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  1. Kingdom hearts hd 1.5 remix - 316h Friday the 13th - 153h Final Fantasy XV - 122h Rarest trophy - King of Petoons (wtf)
  2. Yo , im late to this but can i join ? The february one. I start with this game : Rocketbirds 2: Evolution , ill add more another time
  3. yeah.. i wrote that by mistake. When i bought the vita it came with it inside thats why it slipped my mind.
  4. wow it was as easy as re installing the game. Pretty weird though that a problem in that game would fk up the vita like that. I hope it's not just a temporary fix, at least i was able to keep going after the part where the problem was happening. And i said 1 or 2 months without touching, but not even 1 went by.... time is weird
  5. Yesterday i picked up my ps vita to play after 1 or 2 months of not touching it. I charged it , turned it on and everything was going well. Then i started a game,which is Rocketbird Evolution ( don't know if it matters). The main menu appeared , and the game was going to start but it got stuck on loading. Since it was taking so long , i closed the game and went to click the the "circle app" to restart. However the menu didn't even appear, the "circle" stayed as a "circle" and the menu where you click to start the game didn't appear. I tried to click something else , like the ps store and the trophies app but they also stayed as "circles" and i couldnt enter either. I clicked the notification menu and it was blank. Then i left for 5 mins to see if it was just slow today and the screen turned off. When i went to turn on the ps vita , nothing happened , you can see the green light blinking but nothing else. In order to be able to turn it back on again , i had to go to safe mode and restart it from there. But then the same i wrote above happens. I also tried the restore system from safe mode to see if it fixed something. The game were looking better and i was able to play for around 10 mins but when i got to a loading zone, the same happened again. Can any of you help me ? Do i try the other safe mode options like "rebuild database" and "format memory card" (i dont have one btw) or the problem is something else ?
  6. For the iron rom : If you are playing on the ps4 there are 2 times where it can freeze for you if you are skipping text. Thats when the robot asks you to write your name and later when you have to put a code in a machine. The X button wont work. To counter this you can use the touch pad like a mouse and press the letters that way. If you want to be sure dont use the skip thing on those scenes and just smash X to go through it faster. There is also 1 more part where it can freeze : when you wake up in the hospital there will be 2 robots next to each other in a desk , DO NOT TALK to the one on the far right , its like a 50% chance of freezing with no way to counter. For the Cardinal and Threat : You dont need to use the touchpad to get them, you can use the arrows and x button. When i played it, i read people saying it was so hard with arrows you needed to use touchpad or vita but that was the opposite for me, i have no idea how people did it with touchpad. So if you are having trouble with one way , try the other. Using arrows , i got cardinal in 3 tries and the threat in 8 or 9. A tip for threat : if you are spamming X they will 100% shoot you , the trick is to wait like half a second between X's and you get it easy. On the cardinal you can just spamm it till they die, just do the half a second when you change square it usually helps. Hope it helps, if you have a question , the game is still fresh in my head so i can maybe help.
  7. kissmanga is good
  8. ah, just checked your profile, didnt notice . Too bad you are doing it in the ps3 version , i played the ps4 and the difficulties stack there. At least you going to get a rarer trophy, for whatever its worth haha
  9. 46 is more than enough , you should keep trying . Is there something you really have trouble on or just the fiight overall ? Don't forget aero makes you take less dmg. And if you want a tip, when Riku gets crazy and starts spamming around just jump and glide till he stops , he may hit you but will just be 1 or 2 times. And yeah Atlantica is a pain , but if you going for plat you going to need to be there for a bit nothing crazy tho . Be happy that if you go for kh2 there isnt underwater combant haha
  10. Just keep doing the hades cup if you really need to level up , at that point in the game there aren't other decent options. What lvl are you tho , if you didn't skip heartless left and right when you were in other worlds it should be more than enough to beat him , specially in normal,