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  1. I recently did all Batman games in a row. I would say Origins have the hardest Story related trophies. Since you need to defeat 2 bosses without being hit. Arkham Asylum only 1 combat challenge is difficult. Thats pretty much it Arkham City Have some brutal Stealth/Predator missions And Arkham Knight have the hardest combat related trophies. But not that bad after been playing all Batman games in a row lol. Overall difficulty for all Arkham Games. 5/10 difficulty I hope Batman Arkham Crisis is real rumours
  2. on Rally Championships there are 3 maps that are impossible too Win. Iw won on the 3 others tho. There are 6 maps in total. So im not starting a championship when my 3 favorit maps are not showing. Cuz sometimes there is a championship that have 5 to 6 maps so i only start it when its only 5 on it. And iw won 2 Rally CHampionships aswell and no World Rally Championships are showing. I dont get it
  3. I got this message after winning my first Rally Championship. By Winning Championships, you increase your chances of participating in a world championship of the same category Iw also won 2 Rally Champioships still no World Championship.
  4. Looks Easy enough. Maybe the last trophy that you have too exctract in Darkzone. But with a team of 4 that should't be a issue. Prob 3/10 Difficulty 25+ hours
  5. Nier!! The game is 1 of the better RPG iw played and plated
  6. Around 600 unearned most of the time. And 637 games played. With no hidden trophies ofc
  7. i recently did MGS4. And its impossible too get bandana and stealth camo after all i pod tracks. As you have too complete the game on big boss difficulty without getting seen wich you get stealth camo from and bandana from not killing anyone.
  8. For a really good account i think above 85% completion and having more uncommon then common trophies is a must. I see people ranked 300+in the world rank. All of them having more common trophies. Cuz all they do is visual novels and stack easy games like Jack jill DX or what is it. All thos types. A account like this i just pass and dont bother checking what they have done.
  9. He did the game before as people can cloud sync it. Still looks bad imo
  10. Sweet then i will be starting EA Sports UFC 3 after
  11. Have to do MotorStorm RC atleast not just Apocalypse alone. I get your point. I think the same. I just wanted too get this one done before closure even cant do full set. Im fastest so it's toally worth it
  12. Forever Fastest Achiever
  13. PSN profiles rarity all the way. I have MADAGASCAR 3 platinum and that is 4.2% Ultra rare on PSN lol
  14. I recent did the game on my other account. He got the hardest trophy first and then he got chapter 6. 7.8 and so on: everything is all over the place. Nothing is in correct order.