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  1. When you really want to start leveling in the beginning of the game (and at any point of the game), go to the greybeards. The wait until one of them is sitting and then sneak and punch them. Give them a nice massage
  2. True. This game gets buggier and buggier with each update. I have a new problem: When I enter ANY World and play for ca 1 Minute (my record is 30 seconds) the game crashes. Its unplayable. Deleting the user settings doesn't help either anymore.. BEDROCK SUCKS!!
  3. This game gets buggier with each update. It's a pain in the ass, The trophie popped popped after 1 minute after shooting several times with my bow. I guess we have to wait for an update...
  4. I bought the game about 2 years ago. But I reinstalled it a few days ago because this game ist constantly crashing -.-
  5. Every Trophie is still obtainable. You can switch in the main menu between the "old" Minecraft version (which was legendary) and the bedrock edition
  6. After I enter a world and play for about 1 minute the game crashes. This seems to happen to all my worlds.. Bedrock Edition sucks -.-'
  7. For all trophies. If you have a second controller you can do all easily except for "Snowplough"
  8. Okay, thanks for saying ^^
  9. This doesn't delete your worlds?
  10. I'm having trouble getting the 3 episode to work. It doesn't start and I don't get a quest. I searched every world, restarted the game, nothing. Also in the entrance of Atlantis is empty, no poseidon.. Is this a common bug or did it even happen to you?
  11. Yes, you can do the trophy by digging a hole straight down
  12. Same here. I have to wait about 48 days now in creative, nothing to do, just being AFK.
  13. Is this game available (in some regions maybe)? Or when will it be released? I like that this game has only 3 bronze trophies
  14. The same thing happened to me. Had to do everything new I had no cloud save rip to All trophies because of demotivation
  15. The NPC's are one of the most annoying things in the game. Yes they join fights randomly or pick up golden axes ect. My strategy is: Fight them with fists. You wont get any bounty