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  1. @Jasko_SOA, I enjoyed the game for what it was but I agree with you about the dlcs. Also pleased I didn't buy the season pass for a few half arsed reskinned enemies and levels (literally got the only trophy in the blood count dlc in less than 30 minutes). Such a shame really for how good Z.A.T was imo
  2. Has anyone got experience in playing the bozak horde a lot? I've encountered a problem with the final demolishers, I dont know if it's a glitch or a sneaky patch put in by techland: I've ran it successfully hundreds of times with a final time on the leaderboards of 19~ minutes 2p coop without glitches, and recently helped someone get the exploding arrows trophy but during 3 runs back to back the 2 demolishers at the end seem to sponge all of your shotgun ammo. We reached the penultimate wave at 20 minutes and the final completion time was 26 minutes. I had to resort to the bow with limited arrows while going for every time extension gate, which I've never had to do before. Every other run ive gone through they take 10 shells max at legend 250. Have recent players had this? Is it a glitch or has it been made harder to get under par time? Cheers
  3. Brightness and gamma up on tv/game. Use the pyza suit and have the kuai dagger in your hand to gain speed after parkour moves. I only did the night courses in nightmare mode (nights last longer). Goodnight goodluck haha
  4. I did it in about 2 weeks. No boosting. All with randoms through matchmaking, with no glitches. If you put the effort in (I'm currently on about 270 hours) 95% of guns at level 5 inc. Dlc and obviously level 50, then its doable. I hate the fact that people get carried through the 10 crushing stages when it takes skill to do them legit. You can always tell how much effort someone has put into it from their time on the leaderboards in game
  5. As per the original OP, If you're embarrassed by the rarity now, just wait until capcom inevitably drop the "unlock all items" dlc like they did with RE2 🤣
  6. @DeathShadoow I had to partly play operation Oracle to get the collectables trophies to pop. Hope this helps
  7. I had no problems getting any trophies with the game fully patched mate
  8. I hated THAT. The dlc is the reason I started a new account. Stupidly thought it would be easy like the base game. The car might aswell not have wheels on that track. Although I was pretty tanked at the time, Who would have thought that drinking and driving on a game was bad. 🤣
  9. It could be the timing, if I remember correctly I think I was already in the middle of throwing the second grenade when the door was not even halfway up. First one thrown on the door opening audio. It worked everytime on practices and obviously my mein leben run. The more I played/practiced i noticed that sometimes the game could be unpredictable at certain times. Very marginally though
  10. Easiest way for the final battle is to kill the 6 supersoldaten that eject from the deck (there will be a couple of normal soldiers so watch out for them). Run to either the left or right and then towards the door. When you see it opening throw in 3 electromagnetic grenades then haul ass to the ladder before the first zestorer shoots his ubergewehr. I found it easier than being stuck under the deck killing everything and takes only a couple of minutes. It is risky though if you dont have full health
  11. Head or mouth shot mate.
  12. Final fantasy vii
  13. I've just hit rank 50 yesterday by using the collector role, also once you max the role out you can buy one of the best horses imo in the game.
  14. @Copanele it's the tower that I did it on on my old account, but some luck is still needed (not a pro player) . Seriously had visions of it going down the invasion boss fight route. At least I get a week to spam the hell out of it
  15. @CopaneleThanks for the heads up man. Was thinking any of the required towers would never appear ha