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  1. Going back and looking at ps3 games I never played. Is this plat still attainable?
  2. I cant craft it for you if you still need it. I can lol
  3. I know a lot of the time survival/ civilization games don't really transfer well to console. Is Dawn of Man done well? I want to play this but on the fence about PC or Console.
  4. I'm not saying like a treat (cake, beer, candy, etc.) but more of a real-life trophy. For Example when I 100% Fallout 4 I got myself the Nuka Girl Statue. Kind of like what @postofficebuddy said with his vinyl. I just wanted to see if anyone else had started a physical trophy cabinet.
  5. I've been thinking about doing this and wondering if anyone else is. Do you get yourself some kind of real-world trophy once you platinum or 100% a game? If so what are some of the things you have gotten? Like I love hunting cause once I get the plat I feel like I can put that game to rest knowing I've done everything the developer wanted me to do. But lately, I've been wanting to get myself something to commemorate me beating a certain game.
  6. @ERGOPROXY-DECAY So like Minecraft? also is it worth 4.99? I think that was the price lol
  7. Should I buy this? I saw it at Game Stop for pretty cheap. Is the plat still available? Is it a somewhat enjoyable Lego game? I love the franchise so I can grit my teeth through some of the lesser enjoyable ones. Would love to hear your opinions.
  8. Should I buy this/ can I get the DLC packs without the Sets? Do I need the large portal thing to play the game? I love lego games and wanted to play this one but never got around to it. Is it too late for me?
  9. I got the Twitter notification about this, read the title, thought it was a Croc's Shoe game. Needless to say, I'm disappointed.
  10. Army Men: Sarge's Heros 2
  11. Sweet Dings: 1. I'm on the downward slope for the Onrush Plat after the "Eat DiRT" Trophy - The game is enjoyable but I'm glad I got it for free. It's Starting to turn into a grind at this point 2. (Not really hard but) Got the Plat for Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion - Easy Plat and as a fan of the series it was an ok game. It kind of felt lazy though 3. (A little late) I got the Brawlhalla plat on Jan 10th. Still proud that I stuck with that one to the end. Rarest trophy I've gotten so far. Works in Progress: 1. Onrush - See above 2. Red Dead Redemption 2: Zoologist - Fuck Birds
  12. @Yen-Pop Oh shit that changes mine completely too.
  13. Would you consider power armor from fallout 76 and 4 a "Player Operated Vehicle?" I'm finishing up my last few boxes.
  14. Oooooooo sounds like a blast here's muh card - Also, since it's about beating the games can I use some of my backlogs that I'm 1, 2 trophies away from platinum?
  15. Just curious if everyone got the same cigarette cards or if Rockstar made all the cards from the game then split them up. I don't know what all mine are off the top of my head but I will look when I get at lunch.