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  1. #124 - LEGO The Hobbit The Road Goes Ever On Collect every trophy
  2. #123 and 6000th trophy milestone - NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... The Final Verse Congratulations! Thank you for playing! Amazing game, amazing story, amazing characters, even more amazing music. I knew I'd love it as much as Automata and deservedly gets the 6000th trophy milestone.
  3. Nothing interesting for me, will gladly not add all of them.
  4. Digital Easter presents
  5. Did Katana Chance or Alba Fyre wrestle? I can't wait for their main roster debuts, they're gonna be huge stars. 😄
  6. Legendary Gardener You successfully cultivated the legendary flower.
  7. Don't keep your hopes up for that. This is still Vince's WWE, they'll get their names changed one more time and be forgotten in about 2-3 weeks.
  8. That's the LiVe SeRvIcE dream come true. After the boring and bloated Odyssey I'll never play a modern AC unless they go back to the roots, but that's highly unlikely.