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  1. AHHHH thank you!
  2. Here's my failures. Took me 28 attempts. Made sure to document everything for this. This is the hardest trophy I've ever achieved (imo) · Chapter 4 – Passos got shot in bar downstairs · Chapter 3 – Game glitched, not triggering cutscene after second bleachers section. Could be because I left the game paused for a day? From now on, only pausing at ends of chapters. · Chapter 8 – Just after grenadier enemy. Went into FFYL and couldn’t aim at person who shot me. · Chapter 11 – Just after last outside section on boat, after second automatic door. Enemy shot half my health bar before I could get to the painkillers. · Chapter 2 – After getting off the helicopter, I tried to pick up a gun. Max rolled off the helipad. · Chapter 10 – Sniper at the start. They have literally never even landed a shot on me and for some reason they landed two in quick succession. No FFYL. No nothing. · Chapter 5-1 – Apparently in the room where you head upstairs, the enemies can shoot grenades at you. News to me. I attempted to shootdodge to evade and Max got stuck. · Chapter 6-1 – B__h hid behind desk during FFYL. · Chapter 4-2 – Where you have to shoot 6 guys in bullet cam. I assumed I shot the last one since I saw the seconds added popup. I was wrong. · Chapter 9 – Game froze. Super cool of it to do that. · Chapter 8 – The guy at the bottom of the cemetery is Passos. I just saw movement and shot. · Chapter 6-2 – Guys at the start of chapter got more courageous. · Chapter 9 – Bullets didn’t collide with heli missile despite colliding with heli missile. Absolutely livid. · Chapter 8 – Tried switching weapons to grenade launcher to kill group. Max dropped the weapon instead. The most useless sidekick in gaming dies again. Took a break for several months and came back · Chapter 2 – Missed guy at end of catwalk as sniper · Chapter 9 – Pressed R2 at QTE instead of L2. *facepalm* · Chapter 13 – Heavy armor guy gunned me down. Game really f__ked me on that one. I cried hard. · Chapter 10 – Ok game. So I’m in the fight around the bus, down to last guy. Dude throws a grenade, I kill him triggering the cutscene. Giovanna comes down stairs and grenade explodes during cutscene presumably killing either her or me. Not sure which but there goes a couple hours of progress I guess. · Chapter 12 – Machine gunner at end. Was facing directly at them, went into FFYL but for some reason Max snapped to face the opposite direction and couldn’t swing his arm at them fast enough. People still defend this game. · Chapter 12 – Rocking rooftop again. Went into FFYL at start, rooftop rocked, Max flipped, controller thrown. This concludes the 20th attempt. · Chapter 8 – Paused game at start of chapter. Unpaused and game glitched to stop registering inputs. Enemies freely shooting at Max but Max isn’t dying and I can’t control anything. Manually quit. · Chapter 14 – This should have been the run. Made it most of the way through the final hangar fight. Random grenade came out of nowhere, I shootdodged away but it still killed me. Definite sad girl moment. Strong contender for saddest I’ve ever felt playing a game. Literally months of runs at this point. · Chapter 13 – Game froze just before heavily armored guy showed up. I just want this to be over. Holy s__t I deserve this trophy. · Chapter 6-1 – 4th cubicle fight fml · Chapter 13 – Guys with laser guns coming out elevator. Smoke blocked view during FFYL. It hurts every single f__king time getting a run this far then failing at some bs like that. Unbelievable. · Chapter 13 – Boss at end drained my health in like 0.2 sec and no FFYL apparently. Worth noting this chapter is 100% consistent in practice runs and I’ve never died at that spot. I don’t know what the game wants from me but I’m just gonna drink myself to sleep. · Chapter 11 – Game glitched. Bad game. (Side note: this happened to me again on the next run. Turns out if you kill the people in the engine room too fast, the last one gets stuck behind an invisible wall in a way where they have line of sight on you but not you on them. Need to wait a few seconds to lure them out. There is no FFYL on this enemy). · And on the 28th attempt, ur girl did it. Total runs: 28 Runs past chapter twelve: 6
  3. Yes, but you're better off finding a cheap PS3 turbo controller and a willing partner to boost this with. Otherwise it'll take weeks
  4. Towerfall ascension
  5. Are the servers for these games still online? I haven't been able to connect for the last few days but I haven't found anything online (social media, google etc) about it. Is anyone else able to connect?