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  1. As someone that owns every stack of LEGO games I’m kind of scared they’re going to bring out more repeats of the games out on PS5, hopefully not. I love LEGO games but it hurts my bank. 

  2. Ended up quitting marijuana about a month ago now and decided to buy myself something as a reward to myself, really great headphones but expensive. 



    Really proud of myself for quitting as well here’s to another clean month. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Nice work. :) And that's a nice looking headset.

  3. Ended up getting first place was aiming for top fifty but absolutely aced it. Job well done to me! 


    Next is either Japanese stack or Asia stack. 

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. zizimonster


      Cool! Somehow I've failed too many times already when trying this, but I'll do it.

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  4. Going for at least top 50 fastest time for LEGO DC Super-Villians NA version or if I’m super lucky first place! :D The one plus side of having insomnia is you can stay up playing and never get tired. 

  5. I read somewhere you need 108,000 Shiny Objects to pay MR Krabs for all his golden spatulas and it was wrong so I grinded all them Shiny Objects for nothing 1f622.png Still at 73,646 Shiny Objects and 98 Spatulas, going to get the last two in the last mission I still haven’t done, so I should 100% the game on the final missions spatula meaning I’ll be getting three gold trophies at once :D then it’s all SpongeBob games done! :D This one has been my favourite.

    1. DrakeHellsing


      Yeah, the grind for those objects were a pain for me, that was pretty much all I had left to do in the game and it just felt like it took forever to get the shiny objects needed for Mr. Krabs.  Even when using that one spot to grind for them, it still felt like it took forever x.x

    2. HuntingFever


      The most recent patch, slashed the amount of Shines needed to buy all of his Golden Spatulas so you now only need 41,000 of them :).

  6. Hopefully Battle For Bikini Bottom isn’t a huge grind like Spongebob HeroPants and Plankstons Robotic Revenge, such a huge grind to get the sprockets and coins from both of those games, almost done with Sandy’s Gizmo’s then onto Squirdwards then to finish the game :D Knowing my luck their was probably a better farming spot then where I am but oh well, I get 499 Sprockets a minute, I’m enjoying this game a lot more then I thought I would, 7/10.

  7. Argh, I hate that they put the “ I’m super awesome “ trophy in Spongebob Heropants, it’s such a long grind getting all the coins to upgrade heroes, but I’m almost done with it :D then onto the next Spongebob game! Planktons Robotic Revenge! 

  8. One quick play level left for both regions, so when I wake up all I have to do is play one level than swap the disc then I can get the platinum for both games! :D 


    Goodnight Forum people! 

  9. One trophy left for both stacks of LEGO Indiana Jones 2, great to be back playing LEGO games again now for another 40+ LEGO game stacks to go. 😅


    Its been a long time since I’ve been on the forums, been completely busy with in real life stuff to be able to be on the forums, but I’m back now, missed you guys! 

    1. Puppeter04


      That's great! I first played Lego Indiana Jones back in 2008 or so (PSP) idk, I was like 10 years old ; and it was one of my favs! Keep going! 😝 

    2. Anxiety


      Currently grinding out the Quick Play levels, currently got one level left for the EU version and playing a little bit of the NA version before I go to sleep. @Puppeter04 So getting there :D

  10. I did them everyday they came out for the challenges and some can take a few tries to get down but if you just practise you’ll eventually get it as you get patches and unlock better rings. I did a video for the second challenge when it came out because people were finding it hard, I would give the challenges a 5/10 but some people will say they’re an 8/10. I loved the crazy taxi parody challenge, was one of the funniest challenges I did, even though I golded it first try it was fun.
  11. Finally the day has come for Destroy All Humans to come out, the figure that it came with is a bit heavy so worth the money can’t wait to play it after a few other games 😍6-FBA23-A4-78-AC-4-F7-E-84-B0-FC2-D298-D

  12. For The Walking Dead Definitive Edition I’ll probably get close to episode season 2 episode 1’s ending than switch on back over to the US version of The Walking Dead Definitive Edition to get to the same spot than get the trophy back on the EU than US, seems like it’ll be quicker than starting from the start after finishing an episode and playing for three hours again on the same episode I can take my time for both games and earn the trophy shortly after each other. Fingers crossed my plan works. 🤞 

  13. Episode 2 of the first season of The Walking Dead is the most boring episode of the bunch, glad I’m completely done with it soon. 

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    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      My best friend and I do this thing, since we are long distance, where we game together and first, I'll pick out a series and she plays it all the way through with me and then I do the same for her choice. She chose the whole series for TWD and while I am going to do it because I care about her happiness, I am not really looking forward to the actual gaming experience. She likes it because the story is compelling and she's right in that I do enjoy the story (Lee and Clementine really got to me), but the gameplay... ugh. 😫

    3. Anxiety


      The story is good but I’ve played enough of it to sort of be numb to the ending, *No Spoilers* Glad I’m almost finally done, Goodluck with your gaming session! 

    4. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Thank you!

  14. Almost done with The Walking Dead: The Collection then I’ve just got two more stacks and I’m completely done, I’m getting so close to finishing all of them in order :D 

  15. The Walking Dead Telltale Definitive EU is broken as hell, I can’t play season one or anything, I’m trying to reinstall in and see if that works, the US version has no problem. 

    Anyone know of any fixes if this doesn’t work? 

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    2. locoporkko


      in my case delete the save and still the problem with black screen and the solution was let my account to a friend and my friend did the chapter and the trophy

    3. Anxiety


      Dang, have you tried reinstalling it like I have? It’s meant to be 46gb but when first downloaded it’s 10gb so update it, if you know what I mean. Glad your friend did the chapter :)

    4. locoporkko


      Yes,i try all the possibilities before told to my friend did the chapter and nothing works,delete the save and start from 0,play without patch and nothing works