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  1. Going back and looking at ps3 games I never played. Is this plat still attainable?
  2. I cant craft it for you if you still need it. I can lol
  3. I know a lot of the time survival/ civilization games don't really transfer well to console. Is Dawn of Man done well? I want to play this but on the fence about PC or Console.
  4. Should I buy this? I saw it at Game Stop for pretty cheap. Is the plat still available? Is it a somewhat enjoyable Lego game? I love the franchise so I can grit my teeth through some of the lesser enjoyable ones. Would love to hear your opinions.
  5. I've been thinking about doing this and wondering if anyone else is. Do you get yourself some kind of real-world trophy once you platinum or 100% a game? If so what are some of the things you have gotten? Like I love hunting cause once I get the plat I feel like I can put that game to rest knowing I've done everything the developer wanted me to do. But lately, I've been wanting to get myself something to commemorate me beating a certain game.
  6. I'm not saying like a treat (cake, beer, candy, etc.) but more of a real-life trophy. For Example when I 100% Fallout 4 I got myself the Nuka Girl Statue. Kind of like what @postofficebuddy said with his vinyl. I just wanted to see if anyone else had started a physical trophy cabinet.
  7. Should I buy this/ can I get the DLC packs without the Sets? Do I need the large portal thing to play the game? I love lego games and wanted to play this one but never got around to it. Is it too late for me?
  8. I got the Twitter notification about this, read the title, thought it was a Croc's Shoe game. Needless to say, I'm disappointed.
  9. @ERGOPROXY-DECAY So like Minecraft? also is it worth 4.99? I think that was the price lol
  10. Army Men: Sarge's Heros 2
  11. Sweet Dings: 1. I'm on the downward slope for the Onrush Plat after the "Eat DiRT" Trophy - The game is enjoyable but I'm glad I got it for free. It's Starting to turn into a grind at this point 2. (Not really hard but) Got the Plat for Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion - Easy Plat and as a fan of the series it was an ok game. It kind of felt lazy though 3. (A little late) I got the Brawlhalla plat on Jan 10th. Still proud that I stuck with that one to the end. Rarest trophy I've gotten so far. Works in Progress: 1. Onrush - See above 2. Red Dead Redemption 2: Zoologist - Fuck Birds
  12. @Yen-Pop Oh shit that changes mine completely too.
  13. Would you consider power armor from fallout 76 and 4 a "Player Operated Vehicle?" I'm finishing up my last few boxes.
  14. Oooooooo sounds like a blast here's muh card - Also, since it's about beating the games can I use some of my backlogs that I'm 1, 2 trophies away from platinum?
  15. Just curious if everyone got the same cigarette cards or if Rockstar made all the cards from the game then split them up. I don't know what all mine are off the top of my head but I will look when I get at lunch.
  16. 1. Oblivion 2. Sly Cooper collection 3. Tokyo Jungle
  17. Back logging stuff and I'm wondering if I can still 100% this game.
  18. I thought of this while scrolling through the old ps3 games just looking. I think it would be helpful if there was some form of an "Unattainable" tag on games so we can see which old games you can and cannot platinum on. Just a small tag next to the PS3/PS4/VITA tag so that you could filter games that have 100% unattainable plats. I know that there are a few lists floating around that say which games you can't plat but this would just make it quicker and easier to reference. Also by unattainable I mean 100% impossible due to outside issues (Glitches, closed servers, etc) not game difficulty.
  19. @GravityQueeen My thought would be the same format as the "missable" tag when looking at specific trophies. A small red tag that says "unattainable" right next to the System tag
  20. I would say for me it depends on the game. If I really really love a game I will try to get them the old fashion way. If not I'll use guides for collection quest or things I am stuck on. I'm not an ultimate trophy hunter by no means, just giving the way I play.
  21. So I've got an idea and I want to throw it out and see what people think. The idea is a "game of the month" club, where a group of us good ole trophy hunters will get and play a really old (ideally online) game for the trophies. I just see too many times where I try to go back and complete a game with online trophies and run into a huge learning curve to the other people that have been playing since 2007-2010ish/not enough people for a lobby. It just takes the fun away from the game. Creating this group would guarantee players on servers for at least a month at a time and allow us to grab some of those old online trophies from ps3 and early ps4 days that are just mocking us at this point. I know that we have the session finder app on here and that is great! However, the times are too specific with this it allows a group of like-minded trophy hunters to all support each other in completing the last of the online trophies one month at a time. How do you guys feel about it?
  22. Looking at going back and doing some backtracking for trophies but I need Farcry 2 and 3 again. If I buy the compilation is it all one disc or three separate discs? that may be a dumb question but I just want to be 100% sure.
  23. @bani24jj ok so its like you get Far Cry 3 disc with 2 and blood dragon codes on it?