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  1. My abundance of ego trophy finally popped following my latest game login earlier this month (2019/07/03) when the 6th class finally became available for me to use.... I now have 6 maxed classes, each is set to a different loadout on my character
  2. Hey Kanerkb, I have played the original Castle Wolfenstein on the PC (DOS/Windows (3.11)) and on PS3 (PSN Game), along with the 2011(?) game reboot... I have noticed and am disappointed with the forced gun removal at the start of every level; I understand that the guns to be used will be changed every level , I did not expect to be limited to my knife, pistol, and cutter at the start of the level... I have noticed that the player choice at the end of chapter 1 will determine the timeline in the rest of the game and yet I haven't seen any other storyline impact(s) of that choice as of yet ( On Chapter 11 while writing this response)... Looking at the available trophies for the title, I noticed that there are no trophies relating to 100% collectible/level completion (in my humble opinion that is a big change from the pre-PS4 titles because it is a way to determine how quick you cleared the level with finding 100% of the loot/secrets.... If you have played the original title where just about every level you had numerous hidden stashes to find, now honestly speaking having destructible objects for health, armor, and ammo is a good thing the one thing that would make it better would be the inclusion of a hidden super cache that contained max ammo, health, and armor and a few big guns. I hope this helps you with ur review of New World Order... I haven't played Old Blood or New Colossus just yet
  3. L.A. Noire Base Game
  4. New ME3 playthrough using previous ME3 Shepard, only my character level, skill points, and Shepard's loadout where carried over. I am currently stuck doing Aria's DLC (Omega Takeover) prior to Tuchanka (I think?). Paused there do to dying while working my way through the mine area of the station. Will take awhile to redo everything in pursuit of the insanity trophy.
  5. While this is a good game, I think a complete re-release of the game would work for generating the necessary community feedback for forcing a sequel, with that being said though and as is I think releasing a DLC that is a new desk would be better that DLCs that are individual cases but that's just me. IF Phelps managed to survive the final case in a coma or with amnesia it would leave room for a sequel in the same period of time (Late 1940s). A modern day sequel could in theory feature one of Phelps' daughters as the protagonist, but that would be speculation on my part. Take what I have said however you will, but thats my opinion on the matter.
  6. Is it possible to earn all possible difficulty trophies if the game is played on the hardest setting? I am asking because I only have the regular, hardened, and veteran difficulty trophies left, I earned the other trophies on the easiest difficulty to learn the controls of the game. Now I would like to earn the last 4 trophies in the quickest amount of time possible hence my opening question.
  7. Odd contrast to this game is that in borderlands, you can also revisit previous areas in the game and farm the locations for better gear (i.e. raid-bosses, and specific mob locations). In defiance though, you need something like 40-50 mid to hi level players to farm specific game events, but other in game events limit you to 4 players max. Dust 514 however has the team limit based on the contract (public - 4, faction war - 8, planet war - 16). Don't know about DC Universe Online though. Farming is fine ingame due entirely on the math behind the odds for specific gear otherwise the game would not be any fun
  8. Most of my DLC trophies have not popped even though I have completed the requirements, I even went so far as to ask for help from both Sony and Trion Worlds and I still show a low trophy percentage (49% overall (which includes the DLCs), and 84% for the core game (only contributing factor to my overall trophy rating for the game). Is it possible to re-run the DLC missions after completing them to see if the related trophies pop?
  9. Considering that I have most of the titles that I am interested in as either a digital dl or on disc; the only one that I would like access to is CoD: World at War via the Playstation Store
  10. what trophies are you missing for this game.
  11. Even with the trophies that I have for the director's cut already, I still play the game multiple times so that I can change up my decisions and approaches to each mission/area in the game for a full diverse style of gameplay. Missing 4 trophies (which are Pacifist, Foxiest of Hounds, Doctorate, and Factory Zero) before I unlock the Platinum of Director's Cut. Oddly enough I think achieving the Factory Zero trophy will be the hardest to achieve due to the complexity of how the Rifleman Bank Station layout is setup and where the turrets are located. But I also keep missing the final requirement for the Doctorate trophy as well. I do have the Strategy Guide for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (doesn't cover the DLC: The Missing Link).
  12. Im down to missing 1 intel item (datapad from the Only Human Mission, but Im not sure where in the mission I should look to find it)
  13. Anyone else having issues with unlocking the Breaking the Lore trophy in single player? I am asking because I found every piece of intel but the game is not registering that I found the intels. Would it be worth it to delete the save game data and starting over?
  14. This may be my own two cents on the issue, but I have completed the pursuits for the Arkbreaker DLC for which I received the in-game rewards yet the trophy (ies) didnt pop. However, according to a response that I received via game chat the trophies will not pop if you didnt buy either the season pass or the appropriate DLC. For the record though, you can play the content for the DLC even if you didnt buy the season pass or the appropriate DLC. Found this out in game.