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  1. Got the 100%. Thanks
  2. I'll accept people into Jerry's crew when there is space. It is now level 50
  3. Thanks, will try this out
  4. Jerry’s crew is real nice. I joined just at the right time as I started this game. The crew is levelling up incredibly fast. is it a good idea to save money in this game, as I see there is a car we unlock at Crew Level 50 that looks way better than anything I could buy?
  5. Level 35 now. I have been playing the game since I was accepted and it's levelling up extremely quickly. Should be level 50 within a day or so
  6. Just started this game, would like to join a crew. PSN - WALSHYNWA
  7. It works, thanks I only need one more cipher in biome 6 and it is driving me insane! edit - 2 mins after this post i found the last cypher and got the platinum haha. Thanks again
  8. I am just on the collectibles now so will try this out, thanks
  9. Yeah you probably missed something else. I was missing one scratch in the sewers and I went and got it via chapter select, trophy popped straight away.
  10. what you mean clockwise motion? Literally done that and my cat does a slow ass turn then gets his ass sucked on lol... edit: 2 minutes after this comment I got the trophy, that was so annoying
  11. Yeah, this trophy is terrible. I have done way harder things in gaming, and I know I'll get it. But, right now, I am so pissed off. I keep failing on one section every single time. I can do the majority flawlessly, and then when I do get past it, because I am so close I start feeling pressure and get one of them little bastards sucking on my cats cock. edit: got the trophy 45 minutes after this comment. Glad that is over with. Persistence is key.
  12. I think the problem was that I was taking touches before I shot. I had watched a youtube video on it and they had literally controlled the ball and ran with it all the way to the goal, and it counted for them so I assumed it would count for me. Then I just decided to throw the ball into play and just shoot first time and I scored, so yes, I think they must have did a patch that make it so every touch counts or something. Looks like it more or less has to be a first time shot or one touch then shoot.
  13. I managed to get the MVP trophy about 4 days ago by just going into matches and just playing the objective and I can't remember the name of the match but it was the one where you run through checkpoints and have to get the most checkpoints within the time limit. That gave me MVP twice just by getting more checkpoints, and then I got one MVP from hostile territory too. So keep an eye out for that game mode, you'll know which one it is.
  14. It is now part of the takeover series apparently.
  15. Been trying for a month, still no luck. Surely there is someone out there with the same problem? EDIT: popped after 5 seconds I made this post lmao