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  1. PSN: ThePhantomInmate Feel free to add me, im not really good at starting coversations, but i do love anime and almost every game genre (excluding horror and a good amount of sports) ill try my best to respond to any messages, just be sure to mention from psprofiles ( i kept changing my name until i found this one, swear im not changing it again
  2. PSN- Hollow-Skies- I mostly play singleplayer games, but i like comparing trophies, feel free to add me (just lemme know you are from psnprofiles) (also, i have a really bad habit of changing my name very often xd)
  3. PSN:TheLastAnti Feel free to add, always looking for more friends in my news feed cx Games i currently play that are online are mhw:iceborne and battlefront 2, huge fan of jrpgs, learning to like other genres
  4. PSN:Anti_CX i just recently wiped my fl for whatever reason, feel free to add me (dont mind friend collectors, just let me know from psnprofiles cx) looking into platting persona 4 golden and persona 5
  5. Feel free to add me, looking to atleast get 40/50% in games i enjoy, but platting the ones that are doable for me, we can talk about trophies in common that we need to plat, upcoming games etc etc
  6. can confirm, misterpee's advice worked and it took less then 5 minutes
  7. whoops sorry, im not thinking properly today, didnt see the fact that op is canadian.
  8. if a canadian gets this, can said canadian let me know, so far ive seen its limited to the US of A, ima be cheesed if so.
  9. you guys think the 50 quirks require the same requirements?
  10. do let me know if you find a fix!!!
  11. i had the game preinstalled, 100% the story, played 50 games of todoroki online, played every single hero and villain, trying to see if i can find a way to fix this (if i cant find a fix hopefully they patch it) i see that other people got it perfectly fine also though, maybe its because i started the game by playing online.
  12. i was going through a bit too fast and didnt do the xsana trophy in chapter 3, does anyone know when it will be possible next? *edit got my answers from the link up above, sorry for being unaware