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  1. Apparently you got the answer since you know own the platinum! Congrats!! Any tips for the rest of us? Is there any missable for the 100%? How did you get those mentioned in your title?
  2. Does anyone know if there's missable (other than those obvious ones like the no flask condition trophy)?
  3. Usual topic, for this Metroidvania game that simply looks gorgeous. Some reviews are coming in and... it seems a bit special. IGN gave a 7/10. Any ideas about how hard this list looks?
  4. Since the game is already on other platforms (since February), there are multiple guides on how to acquire S-rank on every mission. Here's a Introduction guide : Here's a guide for S-Ranks : What I still don't know is if there's any missable... But I guess there's none.
  5. I'm so glad this game is now out on PS4 (I didn't to play it on Switch because I don't give a damn about the portable mode). Too bad it's not crossplatform but... the level creation will be shared so I'm ok with it. Anyway... any Switch / Xbox / PC players here that can give some thoughts about the trophies?
  6. Finally got the platinum yesterday. Dragon Mines was clearly the hardest track (Crash Cove was hard, but it's probably because it was the first track I tried too). I really enjoyed the CNK tracks because they allowed to USF the shit out of them.
  7. If you can keep USF you'll destroy Oxide's time. I used a turning character (Polar) and beat it in a few tries. It was way easier like that imo.
  8. Which character are you using? I didn't beat oxide on all tracks but I got sewer speedway rather easily, thanks to Coco. I saw a lot of people talking about going on that ramp slowly to get a nice jump... but in my case, it was easier to go full fucking speed. I tried to take a big jump right at the tunnel exit so I could have a nice boost when landing on the ramp before the jump.
  9. For your second issue, you might want to have a look at my thread here : For the shortcut issue, are you sure you don't forget the first one, right at the start on your left?
  10. I don't know why but I used Polar on Oxide Station and got a 3:22:xxx pretty easily. Turns out it's way easier to keep USF (imo) with a turning character so... might be useful to try it if you're stuck on that track.
  11. Just practice more, you'll get it! On Coco Park, I found the last boost pad (the one before the finish line) really important as it can provide you with Sacred Fire in order to take the shortcut. Have a look at this:
  12. Sewer speedway seems a bit broken right now (the jumps at the end of ramps are a bit wonky) There's an update coming on Wednesday but we still don't if it's going to fix that issue or not. In the mean time, you could try to take the shortcut by approaching the ramp without any angle (you could do it on the original version, but it's way harder to do it with the remake). Also, do not boost to take the shortcut... it seems stupid, but it's way easier that way.
  13. You should have a look at the update coming on Wednesday : You'll probably be happy!
  14. I just bought a "collector" version of Night Trap. I did it not because of the game but because of the box, so I keep it sealed (for now at least). But I also bought a physical release of Hyper Light Dirfter (the one with the map) and I opened it because I want to play the game. I think it depends on the object itself... If it's a special box I might keep it sealed, if not, I don't care about the value of the object and open it
  15. Sure but it's more about learning SF and USF than actually snaking. If you take Cortex Castle for example, you can literally beat Oxide with USF at the end of the track by keeping it until the bridge (and taking the shortcut just before the super pad boost). You have to learn how to boost for sure, but the critical part (imo) is to know WHEN to boost. Crash cove for example seems impossible at first. You can drift boost like a mad man and still get fucked because Oxide can keep Sacred Fire at the end of the track.