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    Your not a hardcore gamer until you are fit... So go and Train. And get Your platinum trophies:)

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  1. I made a video of the last boss DLC boss once you getting there. it's the hardest for sure. For the main game i use plane with 20damage and 50 health Same for the DLC
  2. For me the last DLC boss was the hardest. The snake one. Which was your hardest ? Also i love the game. Super fun
  3. AFAIK too. But anyway Congratulations For the fastest Achiever for the game If you get unflagged. I have 17 fastest too. pretty fun going for that. Alote more too come
  4. Iw been looking at random accounts. Too see if they got this trophies early. So far no luck
  5. I think i have seen someone else. Getting all collectables as for first trophy. But thats long time ago. Can be for the ps3 dunno. If you find someone else with this problem. Then you probably good. Cant be just you having this issue
  6. I played HA for 4 days and got all treasures. total of 25 hours played. My last treasure was Garuda Crystal a common drop. Sayes the Guide on psnproflle. I also played almost everything solo. With new account each day. When i got my last treasure i got it in first match played with a new player. So it could have something to do with that dunno. Good luck peeps For Co-op Adventure took me way longer about 2 weeks. of playing 6 hours a day We also played on hard
  7. I see people get fastest Achiever in just 1 week. With main game+all DLC. How is that Even possible ?
  8. Hi Tomy, just stumbled across your profile and wanted to leave you some props! 👍😎👍


    It’s extremely rare to see somebody with such a high platinum trophy count who doesn’t fall into the trap of region stacking Ratalaika games/garbage games endlessly to maintain their leaderboard rank. You seem to care more about what games you play and how enjoyable the hunt is rather than how many platinums you have.


    I have a huge amount of respect for trophy hunters like you. Keep up the good work mate.

    1. Tomy_IV


      Thank You @dieselmanchild :) Yes i would never add a Ratalaika game. Its the most cheapest way too earn platinum. And it just ruins the profile imo. Doing a Ratalaika game just 1 time. Is fine but stacking it ? No no. And yes i do play any game if it's difficult or very time consuming doesn't matter. I like finishing series like Metal gear,  Ace combat   , Bioshock... and so on  Around winter time iw decided too start a serie i have never played before. Dark Souls, Devil May cry :) 

    2. dieselmanchild


      Agreed it ruins the profile! I really hate the aesthetic of a profile that has the same game 5-6 times, then another one 5-6 times, and so on.. It looks ugly. And yes I like that your trophy list is a big collection of many different types of games! It looks great and it shows a road map of your journey as a trophy hunter 🙂


      You should try Dark Souls btw it’s probably my favourite series ever! And Bloodborne too, it’s a masterpiece. Challenging, but extremely fun games and a good choice to play with friends too. I have never played Devil May Cry series, but funny you mention it because I was just reading some DMC trophy guides 5 minutes ago! I really like hack n slash games and I want to find more to play. I noticed a bunch of DMC games are on sale right now so I was just skimming through the trophy guides and reading some reviews etc. to see if I like it.


      Have you played Castlevania Lords of Shadow? I just picked up a copy on PS3. I heard it’s a good hack n slash series too.

    3. Tomy_IV


      Never played Castlevania. But iw heard it's good. I will play that too :) 

  9. The last Space mission is the hardest if you play it on Solo. It comes to alote of luck too. What type of orders comes up.
  10. People with more commons then anything else on theyr account will be ageinst this ofc. And those who stacks countless of ratalaika games. IM 100% down for this. Make it happen!
  11. Why not just hide everything since you already hide 3987 Trophies
  12. Ofc you do We did do insane flights back in the days on Air conflics
  13. Everything is possible solo only 3 maps that were hard for me. Currently fastest Achiever for the game. But the game is ment too be played with someone. Same goes too Overcooked 2
  14. Nothing too worry as the trophy have been patched 26 April. You only need 50 kills in Hero vs Villians Got the trophy 1 hour after started That game mode on my other account