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  1. I've just hit rank 50 yesterday by using the collector role, also once you max the role out you can buy one of the best horses imo in the game.
  2. @Copanele it's the tower that I did it on on my old account, but some luck is still needed (not a pro player) . Seriously had visions of it going down the invasion boss fight route. At least I get a week to spam the hell out of it
  3. @CopaneleThanks for the heads up man. Was thinking any of the required towers would never appear ha
  4. Yeah I'm waiting for a tower with a secret fight. Seems this week isn't the week to get it hahaha
  5. The variation trophy glitched on me. I played all variations including shinnock twice maybe three times (boredom sets in pretty quickly) and nothing. Eventually got the trophy to pop after restarting my ps4 and playing once more with shinnock first variation. Hope this helps anyone in the same predicament.
  6. The servers are still up, just completed the trials last night (28/10/19). Some of the single player trials are pretty tough and long. The 2 player trials are plagued with lag and disconnects and you need a competent partner
  7. Same haha. Cant believe it's gone already. Who are these people
  8. @rogero_86 so my u.s copy of the game arrived, tried the glitch and it still wont stick. Guessing it's an account problem now. Flm hahaha
  9. @rogero_86 I've sourced a u.s version of the game and will post my findings once it arrives. Here's hoping haha
  10. @rogero_86 I tried with ps plus and without ps plus. My 2014 account without ps plus kept the stats, all others as you say the money was "gone in one eye blink". It looks like it's just certain accounts that cant rank up. Yours and mine being those said accounts. I wonder if it could be the actual region of the game itself; i.e there seems to be 2 versions for Europe and one for the u.s??? Who knows lol
  11. @N7-Azrael did you try on your sub-account?
  12. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y its ok mate. Recent achiever for both rank trophies "chabbawakki" is my original alt accout, i had no problem getting the glitch to work on that account. So im back to square one hahaha. Real frustrating. Its looking like i will be giving up on trying to get this platinum on my main. Want to thank you for the tips and support
  13. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y yeah i tried the method that haserpl used, it should work but i dont know if its an error on my part, my connection, game region or some other supernatural occurance. Its got me baffled that players with newer accounts got it to work no problem. Even when i played a game legit and got to rank 2 or 3 the stats and money didnt save hahaha. There is another method that involves joining a rank 50 player and spamming o before it joins the game, but the multiplayer is a ghost town, is it possible to include a personal video of what you are doing to get the unlocks to stay? 😁😁 btw what game version are you using? Mine is BLES00564.
  14. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y ive been trying to get the method you shared by fastflowdaman to work, to no avail. Any help help would be massively appreciated mate
  15. Still doesnt work mate @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y, like i said above the money just disappears. My unlocks screen wont back out in time for the money to stay no matter how fast i mash O lol