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  1. Nothing is missable but it's best to follow PowerPyx's guides and make notes what you get and what you need to get when you have the abilities.
  2. Knowing current age Ubisoft it will probably be open world with gargantuan map and time savers and repetitive fetch quests.
  3. Yes it will and you'll have to start deathintive from scratch.
  4. You have to replay chapters to get every collectible and upgrade so I guess it won't be one playthrough.
  5. Platinum #44 - Darksiders Warmastered Edition BFA I love the Darksiders franchise and the first game is awesome and War is a total badass. It's almost 10 years old game but it's still great.
  6. Well then waiting for February. I've completed the overrated Uncharteds and wouldn't touch that goat thing even if it's free. Good luck with the totally broken and stupid brutal difficulty in digital Uncharted.
  7. I didn't encounter a single glitch, I enjoyed the game for what it is. The only real annoying part in Deadly Obsession was the couple of times I failed a jump and died. I was mostly afraid of the piranhas but thankfully didn't die to them.