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  1. For the past few years Smackdown was the most watchable wwe show. After the draft though it's been so shit that it feels like Raw 2.0.
  2. South Park Post Covid
  3. There is no online in the remasters.
  4. Just finished Lego Villains. The other 2 don't care at all, so nothing for me again.
  5. #109 and 100% - Lego DC Super-Villains Here's to Mischief Collect all the trophies Great Lego game with tons of content. Mark Hamill is the Joker and Kevin Conroy is Batman - what's not to like?
  6. Even more releases from world worst entertainment. Tegan Knox, Drake Maverick, John Morrison, Jaxson Ryker, Shane Thorne aka Slapjack, all three members of Hit Row - Ashante Thee Adonis, Isaiah Scott and Top Dolla (Michael Cole called them the greatest steal from the draft, lol)
  7. "Amazing" build for survivor series, I'm so "hyped". Clueless Vince should just replace it with bragging rights or whatever the stupid name was, the concept is the same.
  8. Disarm a regular guard and kill him with his sword.
  9. Vince remembered there is a Survivor Series in 2 weeks and the 2 elimination matches were magically booked and announced on twitter, lol. WWE is so meaningless.
  10. #108 - Concrete Genie The Artist of Denska Known as "the street artist who brought Denska back to life". My first plus game in two years. If most plus games are just bait to buy dlc for 100% completion this one goes 2 steps further with VR requirement. Fun game and platinum but I'm not buying VR just for 3 trophies.