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  1. Hello everyone! Well, we're halfway through 2022, and with that brings a new round of quests. The leaderboard on the main post has been updated. I want to sound out a potential new rule with everyone involved in this event here. I'm thinking about capping the amount of points it is possible to earn through common platinums. My reasoning would be it's against the spirit of the event that you could technically complete 90 common platinums, and earn the same amount of points as someone who went to the effort of getting 5 ultra rare platinums. I understand that a rule change in the middle of the event could be divisive though, and the event is after all for everyone! So let me know what you think.
  2. Please don't bring this attitude into the event, @Han_the_Dragon was trying to be helpful. This is supposed to be a fun challenge for participants. In the interest of fairness, the rules clearly state that you must complete a level before moving on, and "If you are still on the common level, all uncommon and above platinum's WILL NOT be counted". The exception to this is using uncommon plats to clear the common level, for example. I enjoyed your recap of the games you played for the uncommon level - I still haven't played God of War, and I've only done a couple hours of Control, but I liked the styling of game, very cool! Clearly I need to get a move on and play these games. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. Basically, the rules can be simplified as: if you use a trophy for one set, you can't use it for another. This rule is trying to be fair to those who complete the challenges promptly. To give an example: I hadn't finished set 1's "acquire 50 gold trophies" before set 3's "acquire 75 gold trophies". I thought it would be unfair if I could stack my remaining gold trophies into both quests - it's not fair to those who had already completed the first gold trophy challenge. Hope that clears things up! PS. I'm sorry I still haven't updated the leaderboard!! I will definitely get to it before the next set of quests come out (it's a busy time I'm writing my phd thesis 😭)
  3. Got some completions in very early this month, and my first month doing more than one game Doom 50 of 55 Trophies 1st June 2022 • Platinum in 4 years, 10 months Child of Light All 20 Trophies 2nd June 2022 • Completed in 6 years, 9 months Both of these I didn't have too much to do on. For Doom I just had to get the trophy for completing the first level on ultra nightmare. I'd attempted it in the past, with and without the glitch, and just never managed to do it. But I thought I'd give it another shot, and when I committed to getting it done it didn't even take that long (story of my life really 😂). I don't have it in me to spend hours playing the multiplayer for a couple of the trophies in the DLCs, especially with so many other games to play, so I'm going to leave it at the platinum. I loved Child of Light when I started it ages ago, but for reasons I don't remember I left it to play something else, and when I returned I'd completely forgotten what I was supposed to be doing. So then it sat gathering digital dust.... but some guides got me back on track finally, and it turned out I was actually very close to the final two bosses. After those and a quick collectibles cleanup, the 100% was mine! I was so excited when I completed Child of Light, because it brought my games completed up to a nice round 30, which is not much but it was progress.... only for it to immediately return to 29 when Horizon Forbidden West's NG+ DLC was released... sad times. Congratulations! Amazing achievement
  4. It's been a long time since I updated all my quests and game progress. It's a busy time at the moment, I'll try and get to updating everyone's points in the main post soon as well! I think something's gone wrong here. Your 100 trophies should add up to the bronze, silver and gold you earned in May! Completed my first rare platinum, Detroit: Become Human! Swapped out Uncharted 3 on PS3 for Doom, seeing as for some reason Uncharted 3 has dipped to being Very Rare, and I'd like to use it for that level now. Common Games List (5/5 Completed) Uncommon Games List (5/5 Completed) Rare Games List (1/5 Completed + 1 non-platinum) Quests (8/??)
  5. Another one off the list! Detroit: Become Human All 49 Trophies 24th May 2022 • Platinum in 2 years, 1 month I'm so glad I spread out my three playthroughs of this, it helped keep everything fresh. Having my last playthrough be the one where everyone lived made it feel extra good when the plat popped
  6. You came up with a really good event idea - it would have been a shame to see it go to waste! We all understand that life just throws stuff at you, and rightly trophy hunting is not a priority when those things happen. You're always welcome to come hang out with us in the new event thread
  7. I just started this game! Wow, what a coincidence 😄 I'm on the 5th hospital I think, trying to get 2 or 3 stars as I go. I actually found this guy on youtube called Pinstar who has an amazing playlist for quick tips and strategy. It helped my understand how to choose the best staff, builds for different rooms and some of the mechanics of the game that I don't think I took in during the initial tutorial. It's here:
  8. Hope everyone is enjoying their games. The main post is now updated, plus new quests added! Plenty of points to be earned in this new quest set:
  9. A quick completion for April while I play a bunch of other games: Gone Home All 10 Trophies 18th April 2022 • Completed in 1 year, 11 months This was a lovely story when I played it the first time, the only tricky thing was completing the game in under a minute, which took a few tries.
