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  1. The Japanese remaster of Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch is in 2K 60FPS, that’s really really cool. 

  2. I beat The Guardian Of The Worlds and while I was on the trophy list my PS3 froze! 

  3. Got the 250 familiars trophy, what a grind, didn’t expect it to be that much of a grind now it’s finally done now onto 130 cauldron recipes, even longer grind! 

  4. Leaving a Tokotoko as the last familiar to upgrade for 250 familiars and his last level to level 5 needs 100,275xp 😫


  5. Has no English speaking person completed the Japanese version of Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch? I’m looking at all the completion list and they’re all Japanese, will I be the first Australian to complete it? 

  6. 3-B112-AFD-BAA1-4-DEA-B7-D5-304-C1-A7913

    I got max level except for Swaine. 

  7. 3-B112-AFD-BAA1-4-DEA-B7-D5-304-C1-A7913
    Got all Merit Awards that I was afraid of failing but the alchemist guy gives you five extra merit awards, I’m so happy this is done now back to farming for XP and Alchemy items.


  8. 3-B112-AFD-BAA1-4-DEA-B7-D5-304-C1-A7913
    I keep getting golden glims on Trumper-Pumpers so I’ve gotten 8 Bee-Sting weapons and never getting a golden glim on a Honker-Tonker, I’m only three Scrolls of Truth away from finishing this errand and getting all merit awards, please just let me end this so I can go back to grinding XP with Tokotocold. 

    1. Anxiety


      As soon as I wrote this status I got a golden glim on a Honker-Tonker, what are the odds, only two scrolls of truths away from finishing the errands. 

    2. Anxiety


      Edit: Got two Scrolls of Truth, I can finally put this errand away for good! 

  9. I think this is more lucky then getting the scrolls of truth, I got a Golden Trumpy-Thumper! 

  10. 3-B112-AFD-BAA1-4-DEA-B7-D5-304-C1-A7913
    Got two Bedraggles back to back and they both gave me Meteorite Fragments but amazingly I got a Kaleidostone drop from the fight! Now I only need four more scroll of truths, at least the golden Honky’s spawn better then these Bedraggles. 

  11. 3-B112-AFD-BAA1-4-DEA-B7-D5-304-C1-A7913
    Time to farm some Kaleidostones with my favourite music/podcasts on, this will probably take all day but I’m ready! 

  12. 3-B112-AFD-BAA1-4-DEA-B7-D5-304-C1-A7913
    Only 50 to go to tame 250! 

    1. IntroPhenom


      My strategy for leveling up was to run up and down Perdida, looking for Tokotokos, using Veil, and amassing a ton of xp.  The process doesn't really take too long, if you've caught a bunch of unevolved creatures.

    2. Anxiety


      Yeah I’ve been doing that but at the moment I’ve just been leveling them up with the rifts from the Conducter. 

      Edit: Speaking of Toko’s I just got one randomly.

  13. 3-B112-AFD-BAA1-4-DEA-B7-D5-304-C1-A7913
    Is the game meant to be this easy when you’re level 91? I’m doing the ORB bosses and they do one HP damage on me overall, I just keep using ear splitter and haymaker to kill them in about a minute or am I just overleveled? 

  14. I’m confused on what to do, I have 17 stamps left but it only leaves me at 3 cards not 4 am I softlocked out of getting the fourth card? The game is Ni No Kuni.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Anxiety


      But I’ve googled all the errands and bounty hunts and I’ve done all of them except for the ones in the notepad I’m a little worried @Ragtag_Dude

    3. Ragtag_Dude


      Sometimes you'll get an extra stamps for some errands and since none of them are missable, you shouldn't be worried about that.


      Do all of them first, no point of freaking out just yet :)

    4. Anxiety


      Oh right I forgot about bonus stamps, here’s hoping. Thanks @Ragtag_Dude

  15. Only 67 more familiars to go to get the trophy, it’s been a wild ride and a fun one! I recommend this game to everyone such an amazing JRPG. 

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    2. Namenick_Neku


      all four stacks?

      i quit this game after doing the extra boss, but I really want to come into it again and plat it ... if I ever found time for doing it @Anxiety

      I compared our trophy, I also want to plat Horizon, but i Think will never plat south park, detroit and heavy rain 😂

    3. Anxiety


      Yeah all four including Ni No Kuni 2; Ni No Kuni PS3 EU & JP plus Ni No Kuni PS4 EU & JP

      I had fastest time for Heavy Rain for Six Months until someone beat the time sadly. @Namenick_Neku

    4. Namenick_Neku


      why!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 😆 crazy!