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  1. For me now is Null Drifter, I cant go past level 5. I died once just before I kill the boss, but did not registered of course. Btw, do you unlock the trophy if you buy the uprgrade "next level 10" ?
  2. Yep avalaible this morning.
  3. Oh ok thanks for the answer. didnt know that but had trouble to connect to psn today. so probably connected.
  4. I can’t find the game in the French store whether by title or by new games released. Is there someone else having this issue ?
  5. Ticket To Ride need rescanning as description for trophies changed, becoming way harder now.
  6. If I remember right you need to get 15 tickets in one game on USA map (base game) only. some trophies got weird requirements and they’re are tied to a specific map
  7. Yeah... 14 abilities left to have, hate this game now 😂
  8. Chimparty ! I really loved to plat this game, I did it alongside with my girlfriend. Was really fun
  9. I’m really liking this game so far, after 8/10h it’s really enjoyable and it feel like Star Wars, wich is lacking in the movies so far. and for me, I found that the game is like Tomb Raider, and its really working. was sceptical when announced, didn’t want to buy it and I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but was very hype recently and I’m not disappointed of bought it.
  10. Thanks, I forgot about this website, very helpful
  11. Does someone remember how long the game is ? Can’t temember and never finished as a kid
  12. Thanks for the info ! I deleted the email without checking it, and there was my 25% off ! thanks again
  13. EU list is already live for months
  14. Oh shit, didn’t saw the next milestone was 6000. thank you
  15. Hello there 👋🏻 I recently marked my 5500th trophy, but the milestone doesn’t appear in my profile, is there a bug in some way ? Cheers.