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  1. you cant reedem codes at least in the uk as it comes up with "The prepaid card is not available in this region."
  2. Typical i have the plat for it and live in the UK and got nothing too
  3. I mean i just got it for £15 pounds from Asda Clearance with the pre order code 🙌 adding to the backlog though so i cant say too much about the game but the way it works with the controller is cool and it looks really great!
  4. Hope trophy snyc isnt going away on ps3 and Vita later this year as too
  5. Been gaming with friends with no issues on fortnite,overwatch destiny,rogue company going to try borderlands 2 soon! Ive also had no issues with playing my backlog so far and its so much quieter and faster then my ps4 which means less headaches form the loudness of the fans 😅
  6. glad its not just me having issues with it still. as i got some percent but am now stuck on 38% right now .
  7. Watch it still get game of the year next year and have not a lot of people bring up a fuss like they did with the last of us 2. (Obviously both games have issues dev wise but we all know theres still a double standard for CPDR and other Companies maybe its smaller now but its still there)
  8. I really enjoyed the demo i played so picked it up for ps5 when i get one!! The story seems fun too
  9. Acg is kinda anti sony from watching some of his content in the past anyways so this doesn't surprised me hes jumped on this
  10. I feel like im the only new who loves the new look of the plat! thanks for posting this video excited to get a ps5 somewhen next year!!! (Also as a disabled gamer i love how gaming is getting more accessible!!)
  11. Still playing my ps3 this year been nice to go back to older games. One of my favourites form the ps3 ive found is prince of Persia the 2008 version wished they would remaster it as it would look so beautiful now!!
  12. I havent won a solo match gotten close but i got a few wins in faction wars too so glad it isnt just me as i thought that might be why it isnt poping . Ubisoft support did reply to me on Twitter and said " Hello! We don't have a way of forcing PlayStation trophies to unlock. However, we are currently in the process of migrating to our new Ubisoft Connect system which may affect your unlocks. This will be completed on 27th October "
  13. Anyone getting 10 wins but not getting the trophy or just me??
  14. Same but we will get another one i believe in us!!
  15. Mainly jump showdown then hex a gone then fall mountain which i got so rarely after the updateci thought they took it out. Ive only had royal fumble once which was my only win lol