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  1. That's good to know then. All I saw was that I didn't get the "first place" message after passing the finishline first so I figured it wouldn't count for me.
  2. Did you get those on the slime rounds? When I crossed the line first on that round I didn't receive the 1st place, because it was given to the person who jumped off at the start. If it was on different rounds and you're sure you saw the '1st place' pop up five times, just email them.
  3. Zombie army 4 Beyond two souls We were here Risk of Rain 2
  4. Cool, I'll redownload it then and will see what I have unlocked. I'll message you on ps once it's done, if your settings will allow me.
  5. I might have a save with some good investigations left and I know for a fact that I had the scarred yian garuga unlocked in my GL when I stopped playing. Do you happen to know if the levels go down over time? Otherwise I could redownload the game and let u hunt in my session.
  6. Is the large namielle the only one you still need?
  7. I have done nothing but use the cloud save method to crown snipe, but with investigations. I strongly recommend against farming crowns in the guiding lands unless you're picking up tracks to get investigations. As far as I know monsters in the open world have the same crown chances as monster in certain missions, which is 1% for large and 2% for small. High quality investigations (gold & silver/ tempered) and crown sniping are the most efficient way to get crowns, period. Look up 'gaming with abyss' on youtube and you will find a full playlist with videos of the crown sizes for all the monsters and you can also see how many good investigations he has. I know a lot of people prefer to just go in, kill the monster and hope for the best but that is how a lot of people end up with 100+ kills and no crowns.
  8. The older tomb raider trilogy really were some of my favorite games to play on the pc and the ps3. Sadly, the remakes just really aren't doing it for me. Generally I just miss what (in my opinion) made the tomb raider games so badass. The swan dives, animals fights, motorcycle sequences, acrobatics and crashing a party in a dress and then shooting up the place. Not to mention the option to explore the croft manor. They did add this into the new games but it was so linear and boring I really didn't get much pleasure out of it. The feeling of being this super attractive but also deadly explorer just really got lost for me in the remakes. I miss traveling to different countries and finding lost secrets and enemies like mummies in egypt and dinosaurs in god knows where. I can just go on forever really. Also the whole concept like u described (dragged out combat, platforming and tombs on the side) does explain the overall problem really well. I really didn't give that too much thought but with the older games it felt like u were always in some kind of tomb with puzzles and figuring out mechanics while doing combat inbetween, not the other way around. I don't enjoy how tombs merely became a side objective in the remakes. And let's not even start about Lara as a character... The way she causes the doom of so many people and doesn't seem to understand why bad things are happening to her. I wasn't invested in her personal struggles, I just want to run around and be feel like I'm in a proper adventure movie! Even though the chances are slim, I'm still hoping they will remake the right trilogy somewhere in the future (legend/annivarsary/underworld). I'd definitely preorder that stuff
  9. No, there are no special events that have an increased chance for those crowns. U can try your luck in the guiding lands, but I strongly recommend focussing on getting a good investigation by picking up tracks and using that to crown snipe.
  10. I read your guide and I just got a question about the xp. When I loaded up the game and went into multiplayer I saw the option 'Feats and Setbacks' and it looks like there are a bunch of challenges that reward you xp. Is it worth going for those while you are trying to get to lvl 60?
  11. Thank you for writing this guide. It's really nice to see a veteran taking the time to compile all these tips and tricks to help us save time! This is the last game in the tomb raider series I need to plat but I haven't found the time yet to dedicate myself to the grind. I'll keep an eye out for a tomb raider session in the future as I do like boosting games and that grenade method sound like fun.
  12. Thank you for the reply! I'm working on the dlc now so that's good to hear and if I still don't make for some reason I'll just go to mission select and replay the part I messed up. I just remembered that u can enable assist mode so if it comes to it I'll breeze through it. Not feeling so worried anymore now.
  13. Yeah while I was in there I had two active missions, that side mission and a main mission so I completed the objective for the main mission but couldn't figure out how to get to the guy I needed to help so I figured I'd just leave the motel and see if it would change the objective of the side mission. Very annoying because there doesn't seem to be a work around for it.
  14. So during my current playthrough I messed up the side mission 'A matter of time' by exciting the motel before I realised that I should have done a clock puzzle. I tried traveling back to the motel but it didn't let me. When I eventually came back through another mission, the clocks weren't there anymore for me to interact with so right now I can't progress that mission anymore. Since missions and hidden locations are the only way to get ability points, will I be able to still fully max out my character on this run?
  15. Thank you for posting this trophy guide. Your effort is appreciated!