  10. Yep, those are the rules so you've completed your first very rare!
  11. Finished enough games to complete the uncommon level! Adding my rare games now Common Games List (5/5 Completed) Uncommon Games List (5/5 Completed) Rare Games List (0/5 Completed) Quests (5/??)
  12. Nice to see newcomers and people from the original thread still making progress through their games and the levels, (@Spinacheq you are doing the quests right). Don't worry about tallying your points everyone, I have a spreadsheet for that! There was just one time where I hadn't adjusted the formula which holds the total points to include the second quest set points. Although putting how many games per level you've completed in your posts is helpful so I don't have to count them up . Get ready for another round of quests in a couple weeks! And the main post has now been updated. Can't believe it's been a month since I did my last progress update. To be fair, Horizon Forbidden West is an absolute time sink. It's amazing, but there's just so. much. And then there's my low level addition to Dead by Daylight... Two more uncommon games completed, and I'm gonna add some more from my backlog for after the five for the uncommon level as well. Common Games List (5/5 Completed) Uncommon Games List (4/5 Completed) Maquette [PS5] - 100%, Platinum Achieved 14th February Horizon Forbidden West [PS5] - 71% Life is Strange [PS4] - 100%, Platinum Achieved 29th March Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage [PS4] - 100%, Platinum Achieved 12th March Spyro the Dragon [PS4] - 100%, Platinum Achieved 23rd February Volume [PS4] - 82% The Last of Us Part II [PS4] - 50% SOMA [PS4] - 5% (non-platinum) A Plague Tale: Innocence [PS5] - 10% Control [PS5] - 11% Quests (5/??)
  13. Event's not dead, March just got away from me 🙃 not sure where it went... I'm also trying to workout an update schedule that makes sense for the event and myself. You are the LAST person that needs more points! So you can list this as a game, and get equivalent points for the rarity, but it won't count towards the 5 platinums per level required to level up. E.g. a game where 100% (no plat) rarity is 35% will net you 3 points Good to see you back @Spinacheq (hope you're still having fun in Horizon Zero Dawn and I'll carry your progress over from the previous thread), and also @JEDI_BROTHERS You're not too late @AffectatiousDonk, thanks for posting your common list and happy trophy hunting! Welcome @RedbeardRik, yes please. It's nice to see what games everyone is working on. You're not locked in to your list though, you can switch out your games whenever you want. Edit: the main post and leaderboard has now been updated
  14. I cut this too close (for my liking) for the streak challenge: Life is Strange All 61 Trophies 29th March 2022 • Platinum in 4 years, 9 months I didn't really enjoy this one. I feel like it's aged quite poorly in comparison to other decision-based games, in the graphics, performance capture and the dialogue writing. I found some of the story elements to be quite heavy-handed as well. At least it's finished now! I think I might try and tackle another old game next, maybe Volume. I've also been thinking about dusting off the PS3 to clear up a few of those games.
  15. It's great to see @rahulrx0, @RoastedPeanut, @Han_the_Dragon, @MooseSketts and @StingX2 returning. And welcome to the event @Cauvuh_Lakrwa! I'm enjoying seeing all the different words that people are choosing for the Wordle quest. The main post is now updated with everyone's progress, including the leaderboard section. As always, if anything appears to be incorrect, just let me know I'm going to say for this one that only rare trophies count here. The idea of this set of quests is that at the moment, common, uncommon and rare are the levels that people are working on. Later on in the event, there will be quests towards these rarer trophies! Here's my update (swapping out Oxenfree for Spyro 2 and A Plague's Tale: Innocence for Horizon Forbidden West): Common Games List (5/5 Completed) Uncommon Games List (2/5 Completed) Maquette [PS5] - 100% Complete, Platinum Achieved 14th February Horizon Forbidden West [PS5] - 12% Life is Strange [PS4] - 55% Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage [PS4] - 90% Spyro the Dragon [PS4] - 100% Complete, Platinum Achieved 23rd February Quests (3/??)