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  1. Has anyone got a boosting method for "stay modest". There's literally no one playing online? Fml
  2. Can do mate. Shoot me an add. I'll be available most of the weekend
  3. I've just got the plat so could drop all the rings for you
  4. I'm happy with a 100% for uc4 on ps4. Would be tempted if survival was a part of the list though
  5. Theres a whole forum post dedicated to mein leben and you just mark it down as 7/10?
  6. For anyone that has done the hazard zone trophies is it viable to boost? Playing with randoms is getting tedious now
  7. I've had the joy of playing 5 games in the past few days. Seems it's gone the same way as chainlink on battlefield 4 - dead gamemode
  8. @Prokky_pew did you get dead in their tracks against A.I? I cant get it to pop despite doing it over 10 times
  9. It seems as 720 kills will be all you can get - I hit the same number on ps4 with the t28 tank then progress stopped. Looks like I'll be going for the recon jeep or hovercraft instead
  10. The majority of trophies can be earned against bots, except all of the T1 stuff and hazard zone. Xp and attachments could be earned in portal but that was nerfed 2 days after early access, that's why there are minimal players with the platinum across all 3 versions
  11. 1pm uk time they were still up
  12. Only noticed social club, never had time to check status of the servers on ps3, such a shame really, it's a game I wish I'd played years ago instead of leaving it to the last minute.
  13. Rockstar social club no longer has my stats recorded for ps3. It's only a matter of time now, good luck and God speed if you are still balls deep in this.
  14. Rockstar social club no longer has my stats for ps3, so it's only a matter of time now, if the servers haven't already gone
  15. Finished level 50 last friday. Literally just finished the final stage on challenge mode at 00:06 gmt after racing home from work at 11pm. I had visions of it disconnecting while playing. Thank fuck it's over.