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  1. Selling two to make profit and the other two are so I can boost with myself for the Online portion of the game.
  2. If when it doubt with free roam games always advance the main quest further if the path seems locked. Also another helpful tip tip is to google around some people might have the same problem or glitch you have. To also help some more to upload pictures to here it’s best to use websites like Imgur or Tinypic (Before it shuts down). But glad your problem got fixed.
  3. Watch Dogs Complete Edition. And the PS3 version.
  4. Anyone up for Watch Dogs 🤣

    Excuse the skeleton hands.



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    2. PooPooBlast


      Ahhh gotcha! I thought about doing this before with cheap games but I got lazy and decided against it lol. 


      Good luck with the online trophies and thanks for the follow! :wave:

    3. NERVergoproxy


      If you can sell them for 20-25, better get rid of it soon.

      $14-15 is what they go for on ebay buy out, and thats including free shipping. but then im talking us dollars so who knows, good luck.

    4. Anxiety


      That’s about $20-$25 @NERVergoproxy and thanks! :)

  5. I really hope they don’t repackage the collection into this, I spent a bit of money on getting a physical copy because you can’t get it digitally anymore.
  6. Finally got to the final boss on Adventure Time: Secrets of The Nameless Kingdom PS3, last night after it glitched hardcore and Softlocked the game, good thing there is a Speedrun trick which allows you to no-clip. 


    Sadly doesn’t work on the Japanese version ☹️


    Only one more game to go! Also I’ll upload a picture of how it glitched, it’s a bit blurry because it’s a screenshot from a video I took of the glitch. 



    1. Anxiety


      Also forgot to add this is the run for the “Ambitreacherous” trophy. Beat the game without upgrading anything. Just got to finish the final boss on all three games pretty much at once then I’m done! 
  7. Good thing I didn’t start getting all choose your own adventure telltale games yet 🤔 Hopefully won’t be that much.
  8. Breaking News: Local Pier last seen being drifted off by the ocean. 😅 If you know where this is keep the location to yourself. 




  9. Probably one of the best platinum screenshots I’ve ever gotten. 



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    2. Mr_Skirra


      Very cool! Nice one :)

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. DamagingRob


      Nice work! All hail Claptrap. :awesome:

  10. I really have to get back into this game, once the adventure time games are outta the way I’m straight back into this game!
  11. Need one more trophy for Borderlands 2 another game at 98% 😎


    Shoutout to my IRL friend for playing the whole game and getting the trophies with me. Just got to do the DLC.



    1. NTGSruler


      How many plats you want to earn at once? 😀

    2. Anxiety


      Lots ;) 

    3. NTGSruler


      Nice! 😉

  12. Starting the Japanese version on PS3 of Adventure Time: Secrets of The Nameless Kingdom. Fingers crossed this game works properly. Also hopefully it doesn’t take my save from the EU version of the game 🤞

    1. Anxiety


      Huge fear of mine that it reads the EU save and it’ll automatically pop the trophies. 😅

      Any game in general tbh. 

  13. Update on my neighbors. They’re still up. It’s 12:40pm the next day they’ve been up for three days. One of them still doesn’t know how to play the guitar. Just go inside. 

    1. lordguwa


      oh noes. i had the worse neighbors they played loud music every afternoon and i couldn't do anything about it because of the noise laws they got kicked out last month because the landlord found out they was dealing drugs.

    2. Anxiety


      It’s not my neighbor that I don’t mind, the person making the noise is her 40-50 year old son and his drunk/drugged friends. Even with headphones on full blast I can still hear them. 

  14. Finally one trophy left on both games! I can sleep for the night and finish tomorrow! 💤 


    Still gotta play it three different times for all three platinums 😅

  15. I’m going to drop kick my neighbors guitar if he doesn’t stop. They’ve been going since 7pm. It’s now 4:35pm the next day. 

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    2. Copanele


      Now really I was wondering two things now :

      - what the hell did they consume? Going at it like that while being 40-50 , that must be some good stuff

      - Please tell me they didn't go "Wonderwall" the whole time? At least they tried some Dragonforce.

    3. Anxiety


      He can’t even start a song. 

    4. IntroPhenom


      Noisy neighbors are the worst.  :(