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  1. So, i downloaded a few Games digital and a few Patches for Games i own on disc... So i dont really need to download every patch before the closure for every game i own, is that correct??
  2. IT May be a bit Off topic, but can anyone answer this? Do u really need the PSN Store for downloading Patches?
  3. Hmm...i Just downloaded Patch 1.03 on Part 1 and Patch 1.01 in Part 2 yesterday, Not yet bought any dlc...but im really curious If the PSN Store is needed to download Patches?? P.s. castlevania Lord of Shadow 1&2
  4. It show the Old image
  5. I played ironman to lvl 60, and I have to say he was quiet good, compared to other avengers! I have to say that i like melee characters more but i was using a combo ranked/melee and his singnature move and take advantage of all his talents! Start with ranked and melee when his energy reload, i can't tell here but i could show you online in the game if you want to!!
  6. What u got for god of war? For which god of war? And u'll get a theme for platin in 2nd son?? After i got platin in god of war ascension i got 24hour double xp for the multiplayer, horizon platin almost done
  7. On the first january 2017 the server for fast princess piece of cake will be shutdown, make it impossible to buy anything in the ingame store with the gold u earned/purchased!!