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  1. Starting Tuesday to Thursday I have three night shift with my work I’m going to be knackered, 11pm till 6am each day. 

    1. DaisyVilla102


      Are they going to make you switch back and forth between days and nights?

    2. Anxiety


      Nope it’s all night. @DaisyVilla102

    3. DaisyVilla102


      Whew, that's good!  Nights is bad enough without having to constantly adjust 😪

  2. As my heritage this is very interesting you can find TORI GATES pretty much anywhere it’s amazing. This is one found in a submerged tunnel, I’m not sure about the location as I’ve never been but Tori Gates hold up well especially that one that’s been through two wars, earthquakes and tsunamis and it’s still standing! 

    1. DatZoolander


      Wow!  That looks awesome!  

  3. Yeah I reread the forum topic, I’m confused on what he’s trying to do.
  4. As a stacker you can’t use EU DLC with a USA game to get the DLC you need to either buy the DLC separately on the American store or buy a deluxe edition which I usually do because it’s cheaper in the long run. Example: I brought the EU version of Zero Escape (Doesn’t have any DLC) but I want the Japanese DLC you would have to buy the Japanese game and buy it’s DLC and you’ll be able to play on your account there is no transfer for DLC you need to buy it on that account. If you have anymore questions about DLC issues I’m free to chat I’ve been doing this for years so I know what I’m doing.
  5. After painstakingly playing Human Fall Flat on the Japanese version with @kindajustin doing the Speedrun trophy, I just finished the game after doing all the side stuff and didn’t get the trophy. Huge bummer guess it’ll be later tonight or tomorrow. 

    1. Sgznf


      Hopefully it'll unlock properly next time. :highfive:


    2. charxsetsuna


      its really annoying when that happens, makes me lose motivation honestly.

  6. I think I'm getting better at photoshop, this is the fifth time I've used it, I used to use it all the time to have anime pictures in the name. 

    I made this for @Sgznf


    1. Lord_Mgolivets


      You did better at your fifth try than me that for sure :)


      Next step: play with shadows in the lettering, adding a white border of 1-2px and using a bit of shadow under it will make it "pop" out, and you can use dark colour even with a background this dark. 

  7. Added you on discord King, it’s CompletedGames you subbed to my 27 sub channel from the trophy group on Facebook. 

  8. I used this video as well because the “hack” didn’t work, there is some skips on there that I found and you didn’t put in the video, also it’s CompletedGames you subbed to my channel king.
  9. I can let you join my game and I can help. It isn’t to bad me and @kindajustin have done it two to three times, it’s so much easier in Co-op especially on microphone so you know whose going to which color. Some tips: Grab two different wires with the Color’s next to each other. Always work as a team don’t steal cables. Patience. Me and Justin did it first try on PS5 then PS4. So if you need help doing it just ask.
  10. Anyone know how to close this? It’s glitched and it’s been going for 45 hours, I can join my own party but can’t close it, it just creates a duplicate of myself and I can hear myself twice. 

    1. Sgznf


      Try to close it in the PS app on mobile. 

      I had a similar issue before but it was because I joined the party from my console and my mobile.

    2. Anxiety


      Thank you I'll try that @Sgznf

  11. I created my own banner if you would like your own banner with your gamertag, I only charge 50 cents. 

  12. This thread gave me concerns, I thought he had some balls to come out as a pedo. It defiantly got my attention.
  13. Has anyone played “Moonlighter” the rogue like game where you go into dungeons and loot corpses then sell them at the market, such a great game plus the sound track to bad there is trophies for not getting damaged by every boss. 😍



    1. Slava


      Haven't played but heard that it's pretty good.

    2. Anxiety


      You should @Slava

  14. Accidentally got a trophy in SuperHot Standalone DLC so now I have to go for the 100% I hate when games give you a trophy for starting the game! 
    For anyone curious I was one trophy away from getting the 100% in Superhot on my old account and that’s “Complete All Challenges” the only challenge I had left was to complete the whole game without dying (hardcore) and kept dying on the elevator level near the end. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. zizimonster


      For the no death trophy, can you back up your save data?

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      @zizimonster if i remember right there's no save whatsoever in norestart so there's nothing to back up. However, you get plenty of practice before you unlock that mode. 

    4. Anxiety


      Yeah what @ihadalifeb4this the No death run is literally the last challenge the only difficulty level is the elevator.