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  1. Did they show the most important things - the time savers and xp boosters?
  2. Nah, this game doesn't have any mp or co-op, nor transactions. It's totally unsuitable for ps+.
  3. #61 - Call of Cthulhu Professor of Arkham University Unlock all trophies A great game and a very enjoyable plat. As a Lovecraft fan I liked the story very much, especially the main character's slow descent into madness. Played it on PC last year and now was the time for the platinum on PS4. The game is very trophy hunter friendly and with a guide for the missables is a breeze.
  4. #60 - Far Cry 3: Classic Edition Mastered the Jungle Obtain all the Trophies. A little nostalgia trip to Rook Islands. Vaas is still the best villain in Far Cry and I didn't want to kill him again but there was no choice. The game is 8 years old and the map is still huge, not Odyssey huge but still huge. Now to something more linear.
  5. Gravity Rush 1 & 2
  6. I would advise against that. Do the story first, earn credits, buy and open packs to get cards which will make the endurance mode very easy. Without cards it will be much harder and tedious.
  7. August 2020: Anthem Fallout 76
  8. I haven't played a plus game since Darksiders 3 and it seems it will stay that way.