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  1. Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can shave this damn beard off, so annoying getting in my mouth. Happy Movember. 

  2. Got the trophy finally after playing 94 Gamemodes instead of 48, another game done! Thanks @kindajustin for keeping me sane. 

    As for Jedi: Fallen Order I’m not going to auto pop the trophies like 100% of the platinum achievers have done. 

  3. Golf Party has a major issue with registering how many game modes you’ve played, I’ve meant to play half and I’ve played almost to the end and still no trophy I’m probably going to have to delete my save file and start again, that’s 7 hours I won’t get back again! Pretty sure it might of glitched when my game crashed, super annoyed right now! 

  4. I’m not sure how these people did Golf Party in 9 hours when playing a 1000 rounds took me 6 hours alone, now to win 100 matches which will probably take another 6 hours. 

  5. Probably any Zombie movie that's out there except for the ones I haven't seen, My favorites are 28 Days Later, Dawn of The Dead, #Alive, Train to Busan, Open Grave, The Cured, REC, and finally The Girl With All The Gifts. The soundtrack for 28 Days Later is simply amazing and must be listened to.
  6. So I couldn’t for the life of me get this trophy to pop “Explorer” “Try a non-default setting from every deep customisation row” I did every single setting more then once about 10 times to get this trophy to pop, immediately as soon as @DamagingRob pops on SharePlay the trophy pops, are you serious game!? 
    We had a bit of a laugh but I was so annoyed. Thanks Rob. 

    Now let’s hope the trophy “9 Parts Luck, 1 Part Skill” Get a hole-in-1 on a caves level with all other settings being default” isn’t glitched because I’ve gotten it twice now and still no trophy, this trophy is especially annoying because you have to keep skipping levels until you get a cave level that you can get a hole in one. 

    First One: 

    Second One: 


    1. Anxiety


      Spoke to the devs of the game and I got the trophy! The A.I ended up pushing me into the hole and it counted as a hole in one! 

  7. Ignore everything.
  8. Definitely to hard for me I can barely find the R1 button.
  9. Honestly can’t wait until I’m paid so I can buy Life Is Strange: True Colors. 
    It’s weird they bought out every episode instead of Bi-monthly but I’m excited. 👏 

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    2. Anxiety


      Makes me looking forward to a whole lot more. @Cynical_Delight If you’ve played other LiS games you know how they get there powers (usually a traumatic event) LiS 1 had Chloe die (traumatic) LiS2 Daniel kills someone by mistake (traumatic) but what happens to Alex? Seems like she’s the only one that didn’t have one. 

    3. Cynical_Delight


      Alex has a traumatic event, but it's actually not revealed until episode 5 in a flashback.

    4. Anxiety


      Thanks for not spoiling it, I can’t wait to play it, I love these time of games with Super Powers from ordinary people, not just games but movies/shows to. I’m not talking about Marvel I’m talking about “Jumper” “Chronicle” when normal people get super powers. @Cynical_Delight

  10. And with that that’s another title at 98% or one trophy left. Easiest R&C game I’ve played wish it harder trophies considering the platinum percentage is over 68% I’ll write more in my platinum rain review. 

    Best Ending goes to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Very wholesome. 


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    2. MidnightDragon


      When are you doing it?

    3. SnowxSakura


      How the heck is ratchet and clank only a C rank at 98% So odd

    4. Anxiety


      @SnowxSakura It’s a bronze trophy as well 😅 


      @MidnightDragon Not sure yet but I’ll be first to let you know on PSMessages. 

  11. Made a guide on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apar on how to get a lot of bolts. It’d be awesome if you could have a look of it. This PS5 screen recorder works great, still going to use my ELGATO. 


    Self Promo: Please subscribe. More guides up soon. 

  12. Wish they would bring out Days Gone for PS5 so I can record all the challenges now, I only recorded one. 

  13. What a kick in the nuts I won the JackPot and it leaves me with this much XP until the level 30 trophy is all I need! 

    1. Megatritionsts



  14. PS5 Gang. 

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Congratulations! Glad so many folks are getting them in these restocks and they aren't all going to bots!

    4. Megatritionsts


      Nice PS5 bro!