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  1. 1pm uk time they were still up
  2. Only noticed social club, never had time to check status of the servers on ps3, such a shame really, it's a game I wish I'd played years ago instead of leaving it to the last minute.
  3. Rockstar social club no longer has my stats recorded for ps3. It's only a matter of time now, good luck and God speed if you are still balls deep in this.
  4. Rockstar social club no longer has my stats for ps3, so it's only a matter of time now, if the servers haven't already gone
  5. Finished level 50 last friday. Literally just finished the final stage on challenge mode at 00:06 gmt after racing home from work at 11pm. I had visions of it disconnecting while playing. Thank fuck it's over.
  6. The suit is easy to get, also suggest trying to get the kuai dagger from one of the bounties as this gives a speed boost for every parkour move if held. Turn up the gamma in display settings so night just looks like day. Good luck
  7. You have to be signed into psn to access it
  8. Tbh Uncharted 4 survival mode is going down the same route. The amount of people that get carried through it is abysmal, and with leaderboard times of sub 2 hours it's easy to see that no effort was put into attempting to even try it. Back on topic though - the rarity was always going to decrease with the game being nearly 4 years old by those who persist/hack/pay and with ps4 communities gone other means have to be found to get this platinum if you arent good enough to earn it. I mean a high percentage of earners would have been messaged by randos somewhere down the line asking if they would do it for them either through share play or account log in. I've even seen someone bragging they had mein leben but got someone else to do it for them
  9. You've made a good decision
  10. I started this at the end of last year primarily for the mp boosting, now since rockstar announced the server closure it jumped to the top of my backlog. The sp In my eyes is one of the best games I've played, abeit many years old and forced to play for trophies (probably hate it at the end of the grind). But the way the game is done is beautiful imo. The gunplay is top notch - not without a few glitches here and there and max is the antihero he always should have been. Totally regret leaving this until the last minute, as In my eyes this is one of the games that should have been a must play from me from day 1. Wtf
  11. If you go for this then you should boost all trophies that need players first before tackling the level 50 grind, this way you should be approx between lvl 13-16 and 35 ish ranks is slightly more appealing than going for the full 50 from scratch
  12. @BigBossImBeamer truly outstanding work. I was aiming to beat the previous fastest time on here eventually. You literally halfed the time, so it will require even more dedication, I mean my savefile time was about 80 hours for the german stack main time sinks were helmets and collectables as most of the collectable guides weren't very efficient at the time, so that is hell of a lot of practice required đŸ¤£. How long did it take you approximately to memorize all the collectable locations? Congrats btw. Still have your video to watch when I find a spare 9 hours
  13. The main thing that I did was not to get hung up on any one given strategy. What works for others may not work for you mate. Then of course theres time, I.e didnt have too much time to constantly try to run mein leben with real life responsibilities and such, a failed run would be wasted time and couldnt try again immediately so had to set aside a few hours per weekend to go b2b on runs, with any spare time through weekdays just practicing from manual saves on IADI. Since I got it theres a hell of a lot more videos for reference and I'll never forget dying in the god damn wheelchair 5-10 minutes into a run
  14. All have to be done in public matches unfortunately Edit: apart from the co op dlc
  15. Signed in and updated no problem. Last time I played online was 6th Nov 2020. UK slim pre owned