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  1. 7 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

    No, all patches come directly from servers belonging to either the Developer/Publisher or Sony themselves.

    So, i downloaded a few Games digital and a few Patches for Games i own on disc... So i dont really need to download every patch before the closure for every game i own, is that correct??


  2. Hmm...i Just downloaded Patch 1.03 on Part 1 and Patch 1.01 in Part 2 yesterday, Not yet bought any dlc...but im really curious If the PSN Store is needed to download Patches?? 

    P.s. castlevania Lord of Shadow 1&2


  3. I played ironman to lvl 60, and I have to say he was quiet good, compared to other avengers! I have to say that i like melee characters more but i was using a combo ranked/melee and his singnature move and take advantage of all his talents! Start with ranked and melee when his energy reload, i can't tell here but i could show you online in the game if you want to!!


  4. What u got for god of war? For which god of war? And u'll get a theme for platin in 2nd son?? After i got platin in god of war ascension i got 24hour double xp for the multiplayer, horizon platin almost done :)