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  1. The Sinking City - it's from the same devs. And of course Crimes and Punishments. There will also be a new Sherlock Holmes game this year.
  2. #83 - A Way Out All The Ways Out Collect all trophies Pretty cool story game and a fun platinum. The hardest trophy is The Dip where I had to mash like crazy.
  3. Today I started and earned trophies in A Way Out and when I updated a few minutes ago the game is not showing on my profile. It's not hidden.
  4. #82 - Unravel The Red thread Collect all trophies This game taught me what I already know - I suck at platformers. The guide says it's 3/10 difficulty but for me it's easily 4-5/10. There are some really frustrating parts for the no-death runs even in early levels. I'm glad I finished it.
  5. Well if you want to do the race twice then you can play it easy/normal and then classic. There is nothing harder than the race in this game.
  6. #81 - Sea of Solitude All Done You have collected all of the other trophies. Got myself 1 month of EA Play and that's a nice, short and easy plat. The game is artsy walking simulator with a few puzzles and a story about depression and loneliness which I would've liked to be a bit more darker.
  7. From best to worst (most boring) 1. AC 2 2. Rogue 3. Revelations 4. Syndicate 5. Brotherhood 6. AC 7. Black Flag 8. Unity 9. AC 3 10. Chronicles 11. Liberation 12. Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla The generic rpg Witcher 3 wannabe that are Origins and Odyssey burned me out so I don't have any intention to play Valhalla any time soon.