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  1. Rey Mysterio is still not eliminated so Cody isn't really the winner. 😁 Good rumble overall, I marked out when Sami Zayn hit Roman with the chair. The worst part was Nia Jax, I was thinking I'll never see her again but that was the most disappointing and anti climactic Nr 30 in a Rumble match ever.
  2. Mafia 1 is great and it's one of the best remakes. That's why I made the platinum my 5000th trophy milestone. As for the rest - absolutely nothing interesting.
  3. #158 - Deliver Us The Moon Mankind's Brightest Collect all of Deliver Us The Moon's trophies I like linear exploration games and this one is very good, got a lot of Prey, Alien: Isolation and SOMA vibes.
  4. Big ego or not Dwayne doesn't need WWE, WWE needs The Rock. He's making 50 films a year, I doubt going back to WWE is in his top priorities.
  5. February 21st. There's enough time to finish it.
  6. #157 - The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Master of Unwritten Tales You have unlocked all trophies of "The Book of Unwritten Tales 2". The game is leaving the catalogue next month so I decided to play it and plat it while available. The story and dialogue are fun and the characters are likeable but the ending felt a bit rushed. It's a long game for the point-and-click genre but it could've been a bit longer with better ending. I like the platinum tile a lot.
  7. #156 - Lost Words: Beyond the Page Platinum Guardian Collect all trophies Great game with beautiful art and very touching story, it choked me up a few times.
  8. #155 and 100% - Saints Row IV: Re-elected Kingpin Unlock all Trophies in Saints Row IV: Re-elected. Much more grindy than SR3 but still fun, the main missions and the loyalty missions are a blast.
  9. Tony Khan should buy WWE and create the biggest merger company named AEWWE (All Elite World Wrestling Entertainment). The possibilities for dream matches and 10-hour ppv-s will be endless.
  10. Nothing interesting for me. I'd rather watch a skillful playthrough of Devil May Cry 5 than try to play it myself.
  11. #154 - Maneater Platinum Obtain all other trophies The most fun part is eating humans and it's also the most tedious part when you have to level up the infamy rank. I'll start the dlc tomorrow.
  12. I guess the Bray Wyatt crap made Vince even more determined to return. 😄 I won't be surprised if he's one of the first to be released again.