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  1. Can you do the flying kick on its own ? I cant remember if its was this ⬅️⬅️➡️ hit back back and foward cirlce on the same time. or this ➡️➡️ foward foward triangle My tip would be to do each set in challenge 10 on its own flawlessly and then when you got the hang of them, chain them together. Timing is key - I know its frustrating, I remember when I did it. ⬇️⬅️,* fairly simple. A circle kick followed by uppercut triangle. While the opponent is in the air walk closer to land the next sequence before the opponent touches the ground. now practice this sequence - ,,⬅️⬅️➡️ left hook - small break - and now follow up with the chain triangle, circle, flying kick. Have you nailed it - then move on to the flame ball. ➡️➡️ and finally the finally the flying kick ➡️➡️ try and chain these 2 together ➡️➡️,* ➡️➡️ I believe the star means you have to input the command straight away with no pause, before the flame ball attack animation ends. You nailed them all? sweet! Lets do the big one! ⬇️⬅️,* - - ,,⬅️⬅️➡️,*➡️➡️,* ➡️➡️
  2. Hey bro, can you help with a easy Verdun trophy? I need to get 1500 headshoots...

  3. Verdun - 16 trophies Far Cry 2 - 4 trophies F.E.A.R 2 - 4 trophies Mortal Kombat VS DC - 14 trophies Ghost Recon Future Soldier - 5 trophies Mortal Kombat - 2 trophies Star Wars Bounty Hunter - 2 trophies Army of Two: The 40th Day - 2 trophies GTA IV - 1 trophy
  4. Same happened to me - check if the mission have the highlighted dot for mission complete - if not then just beat those missions again.
  5. uf,okay so you have a few I would love to have. 1st. Wipeout HD - Trancendense - I have the game on my trophy list, but I stopped playing playstation 3. 2nd. NIOH - You are Nioh - I want this one so bad. 3rd. Red Dead Redemption II - Legend of the West - bro, I´ll get there one day, i have problems connecting to rockstar servers unfortunately
  6. I boosted with 3 other people to get the multiplayer medals (Preloki, being one of them) And I boosted Coop with just 1 other player.
  8. I wish you good luck man. I almost gave up!
  9. Option B - I think Israel´s song will win this year (Netta - TOY)
  10. Any heists that take longer than 10 minutes to beat.. My favorite heist for leveling up are "Hoxton Breakout" and "The slaughterhouse" on Mayhem difficulty. You could even play them on Death wish for more xp, but if your team is shit you might fail. At least on Mayhem you can solo them. For added bonus, play the Ukrainian job in stealth before and you will be awarded a + 10 - 15 % exp bonus for the next heist.
  11. This codex entry is cancer on the digital version of the game... Kill markers do not show up and the bombers takes billion of shots to go down. After hours upon hours of trying to get it I ended up renting a physical copy of the game, and played it without updating it and got it on my first try ! Seriously the planes and bombers drop like flies. I am stunned of how easy it was compared to the updated version. I get that it might have been to easy and they buffed up the health of the planes in the update, but then they should at least have changed the codex entry to allow more time to counter the changes. For the people doing this on the digital version, you have my deepest respect for your skill and dedication, I salute you.
  12. I edited the post suggesting you 2 plats you could go for Ugh Max payne, I have tried but failed. Now I get shivers down my spine just thinking about trying to redo that last trophy..
  13. Super force time Ultra, seriously go plat it .. I see you have it on 1% but I loved it when I played it, so give it a chance, plus its super easy, do not let that ultra rare plat scare you away. maiathewinnerslection You should do Assassins creed brotherhood, you are so close and I also suggest finishing Alienation. Start playing on harder difficulties so better loot will drop and join other online dudes. The game will get easy.
  14. I finally completed chapter 13, and went on to finish 14 and 15 which were surprisingly easy compared to 12 and 13.
  15. Been at chapter 12 on Heroic mode since 2015, kept dying at the train section, but finally beat the chapter today and almost finished chapter 13, only to die because I accidentally fell of a ledge ... Fuuuu I´m so frustrated. Edit: Attempted it again, and accidentally killed myself with a rocket launcher at the very last fight in the chapter on the very last warlord ( I wanted to finish him quick so I could head for the exit, but he slammed the ground so the screen was shaking and I think I fired a missile right on the ground in front of me .... so 2 hours wasted today.