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  1. Even the Epic Games Store is more functional and organized than this new atrocious sony bull crap.
  2. The 2 hardest challenges are the one where you dress up as another character and you have to avoid being caught by the people on the street; and the second is the one where you have to stack items on a truck. These were the hardest personally for me. Everything else is doable in 1-2 tries. For the sliding races use the heavy power, you will slide the fastest with it.
  3. Apart from a couple of challenges and that it's more grindy (upgrades are very expensive) I would say it's easier.
  4. There are 2 golds. And it just says drink once at each drinking place so nothing like beat all level 10 drunkards.
  5. It's good. It's linear game, the story is ok and it's easy plat while using guide for the collectibles.
  6. Did they fix it already?
  7. #73 - Watch Dogs 100% Clear This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked. I was dreading the drinking mini game since I never finished it on PC years ago, but it was surprisingly easier now. Everything else is easy if a bit grindy. The story is better than WD 2 and I like Aiden Pearce as a character, he is a bit introvert like me. The online portion is perfect, as soon as I got the trophies I turned it off, no need for mind numbing online grind.
  8. The remastered videos look great.