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  1. No good players, it was on my first season. I play in France, the 3rd league so goalkeeper is not really good lol Yes that’s what I’m sayin I didn’t shoot from my half, only start an attack from my half and then score a goal
  2. The game just put me in my half, and then I just run and made some passes and score a goal, like any action. i was on high speed for the rhythm of the game and "counter" maybe the odds of starting in your half is higher like that. no, unfortunately I don’t have a clip
  3. Found it way easier, got it on my first try Thanks
  4. How did you do the corner ? Where do you hit the ball ? Where do you aim ?
  5. It got to be 3 different chickens (chicken, duck, baby duck) it’s 3 different type of animals of the same type, it’s just not specified in the description.
  6. It unlock at the first nugget too, and I "only" had 20 in stock.
  7. Thanks I was hoping it’s not. those kind of games interest me, trophies are funny, but yeah like you, I’m worried that’s gonna be bullcrap
  8. Is it a VR game ?
  9. Do you have any news on Summer Sports Game ? game just released in EU
  10. Have you played it ? im interest by this one
  11. No multiplayer in this one
  12. They already said that the game will not include micro transactions. Once the game is out, is out that’s it. im actually a bit surprise wasn’t expecting much but after that video it look cool. kinda clunky as some of you says.