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  1. Been watching it for as long as I can remember(mainly Raw and its various incarnations). Huge stone cold fan growing up, the take no nonsense straight up toughest S.O.B around. I'm an insomniac so i will often watch Raw live but its mainly on in the background while I am doing something else as it has just become so bland and predictable these days. As for Cena, he is the face of the PG era, the kids favourite star*, I have no personal love/hate reaction to the guy.
  2. Seven psychopaths. It was a hilarious film and well worth the watch.
  3. Ovendonkeys videos are what enabled me to get the platinum after 4 long years(not non-stop playing, went a year or two without touching the damn game and got multiple Y.L.O.D as well). informative and some of the commentary was a good laugh which helped when your raging at failing for the X time. As for the assassin on hard, I just slide kick, punch, punch. it would give me a slap, which is where I backed off and repeated the slide kick, punch punch. took her down in about 45-60 seconds give or take.