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  1. Hi, I am the only one "struggle" with this one ? i re roll 3 task and complete them last campaign and this morning 3 task again but it’s not unlocking. is there a specific thing to do apart from re rollin the task ?
  2. Thank you ! I just did that and it work. I also got a respond from the support team who is confirming what you said.
  3. Yes this is what I do on all 6 attempts... i did send them a ticket, thank you for the link.
  4. Does anyone know how to unlock Spoil Sport ? can’t find the setup to disable the turn type option
  5. Does someone know when it’s released ? The only thing I found about this game is that it’s available on steam for a year. Cheers
  6. You will need to earn a new trophy and then you can uptade your profile without a new trophy you won’t see the changes
  7. No I’m not going to make a guide. im very bad at explain things 🤣 But a guide isn’t really needed for this game. And I still don’t know how to unlock spoil sport...
  8. This is not the EU version. bought the game on the french store and got the trophies on the other stack
  9. Thanks !
  10. Yes, the Ps Now version is the ultimate edition. So you got the 3 dlcs
  11. I played a few games 2-3 days earlier than release and never got any trouble.
  12. Yes I’m sure because I did it ^^ I think the example of Fortnite is not the same, you play a game on IOS and you buy currency for that game wich you play on the phone. but for Sony I buy from their store for a game I can’t use on an iPhone and I think the difference between these scenarios are here. they can’t ask money for something that is completely a different service on an different platform.
  13. I mean for me right now it’s the download speed. My god it is so fast a friend ask me to play WWZ wich is 40go and i was like yeah I download right away And he tought we will play tomorow but no only 20 minutes !
  14. Well, that’s not true. i just bought Poker Club 15 minutes ago, while on the app on my iPhone. And for OP i did get that message too earlier when trying to buy poker club, but now as I states I bought it from the app
  15. There is Awkward that requires you to play on Feb 14 and on a Saturday. I remember that I also had a game where you have to play 2 différents date, but can’t remember wich one ftm.
  16. You can earn them in the 10 hours trials. all the trophies I got in UFC were in that trial still got 2 hours to play it
  17. Lmao your profile is filled with big AAA titles that are just as broken like this game, filled with micro transaction and youre here making richer some man in suits while developers are treat like slave. And you criticize a little développer who can make a few bucks. That’s pathetic in my opinion. and we got it, you don’t like having to "deal" with the "same list over and over" you said that one post out of two 😑
  18. Thanks man !
  19. Does rocket bot wins count for the 100 wins ?
  20. I hope that going to level 40 in the dojo is not super hard 😂 and yes too bad that there’s no plat but I was expecting it as I was pretty sure they were going to release the 3 episodes “separately” so this is gonna be very very hard to 100%, beating 40 levels with practice is gonna be fine but 3 stars (120 imperial things as I called it) on all levels, well good luck, you basically lose 1 star everytime you get hit...
  21. Well there’s trophies in the game. three separate list with 6 trophies each. one silver for beating the episode 4 for the dojo (level 10,20,30,40) and 1 gold for finding 120 imperial things
  22. Well, you can buy Fifa 19 on ps3
  23. So it takes a long time 😩😩 and now with the vita store "search" broken. sony got some work to do
  24. Well I guess I have to wait until tomorow ? or the problem is bigger and need more time to get fixed ?