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  1. If it's mostly the Silver Rathalos u can hit me up on ps messages and I can see if I can crown snipe it. I know for a fact that I still have some good investigations for that bastard.
  2. As far as I know guiding land monsters have the same crown rate as expedition monster, even with a lure, which would be 2% for small and 1% for large (correct me if I'm wrong). I've always found high quality/risk investigations to have a tremendously better chance of spawning crowns. When I couldn't get an investigation for a monster, I would jump into either an event with that monster or the guiding lands to collect tracks. One of my last monsters was the scarred garuga and I killed 27 of them in the guiding lands without any noticeable sizes. After farming for an investigation (4 purple) I got the crown within 4 tries. It sucks having to rely on rng until u have a good investigation only to spend more time crown sniping, but I do prefer it over fighting them in the guiding lands. Having the monster in the same spot with the same routine made measuring a lot easier for me.
  3. Those creatures didn't spawn for me unless the region was at lvl 5 or higher. With the canteen buff it took me 2 hours to find them in the 4 regions (Coral, Rotten, Ancient forest, Wildspire)
  4. After finally finding all the treasures I thought I'd share my experience since I don't see that much info on it. This is just my experience, not a guarenteed method since it's mostly up to rng. From what I understand it's a hidden stat/counter that progresses each time you trade, so don't feel discouraged if it's takes more reloads than u hoped because u will get it eventually. Some obvious tips are make a loadout specifically for treasure hunting and pay attention to the ways the tribe members act (uninterested/curious/excited). U want to make sure that the stuff you trade is stuff they really want. The way I did it was; - I focussed on 1 area at a time (Not very efficient, I just prefered it that way) - I made sure to only trade items that I thought would fit the interests of the tribe (Traps for Bugtrappers, Heal/Buff items for Escorts) - This might just be superstition, but I traded a highly requested item with ALL of the tribe member before reloading. While doing this it generally took me 1 to 3 reloads to get the first 6 treasures and up to 9 reloads for the last 4 treasures. BIG IMPORTANT NOTE: I noticed that a lot of people I hunted crowns with, weren't aware that you can actually fast travel to the pawswap location the next time you load in after you unlocked it.
  5. Can anyone confirm whether closing the app works the same as leaving the show? During the final rounds (especially hex-a-gone) I can't seem to leave the show quick enough.
  6. I used to play this on my tablet for hours! The music is so relaxing. Not sure if I want to turn it into a trophy hunting experience but we'll see. It's been a while so can someone tell me this.. wasn't crashing the only way to stop a run? I was wondering how to do that trophy with 180 challenges and <100 crashes. Are u just suppose to do more than 1 challenge in one run to stay safe?
  7. I did notice I already earned a crown without winning, so that one must have come from the season pass/rank rewards. Do you happen to know how many crowns u can get in a full season? I didn't check all the rewards yet.
  8. I assume they will appear in the shop on rotation. Can't confirm but this video shows ingame footage of them in the shop, it looks like these legendary item costs 5 crowns. It doesn't look like an whole outfit either, so that would technically be 10 crowns for the set?
  9. 1. Tomb Raider : Legend 2. Tomb Raider: Anniversary 3. Tomb Raider: Underworld
  10. I just got a small crown for Yian Garuga from the event quest Don't Forget The Earplugs! - MR 6. I played it three times for the bunny ears piece and it looked really small each time so it's safe to say that we got another guarenteed crown.
  11. You need both the 200 and the 100 points for the trophy.
  12. I can confirm that the two trophies that involve health states (wounded healer and medic) are really bugged but can be consistently obtained if u get all the heals in one match. I already had my medic when it came out but that is how I got my wounded healer. Since then I have helped 6 other people get their medic/wounded healer in one match and they all got it. We all used perks to speed it up (except no mither) so that wasn't the issue. I am not a fan of this and would much rather have gotten this through playing but seeing as Behaviour is really not releasing any statements, I thought I'd let you guys know.
  13. I am way too hyped for this chapter to even think about all the trophies that are coming lol.
  14. @MaxieM0us3 Oh yes, I recognize your name. Nice work! I hope you don't mind me promoting your thread lol. I didn't see any other news about it on the web and it deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten so far.
  15. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Somebody on the dbd forums started a thread about in-game trophy progress. I have to mention that this thread is merely a part of the wishlist section, but I figured that if a lot of people show interest in this mechanic it might show the devs how crucial this part is for these recent grindy trophies. I know a lot of people would like to see this happen but I can barely find any threads about it on the internet. So please drop by and leave a comment! Making an account takes just a min and we need to keep the thread alive.