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  1. Not working for me. A little sad beacuse i was curious which game eat my time :). Well i think its Witcher 3, beacuse i have played it 7 times already xD.
  2. The end is near....



  3. Not bad but also not soo good piece/song. Only interesting thing in this, is that you can play with Heihachi from Tekken 7



  4. I like game which i played and i love this piece :).



  5. I love when past meets present in classic music :3 I love this piece. JUST LOVE IT!!



  6. Another Great piece :).





  7. since i was kid i always loved this piece.



  8. I always loved this piece.



  9. This version with this guitar is great!



  10. Sometimes i prefer classic than new music :).



  11. After sending 3-4 songs from pop section i have noticed that there is no sound! Strange move from Namco, beacuse they could claim copyrights from me here (on Youtube) - beacuse im not doing this for money - but okay, its they call. I checked this and i cant hear also sound - on youtube - from Anime, Vocaloid and Variety. So from now on, im going do only the rest: Classic and Games. Its about half game, but still i hope you are gonna like it. Below Ashita Mo.... without sound -__-



  12. I like this song very much, one of top my favorite :).



  13. I think its last song/piece from my favorite list. I dont hate it, but... its on bottom list, and im not gonna play it very soon :/



  14. Like this but its to quick for me....



  15. Love this piece!



    1. PooPooBlast


      I havent been commenting but these songs you were putting were good!


      I think you'd enjoy the karoake/ disco songs from the yakuza series! Here's the entire playlist. Some have english in them though but I am sure they are actually sung by japanese singers.



    2. A_KlR_A


      PooPooBlast - thank you. I like Yakuza series very much! :D