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  1. Ended up buying both regions of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series because they’re only sale for both regions because of the Halloween Sale! 


    I now own every single Telltale game again! 

    Ended up buying a $50 USD Card so I still have $15 Left, thinking about getting Stranger Things Season 3 the game. 🤔 




    @Copanele @DamagingRob 



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    2. Anxiety


      Can’t wait to play The Final Season four times 😅 


      The Walking Dead Final Season DISC EU and US 

      The Walking Dead Final Season Digital EU and US. 



      And thanks @Ackerman_Ievi:D

    3. Ackerman_Ievi


      Hahaha, you are insane, I played them all once and it took me about a week, it’s A good collection but try a deferent choices while replaying so u don’t get the same outcome and get bored

    4. Anxiety


      I will be trying different choices, just got to find the time to sit down and play so many games 😅 @Ackerman_Ievi

  2. 73% complete with Ultimate Jutsu’s 

    50% Ninja Tool’s (Haven’t bought any more yet) 

    20% Images (Need to buy them all) 

    40% Ninja Info Cards (Still need to buy some) 


    So we are getting there! Long grind ahead.

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    2. Anxiety


      @DamagingRob Yeah but you know I like grinds in games sometimes Rob :) 


      @Copanele If you ever want you should play these games, they’re great. Be warned of number two though, it’s a long grind and it has online trophies and you have to win 50 matches and lose 20, I just boost with myself! :P 



    3. Copanele


      Oh boy onlinery! Just what I love in my Naruto game xD Will note it down,thanks!

    4. DamagingRob


      For me, there's tolerable grinds. And then there's this:

      :P I'll probably end up getting that one, too, though. :/

  3. Completely forgot about steam achievements! I’ll have a look later, thanks.
  4. An indi game with a platinum 🤔 Looking at the trophy list it looks like a decent platinum and maybe not that hard but not that easy? That trophy “Speedrun Strat” could involve you going out of bounds because it looks like the picture is of a map with a ? on it. Also looks like the trophy “This isn’t the end?” Looks like you have to go through 1001+ rooms. That might be a challenge. It’s also got a pacifist run, so I assume this game is going to have a lot of play-throughs but from gameplay looks like it’s pretty fast paced. Maybe some online as well or couch co-op. Only time will tell.
  5. Finally! Took your time, Can now play it again 👌🏻



  6. Technically it’s not “New” it’s a replacement copy because my first copy I bought a year ago I just got around to playing and it doesn’t work, so had to buy a new copy. When it worked, once the disc read. It worked fine but it didn’t want to read suddenly again.
  7. Up to round four of Hyperion Slaughter, two more to go.

    Then I start Vault Hunter Mode, get level 50 then kill Terramorphus and that’s all side missions done 😎


    Still a long way to go for 100% but getting there. 



  8. Circle of Slaughter has crashed twice once on round 4, and now again on round 5 wave 3. 


    Third times the charm?

  9. Got the world traveller trophy when I hit Vault Of The Warrior like I said 😎 


    Fun times, now to beat the last boss 🤫



  10. This arrived Friday:



    These arrived today:



    So, getting there with the LEGO Vita Collection. 😎

    1. RedRodriguez87




      You be sure to tell us how they stack up to the consoles? The HP was pretty good, but I haven't touched the Batman vita ones.

    2. Anxiety


      @RedRodriguez87 Will do! 


      What I usually do anyway is play console to 98% first then 100% the VITA version then PS3 to PS4. 

  11. This arrived Friday: These arrived today: So, getting there with the LEGO Vita Collection.
  12. Got pretty much all locations except Vault Of The Warrior, fingers crossed world explorer pops then, if it doesn’t not sure what else I’m gonna do. 


    Other than that, easy sailing 😎

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    2. Anxiety


      Oh this is for Borderlands 2 :P I got the platinum for three ages ago. I can’t wait for the DLC :D

    3. PooPooBlast


      Oohh I see! Lol I didn't expect you to play Bl3 before 2 so I didn't even think of that :P


      As for world explorer I heard it can glitch on you if you were playing co-op. There are also many hidden locations that you can't fast travel to so check those before concluding that it may have glitched. 


      You probably already know this given you're a seasoned player but I just wanted to let you know! 

    4. Anxiety


      nah it’s alright, I started playing Borderlands 2 on PS4 way before Borderlands 3 got announced I’m just playing that one with a friend, the PS3 version I’m doing myself :)


      Yeah I know I haven’t got all areas because I just entered Fyrestone, so it’s not glitched. (Yet) 

  13. Fingers crossed Naruto Generations arrives on Monday, can’t believe the disc doesn’t want to work 😒 


    Worked fine when it actually played no lag, no errors, no nothing. 

  14. Borderlands 2 VR EU because it’s on sale, I’m also planning on getting the NA version very soon.
  15. Not a platinum but got Challenged Accepted (Gold) Completed Level 1 of all non-level specific challenges with a single character. 



    I’m glad this is over with now, it just smooth sailing from here on out. I’m gonna try and have a two hour nap. Talk soon.