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  1. Worst EA Trax ever. And i cant even choose wich music i want, because, incredibly, there are 3 or 4 that i like. The selection o tunes in the game was dreadful. The latino references isnt a excuse. There are lots latino rythims that could be here. But only the trash was selected.
  2. Im playing this game right now on sith master. The fact is that its very badly developed. The controls are very laggy; the character got stuck on animations very often;its awful to use the lightsaber, because you never now when you are going to hit something, because the enemies are fast and you are slow as s***. And there is lots more. I have no problem at playing old games, but this one is flawed even by 12 years ago standard. I dont recomend this one to nobody that is looking for a good time(even those who like hard games). The game demands 10x more than it gives.
  3. Just vouching for this. The game actually crashes rendering the big numbers on the screen. If you dont do this, dont think you be able to finish the crucible.
  4. Just to share my crashing feelings. Until the final Act, The game crashed two or three times. No big Deal. When i got to Soul Arbiter Maze, it crashed once every two or three levels. On final boss crashed 3 times. After i beated the game, i started playing the expansions. Belial chashes almost everytime. Thinking about quit it, since its the last one, and going through the NG+ for the 4 levels remaining for 30. I hope i doesnt get like this in the Crucible.
  5. Dont bother cross saving. Keep going with your PS5 save.
  6. Oh my god! You’re so on point!
  7. Ok. So you have to buy 20 more different cars(if there are that many) And re-win all championships te get those trophies in PS5. Dude...i dont think its a good idea to do crossave.
  8. What i wanted to know is what carries over to the PS5. If the car collection and championships are, but no autopop on PS5, so what will trigger the trophies?
  9. Thats crazy. If you import the saves from a game you plat, should implie that the championships were finished, the car collection is complete and all the stuff. If you transfer a save with a completed game, what triggers the trophys of things that are already done?
  10. As from today on, the game has cross-save between PS4 and 5. But i dont know if the trophy will autopop. Right now im playing the PS4 version because i didnt want to downgrade my experience.
  11. Messy or not, people have already plat it.
  12. Guys, does it work with PSN+ games? My main account is US, but i have a alt Brazilian account with my Plus and it has some Vita Games i never played.
  13. Liked Doom 2016 much more. This game is a boring routine inside a routine. Cool plataform sections then a boring arena, where you shoot your ammo out, chainsaw some imp, kill everything and move on. The 2016 was much better, with the enemies in the corridors, rooms or just prowling around.
  14. Liked Doom 2016 much more. This game has a really good foundation, but it all falls short to those arenas like encounters that serve only as gimmick to make the missions take longer to finish.
  15. Yes, i think it is. The game is much longer than it need to be. I think they should have put less effort in the size of the greek world and make it more optimized, with less loadings and traversing. Its nice to have lots o content, but the studios must realize that gamers have just so much time and patience. Origins was way more enjoyable to me.