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  1. I think you mean about trophy when we are doing things for young Doc in his basement? About saving? I saved there and then crashing started and later i was saving beacuse i was afraid of crash, and i stoped playing after about 30-50 crash games. Yeah about that many. Oh well, there is only 2 chapteres, maybe tomorrow im gonna end this game. I like Talletale - its sad that they are not anymore - but this isnt my favorite game from them. Fables was better for me : )
  2. Thanks for advice. Im gonna try - beacuse this crashing after each 5 minutes is nightmare -__-
  3. About being "downed" and bleeding to death: you must quickly kill all enemies before counting to death reach zero, or you gonna die and no trophy. But if you are "downed" and you kill all enemies, you gonna be resurected with 1 health. When reaching Eden trophies gonna pop-up. Difficulty? Well... for me the most annoying part - dont have platinum - was 3 (easy) trophies, For killing with rushing Bormin, for killng other enemy when you kill Piroman and he drop molotov, and when you are switch sides (the do something with youre head) and must piss of youre friends. Its sad but those i only need. For Iron Mutant trophy i found that best squad is Bormin, Fox (beacuse of that they can eat enemies) and guy with super power messing with heads. I wasnt fighting just coming from place to place. When fighting was over, i have exit game, send save to cloud and continue. Cheap trick but oh well...
  4. Not working for me. A little sad beacuse i was curious which game eat my time :). Well i think its Witcher 3, beacuse i have played it 7 times already xD.
  5. The end is near....



  6. Not bad but also not soo good piece/song. Only interesting thing in this, is that you can play with Heihachi from Tekken 7



  7. I like game which i played and i love this piece :).



  8. I love when past meets present in classic music :3 I love this piece. JUST LOVE IT!!



  9. Another Great piece :).





  10. since i was kid i always loved this piece.



  11. I always loved this piece.



  12. This version with this guitar is great!



  13. Sometimes i prefer classic than new music :).



  14. After sending 3-4 songs from pop section i have noticed that there is no sound! Strange move from Namco, beacuse they could claim copyrights from me here (on Youtube) - beacuse im not doing this for money - but okay, its they call. I checked this and i cant hear also sound - on youtube - from Anime, Vocaloid and Variety. So from now on, im going do only the rest: Classic and Games. Its about half game, but still i hope you are gonna like it. Below Ashita Mo.... without sound -__-



  15. I like this song very much, one of top my favorite :).