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  1. You need both the 200 and the 100 points for the trophy.
  2. I can confirm that the two trophies that involve health states (wounded healer and medic) are really bugged but can be consistently obtained if u get all the heals in one match. I already had my medic when it came out but that is how I got my wounded healer. Since then I have helped 6 other people get their medic/wounded healer in one match and they all got it. We all used perks to speed it up (except no mither) so that wasn't the issue. I am not a fan of this and would much rather have gotten this through playing but seeing as Behaviour is really not releasing any statements, I thought I'd let you guys know.
  3. I am way too hyped for this chapter to even think about all the trophies that are coming lol.
  4. @MaxieM0us3 Oh yes, I recognize your name. Nice work! I hope you don't mind me promoting your thread lol. I didn't see any other news about it on the web and it deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten so far.
  5. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Somebody on the dbd forums started a thread about in-game trophy progress. I have to mention that this thread is merely a part of the wishlist section, but I figured that if a lot of people show interest in this mechanic it might show the devs how crucial this part is for these recent grindy trophies. I know a lot of people would like to see this happen but I can barely find any threads about it on the internet. So please drop by and leave a comment! Making an account takes just a min and we need to keep the thread alive.