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  1. Messy or not, people have already plat it.
  2. Guys, does it work with PSN+ games? My main account is US, but i have a alt Brazilian account with my Plus and it has some Vita Games i never played.
  3. Liked Doom 2016 much more. This game is a boring routine inside a routine. Cool plataform sections then a boring arena, where you shoot your ammo out, chainsaw some imp, kill everything and move on. The 2016 was much better, with the enemies in the corridors, rooms or just prowling around.
  4. Liked Doom 2016 much more. This game has a really good foundation, but it all falls short to those arenas like encounters that serve only as gimmick to make the missions take longer to finish.
  5. Yes, i think it is. The game is much longer than it need to be. I think they should have put less effort in the size of the greek world and make it more optimized, with less loadings and traversing. Its nice to have lots o content, but the studios must realize that gamers have just so much time and patience. Origins was way more enjoyable to me.
  6. I had no problems with any tail games til now, exept for the final, where theres only on tail for the event winner. Memorizing the fruits and Tail game are the only games i never got eliminated so far.
  7. From all your Bordelands, id take Borderlands 2. Is one i really wanted, but never had the discipline for it.
  8. It will all depends on the damage done. “Better” is not quite the word. Weapons are more efficient for good combo. And as was already said, dumping enemies in holes, the elevators and in the airplane, also grants all their energy as damage bonus.
  9. Yeah, thats right. As @RangyRV said, if you hit objects, your count will go up, but always be white with no bonus, but they’re good to keep the count alive for sometime, so you can continue in other enemies. Picking up money, stars and food also extends the counter a little longer.
  10. Just want to make an observation: its not a matter of hits, but damage. You have to get the color of you combo red or blue, no matter how many hits you must connect. For example, you can get to blue(that will give around 1000 bonus), with fewer hits using Floyd than using Cherry, because hes got stronger punchs. Another example, now using the same character: you can get to Blue by hitting with a pipe 10 times with Axel, and get the 1000 bonus. But if you choose to use your punches, you’ll have to hit about 40 to 50 times to get the same bonus. In other words, the counter show the hits, but awards the damage done. Have this in mind to not get frustrated by hitting 70 times and only getting a Super Combo. So always pay atention to the color of the combo from less to more bonus: white, green, yellow, blue and red.
  11. I think the Classic charscters will be the way for some of this difficult trophies. After finishing story with Axel on hard( i thought story and arcade were the same thing)i went for “all too easy”(complete one stage in Mania) with classic Adam, and it was waaaaayy more easy than Axel on Hard. I even got to the second Boss without losing any lives. Classic Adam is faster, his punches have more reach, and his back attacks really work. I got to the third stage without any problems.
  12. I’m going for my clean up Platinum run. Started the game back in 2010, when i borrowed from a friend. I just finished the game for fun and when i returned him the game, he offered me to buy for very cheap. I did and kept in my collection so i could platinum some time later. Well, almost 10 years after and with the PS5 at the door, im going for the last 10 trophies.
  13. Well, guess what? It is a server problem. The thing is, everytime i started the game i just went through the menus directly to the tours and started the events. Every time i did that, the game conected to the servers during the events and because of that, most of the accolades didnt update. Just started the game and in the main menu, waited til all the features where loaded/conected (my club, challenges -even without having none-, addons and profile). Runned an event and the accolades updated, but just for that event. Everything a did before were not accounted for. its a bummer, but at least now i figured it out.
  14. I just checked mine. Its crazy, but all owners club are updating. And also the event tour accolade. But none of the rest i wrote about.
  15. Man, I would really apreciate that. Thanks in advance.