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  1. The guy has multiple accounts. Just join the community and leave a post there that says you need help with the Dominion trophy. He will respond eventually.
  2. Just go this darn trophy after 5 days of constantly trying. The solution works, but it's still kind of tricky. I've played with guys from Brazil and Saudi Arabia (they both were hosts) - no luck. Have tried VPN (Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico) - nothing. The community that has been mentioned here is what helped me (the Dominion Trophy community). I also left a post about this in another thread, you can check it. There's a guy that helps everyone, his name is Ryan. He is a true legend!!! I don't know where he's from, but he invited me to a custom game. I lost the game, but still got the trophy. Had more than 50 wins in different game modes before that. Respect to everyone in here who shared their knowledge regarding this cursed trophy. And good luck to everyone who is still hunting for it! My best suggestion: join the community. Don't give your accounts to some shady guys that promise you to get this trophy for you via VPN. Once again, good luck!
  3. I can confirm this. Just got the trophy! 28th April, 10:33:44 PM local time. I've joined this community a couple of days ago. There's a guy named Ryan who helps everyone, he gathered 5 of us into one group, created a custom Gun Game, win or loose - it didn't matter (I finished 4th or 5th), we all go the Dominion trophy in the end. You should definitely contact those guys in that community if you need help with this damn trophy!
  4. Platinum #30 Silent Hill: Downpour Rain Maker Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 I know that a lot of people hate this game, and they have every right to do so, because frame rate in this one is horrible. I just don't understand how can you possibly release a game with this kind of issue. And then never even fix it! Atrocious behavior by the developers. But I still love this game, and I'm very happy to have this cool-looking platinum as one of my milestones. Silent Hill: Downpour has an amazing dark atmosphere as you would expect. The main Protagonist, Murphy Pendleton, is an awesome character. He has a solid background story, and the main story is really nice too. All of the characters are interesting. Writing has been done really good. The best thing about the game for me are the side quests, especially the one where you need to free poor little birds, and then there is a beautiful little cutscene. This game was like a great movie. Even the frame rate issue doesn't stop me from loving it. You really feel for Murphy, and many sad and horrible things that you discover during the gameplay process are actually reflections of our life. Again, strong writing. This game is great, at least for me.
  5. Found it. Thank you, good sir!
  6. How is this glitch performed exactly?
  7. I really like this game. Yes, awful frame rate kills it + combat is silly, but there are many positive things about Silent Hill: Downpour. Murphy Pendleton is an amazing character! What he says, what he does, how he screams - everything is cool about that guy. And you feel sorry for him when you discover more about him. The story is really good. It doesn't give you all the answers, so many things are open to interpretation. I've enjoyed chase sequences, cutscenes and general atmosphere. But the best part of this game for me are the side quests. They are so awesome! Especially the one where Murphy needs to free all the poor little blue birds. If not the frame rate issue, this game could have been easily 9 out of 10 for me (maybe even 10). I also really enjoyed Silent Hill: Homecoming when it just came out. Too bad there are no trophies for it on PS3.
  8. Platinum trophy number 29 Resident Evil 2 Raccoon City Native What an amazing game, what an amazing remake! The original game is one of my all time favorites, and this one lived up to it. This is how every remake should be done. Fun, action-packed, horrifying at times. That music, that gore with dismemberment, that darkness that surrounds you. THOSE FREAKING STEPS (you know what I mean)... A true masterpiece remake-wise.
  9. Trophies seem to be easy, but trophy names and images are awesome.
  10. Did this on my 3rd try. I was surprised how easy this was considering my struggles with the other Ghost Survivors scenarios. The first run was 62 kills, the second one was 95. The third one took me 19:31 minutes. I moved a lot and tried not to waste to much flamethrower and shotgun ammo. I tried to save them for the late game when there would be many pale and armored zombies around you. I also saved up flash grenades and rocket launcher ammo. I even ended the run with one rocket left in my inventory (I think, you only get 2 of those throughout the entire run). I abused enemy grabs a lot as well. One enemy would grab you - counter his attack with a flash bang or even let him bite you. The rest of the enemies will just gather around, and then it's an easy killing streak for you - just burn all this huge group with a flamethrower or blow them up with a rocket launcher. A point blank rocket shot would not inflict any damage to you. That's very nice that you still have time to run from the horde of enemies after a grab animation is over. The game gives you that time.
  11. I agree that enemy types could have been a little bit more diverse, but how the hell boss fights in this game are not epic?
  12. Resident Evil 2 Leon "S." Kennedy Trophy #1500. Damn I love this game! The original game is one of my all-time favorites, and this one is amazing too. Got the time of 02:02:40, S rank and this fantastic trophy. Feels so damn good to have it as a milestone on my account. 🙂 And my real name is Leon too. 😆
  13. God of War. Best of the best.
  14. It is very easy to 100% this game indeed. It's also a very fast process. There are some stages after stage 7, but they don't give you any stage-related trophies, so you can stop after beating the 7th stage.
  15. To be honest, I bought this game just for an experience and quick 100%, but now I am very happy to know that those money will go to the charity. That wasn't my initial motivation to buy the game, but if I knew about the charity then it would have been. I hope that one day all the people with any kind of mental disorders will be okay!