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  1. The worst part about going for this is dying in the fucking wheelchair. Lasting a whole 2-3 minutes after the 8ish minutes unskippable cutscene. The main problem I faced was time ie work and family life. Its doable but requires a lot of dedication. Did I mention hatchets totally disregarding space and time after you've thrown them, then finding them rattling around on the floor in a completely different section? Actually did anyone else notice this?
  2. I might be wrong but I think it only covers season pass 1. I've been buying the dlc when it releases which works out marginally less expensive than the season pass
  3. I seriously hope you've been misinformed about the 7 season passes hahaha. Honestly though for what they have brought out over 2 season passes could have just been one. I enjoyed the game but its tedious now trying to keep it at 100%. I doubt I'll buy another sniper elite/zombie army because of this or at least wait until they stop banging overpriced mediocre dlc out
  4. I'll have to see if I still have my screenshots as to when the difficulty and collectables popped for me when I get on my ps4,
  5. One man's trash is another mans treasure I suppose. The new colossus was one of the highlights imo on ps4 along with old blood. I actually miss playing it. No other game has gave me that feeling when you beat it on mein leben. I actually miss playing it, suppose I could do the other version 🤔👍
  6. I've learned from an old profile to not waste my time on games that arent enjoyable and focus on games with substance, therefore trying to increase my ultra rare trophy count. I normally keep an eye on profiles with a good amount of ultra rares for inspiration so to speak. Off the top of my head @Jasko_SOA @DividedByMankind @skin_it_up @FfredericC Abeit they all have games I wouldn't play due to some of them not being my kind of game, so I look to see if they have anything that I might like playing with ultrarares. I think it's good that this forum post exists, not every day you can share the love so to speak. Keep up the good work guys, and I'll see you in recent profile visitors haha
  7. It would be quite funny though. Ubisoft did it with watchdogs 1 and R6. If they can give players nuketown for the 600th time then it's possible 🤣
  8. Thanks man 👍👍👍. There will be no more plats this year, instead I'm laying the groundwork to pop my next 15 plats in a short span of time leading to my 50 and getting the golden 100% completion
  9. It's cheaper to buy the dlcs separately mate, at least in the uk
  10. This one is pretty good tbh haha, but nothing really new in terms of gameplay
  11. Any recent achievers still know if this is still viable for local coop. Shareplay is absolute garbage. Resogun is currently patched upto ver. 1.10 and the guide on here is from 1.04 If a player dies during a stage, keep dying to force a game over. You will restart at the beginning of that stage and still be eligible for the trophy. Apparently the game only checks to see if a life is lost during the stage and doesn't count game over restarts. cheers edit: for anyone going for this. I used 2 controllers and and an elastic band. If one player dies then lose all lives and click restart to start at the beginning of the level and the trophy wont be void
  12. I'll put this out there (not mine and haven't signed). Personally I platinum games solely for myself and dont really care about being a high rank on the leaderboards, only my completion rate. Nothing against the people that play these "games" as its their choice.
  13. The ship editor is back up as of today. Weekly challenge can also be accessed.
  14. Two more seasons announced on zombiearmy twitter. One starts later this year and one sometime next year. Who knows how big this trophy list will get and when will it end 🤣
  15. Most are the 2p trials arent very difficult, the only one most will struggle with is ascension. Theres also the gates of hell 2, single player challenge which could crash (happened to me 3/4 of the way through it). Bear in mind where your partner is from as the servers are some dial up shit at times