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  1. @GravityQueeen My thought would be the same format as the "missable" tag when looking at specific trophies. A small red tag that says "unattainable" right next to the System tag
  2. I thought of this while scrolling through the old ps3 games just looking. I think it would be helpful if there was some form of an "Unattainable" tag on games so we can see which old games you can and cannot platinum on. Just a small tag next to the PS3/PS4/VITA tag so that you could filter games that have 100% unattainable plats. I know that there are a few lists floating around that say which games you can't plat but this would just make it quicker and easier to reference. Also by unattainable I mean 100% impossible due to outside issues (Glitches, closed servers, etc) not game difficulty.
  3. I would say for me it depends on the game. If I really really love a game I will try to get them the old fashion way. If not I'll use guides for collection quest or things I am stuck on. I'm not an ultimate trophy hunter by no means, just giving the way I play.
  4. @bani24jj ok so its like you get Far Cry 3 disc with 2 and blood dragon codes on it?
  5. Looking at going back and doing some backtracking for trophies but I need Farcry 2 and 3 again. If I buy the compilation is it all one disc or three separate discs? that may be a dumb question but I just want to be 100% sure.
  6. @Lorajet That would just come down to doing the research. I mean even if the servers are closed then it is unfeasible for that game. However, for the ones that are open you could beat the servers closing by using a team mentality to finish games up.
  7. So I've got an idea and I want to throw it out and see what people think. The idea is a "game of the month" club, where a group of us good ole trophy hunters will get and play a really old (ideally online) game for the trophies. I just see too many times where I try to go back and complete a game with online trophies and run into a huge learning curve to the other people that have been playing since 2007-2010ish/not enough people for a lobby. It just takes the fun away from the game. Creating this group would guarantee players on servers for at least a month at a time and allow us to grab some of those old online trophies from ps3 and early ps4 days that are just mocking us at this point. I know that we have the session finder app on here and that is great! However, the times are too specific with this it allows a group of like-minded trophy hunters to all support each other in completing the last of the online trophies one month at a time. How do you guys feel about it?
  8. Hey, Y'all just trying to get the Create trophy on LBP1 please go like my two levels and heart me as a creator! Also, I'm about to go back through and Heart everyone's stuff from this thread. H4H! LINK:
  9. Look man we're working on our friendship bracelets right now.
  10. @Toogie53 I'm glad to say cabin 7 is on the board I complete Abzu
  11. Cabin 7 is going to win the camp cup! @Toogie53 We have established a camp cup right?
  12. @felidraziken is that a question or a statement?
  13. Cabin 7 is the best and I'll help you boost it if you let me win one without loosing a single rally!