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  1. The insurgent hacking ability is quicker with another player - penthouse, bots to zero, 2p slots. Opposite teams. Meet somewhere as support, put spawn beacon down and respawn as insurgent (partner does the same) then goto spawn beacons and continuously hack them in unison. The collectables are easy if you can get the pistol penthouse server which can still be hosted if someone has it in their warzone history. Coop is doable solo in a 2p custom game on whichever map you prefer, its quicker with others though. I just played the 'DMZ' map and got enough points to get a minigun or jetpack as medic(to resupply ammo) then camped on the roof until I had enough points -1000, to complete the level. You will need another player for the necromancer trophy though
  2. Use easy difficulty and nightmare enemies setup. Youd probably get it on the first level and chapter 🤣
  3. Imo you'd be better off with a disc version, I ran it for a few hours on ps now to self boost a few trophies and that shit was bad, I found a boosting group in the end as the lag was horrendous,
  4. Loading the the last chapter for each level works fine, although myself and @Jasko_SOA (thanks again) had a pretty solid connection. The final level for the tank/zeppelin will test you. Suggest perks that are mentioned in this forum to make it easier if you need to revive your partner and the mosin with as many upgrades as you have for the turrets/lights
  5. I'm with you on that mate.
  6. £5.79 for the level or £28.99 for the season pass 3. Draw players in by being free on ps plus then sting them for extra levels. Fml
  7. It's getting seriously annoying now. How can they justify another season pass when the last 2 didnt have enough content. Who the actual fuck cares about weapon charms and skins. 🤣. The sniper elite series is one of my favourites, but after this I will no longer buy a rebellion game at launch or at all for that matter
  8. While it's still possible, bear in mind that for some players the ship editor and challenges often go down for weeks on end, so get the create/like/share stuff done first.
  9. You should be able to use the pass on the digital version. I have both as at the time the digital with season pass was cheaper than just the season pass, in that time long ago when there were sales on the ps3 store
  10. Try pausing like mentioned above. My heart sank when I saw this had been bumped as I'm done with mp until I need to play a match for level 50 to pop and complete challenge mode. Phew thank fuck for that
  11. Season pass 1: Terror Lab Blood Count Deeper Than Hell Caged Fear (Horde map - free) Season pass 2: Damnation Valley Alpine Blitz Dead Zeppelin Graveyard Shift (Horde map - not sure if free or paid). Season pass 3 could be coming
  12. Yeah it also comes down to this - persistence. Which cant really be gauged, but will differ from player to player.
  13. I've read about this. Yet to try. It's in the ever growing backlog. Fml
  14. I do agree that mein leben is/was a change of pace, this is a prime of example of the guide reflecting the hardest trophy of the game and a massive troll from the devs as to how the others could be "cheesed". While it could be argued that only completionists would go for it, it could be argued that since you're on a trophy hunting site and you register wolfenstein 2 on you're profile then you knew exactly what you were getting into. I see a lot of mid rated games (specifically with mp) that players constantly bitch about because of one trophy. Prime example Death from above - bf5
  15. I have mate. Just not very often.