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  1. Thanks for the info ! I deleted the email without checking it, and there was my 25% off ! thanks again
  2. EU list is already live for months
  3. Oh shit, didn’t saw the next milestone was 6000. thank you
  4. Hello there 👋🏻 I recently marked my 5500th trophy, but the milestone doesn’t appear in my profile, is there a bug in some way ? Cheers.
  5. No good players, it was on my first season. I play in France, the 3rd league so goalkeeper is not really good lol Yes that’s what I’m sayin I didn’t shoot from my half, only start an attack from my half and then score a goal
  6. The game just put me in my half, and then I just run and made some passes and score a goal, like any action. i was on high speed for the rhythm of the game and "counter" maybe the odds of starting in your half is higher like that. no, unfortunately I don’t have a clip
  7. Found it way easier, got it on my first try Thanks
  8. How did you do the corner ? Where do you hit the ball ? Where do you aim ?
  9. It got to be 3 different chickens (chicken, duck, baby duck) it’s 3 different type of animals of the same type, it’s just not specified in the description.
  10. It unlock at the first nugget too, and I "only" had 20 in stock.
  11. Thanks I was hoping it’s not. those kind of games interest me, trophies are funny, but yeah like you, I’m worried that’s gonna be bullcrap
  12. Is it a VR game ?
  13. Do you have any news on Summer Sports Game ? game just released in EU