in the series, and just that liking him as the games went on I just love this character so much that it just so great how Trails does its characters. Best Plat of the Year This goes to P5R because it is just a very great game done so well, and it was worth being able to replay it too. Also the milestone I hit was the day I got my PS4 in 2017 so it holds a special place now in my heart. Worst Platinum of the Year It kinda hard to pick the worst plat of the year because I only have 3 so I choosing Sims 4 because despite it being easy, I just think my love for the sims has fallen off throughout my years that I just don't want to play it as much anymore. Most Anticipated Plat of 2021 Glad that this game is getting it western release next year, and am happy to be back in another persona game after P5R this year.
  8. Beat Yakuza LAD tonight, I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to Yakuza fans. For a first start into the JRPG scene I am excited to see where they take with this series (story, and gameplay-wise).  Next up I will be going back to Cold Steel 4 

  9. Does this look like to be the same time as the original version or a bit longer.
  10. Sound CharacterRaised one of Kasuga's personality stats to max. Been a while since posted in this thread so decided to post my last trophy slowly working on this.
  11. Forgot to mention this a couple days ago but got to level 221. 

  12. Figured out the issue I had with the collectible that I missed in AI The Sommunium Files it was an easy fix too 

  13. So I got a question about one of the collectibles in AI: The Shommunuim Files, I missed File 17 in the Album does anyone know when it excatley unlocks 

  14. I am glad Yakuza Like A Dragon got nominated because this is a first time of a Yakuza game being nominated for The Game Awards
  15. This I really want one but it better to wait for bugs to be fixed
  16. (AI: The Somnium Files)- This game has been an absolute blast so far, about 4 hours in, and I am invested in it so much that I really want to solve the mystery of the game. Hopefully, this game does not go down the hole but it humor is good, and I cannot deny the plot is good.  

    1. NERVergoproxy


      I been wanting to get it. I don't even see it on sale for Black Friday, what s shame. Hopefully PS Store will have it.

    2. Yuna4353


      @NERVergoproxy I got it when it was on a PSN sale around July, I assume it will be on a Big In Japan sale or a normal sale, I would say it is worth i to get it on sale 

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Yeah this is one of those unique games that ain't budging to drop price physically, though I wouldn't mind it digital but it'll have to be much cheaper vs physical.

  17. It might be dependent on how the leveling is for the game, I see some grinding in this game as later levels take a bit
  18. Surprised no NG+ trophy since we should have harder difficulties, looks easy though since you do not have to do all of the completed list items, but it does look to have some grind in it
  19. Looks like I am getting Yakuza Like A Dragon $10 off because the price went down from $60 to $50 this makes me happy because I save some money from it. 

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    2. Yuna4353


      @Dreakon13 yea looks like fun things can happen 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Yay to both! I'm still waiting for Amazon to refund my stuff...they said contact them Tuesday if I haven't by then.

    4. Yuna4353


      @MidnightDragon Why are you refunding?

  20. Forgot to post this last night but got to Level 220. Last night which with the new leveling system it is a milestone I think. 

  21. I learned fromthis CS4 crisis to never buy digital preorders never again. had to re buy the game just to get it to download 

  22. And neoseeker is getting thier guide ready
  23. Hey Dillan and Zack, My favorite moment would have to been when I got my PS4 back in 2017 and found my favorite game Persona 5. When I first got my PS4, my brother had his own in his room, and it was hard to play on it (because his room is not one I would go into), and at the time my computer was shit so I could not play mass effect Andromeda so my brother said as a birthday present decided to get me a PS4 to play, and as a bonus, I got Persona 5, and I just fell in love with it. Also for anyone who wants a damm good JRPG let me direct to Trails Of Cold Steel because it awsome. I would like to shout out my fellow discord peeps in the Plat Cast Discord as I would not have many friends to play games with and talk with PlayStation about.
  24. Store still has not updated for me yet so i am doing a bullet it seems
  25. Is it only for US i thought you can change the currency on the site?