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  1. I always start games at the hardest difficulty. Just personal taste. I preffer games with just one difficulty and the gamer is allowed to chose what he will or will not do in the game, based on how hard the task is. GoW Ragnarok is kinda like this, as you can just ignore the side quests and go justo for the main, there is waay easier, even in Give me God of War. I found it harder the 2018, because i felt the enemies need to take a lot of damage to die. I Think No Mercy the enemies are still unforgiven, but they die a Little faster. And i have to say that i didnt enjoy the combat in this game. Theres something missing from the first one.
  2. I started at Give God Of War, but i was taking hours in some enemy encouters in side quests(the main quest is okay). This difficulty is very unbalanced. I think its here for the upcoming NG+. So i changed down to No Mercy and the game is now okay. Just some of those tomb warriors that are kind anoying, but its fine.
  3. I had a gamebreaking bug, but thank God, i always manual save before turning the game off. After getting the Draupnir Spear and before going on with the main quest, i started to explore the worlds for collectibles, artifacts and loot. When i was exploring Vaneheim, in the norteast of the map (Around Barri Woods and Abandoned village) for the last legendary chest, when i came back to the village, i needed to use the lance to get up to a hut anf get back to leave the village. The thing is, after i made the support bar with the lance, the game just didnt prompted the button for me to get on it. So igot stuck in that part of the map, because there wasnt a portal either. I just lost about 2 hours of game by loading the save, but way better than losing almost 60. And i think my Plat run is lost, because the item on that chest maybe one of the hilts. I hope the fix is in this last patch.
  4. The race itself wasnt that difficult. I needed like 5 or 6 times to win it. Taking the car to Lucas and Back, though, took me way more time. The car is awful to drive on the streets and 2 minutes is such a slim time. I can say that having some experience in racing games helps a lot in the race, because its quite basic.
  5. Returnal is way more unforgiven and a bit more skill demanding. After some point, Elden Ring turns more accessible and if you arent skilled nough, you can always grind. Until now, when skill wasnt enough on Returnal, i relied on luck.
  6. oooohhhhh. Now i got it. Well, too bad i did it the hard wat. Just skiped Moloch by killing Wicked K as soon as i had all the doors opened. I Would deffinetely leave Dagon in favor of killing Moloch if i knew. I think i took me about a hour or so.
  7. I understand i can play in any order i want, and sorry if i am being a bit slow, but are you saying that the Game would recognize a Moloch Defeat as Dagons?
  8. How does this Skip Works? I Killed Wicked K in the middle of my Apocaliptic gamethrough and strangely, the trophy for this and the Hard run poped after i finished the level 15, making the fight against Moloch unecessary, but i had to Kill Dagon anyway.
  9. On 1.03 patched, i just got with the bind the attack to X buttom.
  10. Just updating. I wento for the 100% and dont regret it. It was fun.
  11. I Think im on 10 hour play, and i can say that it, most definitely, isnt good. I embarked on the “it cant be that bad” train, but boy, i was wrong. I understand and even enjoy, the fact that every gamee has its own kind of gameplay, with the 1st being like Zelda with all the adventure and temple exploring, the 2nd adding a Diablo vibe with all that loot and this third as a souls game. But its terribly executed. The only thing they got right is the fierceless of the enemies. The commands dont feel that responsive(on combat or plataforming), the camera is awful, the loading times are inexcusable. Yesterday i spent more time on loading screens than playing. The only good thing i can say about the game is world design, that is as good as the ones before it. Cant say much about the story, because im still in the beginning, but it hanst nothing bad about it. I’ll just finish the game, as i am a fan of the series, but dont know if im on platinum run. Edit: ok, i was a bit harsh with the game. Gotta admit that after some more hours, i am really enjoying it. The stiffness of the characters controls were absorved by muscle memory. The camera is still bad and so are the loadings, but i got over all the bad controls and gotta admit that the exploration good. Deffinitely gonna plat, maybe 100%
  12. I got the trophy last week. The online isnt dead, but there are times of the day that you wont matchmake. But its not that hard to find people to play.
  13. Worst EA Trax ever. And i cant even choose wich music i want, because, incredibly, there are 3 or 4 that i like. The selection o tunes in the game was dreadful. The latino references isnt a excuse. There are lots latino rythims that could be here. But only the trash was selected.
  14. Im playing this game right now on sith master. The fact is that its very badly developed. The controls are very laggy; the character got stuck on animations very often;its awful to use the lightsaber, because you never now when you are going to hit something, because the enemies are fast and you are slow as s***. And there is lots more. I have no problem at playing old games, but this one is flawed even by 12 years ago standard. I dont recomend this one to nobody that is looking for a good time(even those who like hard games). The game demands 10x more than it gives.
  15. Just vouching for this. The game actually crashes rendering the big numbers on the screen. If you dont do this, dont think you be able to finish the crucible.