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  1. Wooow! Thanks a lot for this! It’s basically a mini trophy guide!! If you don’t mind, could you post this on the We’re In Space forum so others can see it more easily? I’d do it myself, but I don’t want to take credit for it. *Edit* Nevermind, I see you already did. 😅 I haven’t started Space or Weapon Shop yet, gotta finish up some other games first. But this’ll definitely make things much easier. Thanks a ton!
  2. Thanks a lot friend! I got the bundle, which only includes Weapon Shop and Space. Any tips on the missables from Space would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks my dude. I remember reading about the ridiculous difficulty of Fearless in VH 2, so I guess I’ll be skipping that or playing on my alt account. I was really hoping they’d patch it, but it seems they’re more interested in making the same game three times. Maybe I’ll check out VH1 to see if it’s any good.
  4. 100% man. I feel the same way. I saw this game is on sale, so I came to check the trophy list. It all looked doable, then I saw this abomination on the list. I really wish devs would stop putting multiplayer trophies in games, or at the very least release a patch that automatically unlocks them on startup for dead games. It’s especially bad with games that truly are dead because of server closure. There should be some kind of mandate from Sony that you have to unlock those trophies for all players before shutting the servers down. BTW, how were Van Helsing 1 & 2 to plat? I see they’re on sale too.
  5. I was writing a trophy guide for this game, but lost the patience to do so after my second run through. This is also where I discovered the method of getting all the character trophies that I’m about to explain here. First of all, you’ll need two controllers or a friend to help if you don’t have a second controller. Step One: Finish the story on any character. This is necessary so we can unlock the final boss in Boss Rush mode. Alternatively, if your friend already did this then skip to step 2. Step Two: Select manage characters from the pause menu. Press start on your second controller and choose your character, or create a new one. Step Three: Go to boss rush and choose the final boss. Defeat the boss (doesn’t matter if player 2 dies, but revive them afterwards) This will unlock the story trophies for both characters, but the second player is on a different account so we’ll need to do some extra work to get the trophies on your main account. If you’re using a friend, this isn’t necessary and you’re done. Just repeat step two for each character trophy you need. Step Four: Close the game and switch over to player 2’s account and launch the game with their controller. Step Five: Repeat step 2, but player 2 this time is your main account. Step Six: Repeat step 3 again, but set the difficulty to very easy since your character is probably only level 1 or 2. You can still defeat the final boss at this low a level, even using basic attacks. Once it’s dead, exit the arena and load back into the hub area. Close the game and switch back to player 1’s account (your main account) Step Seven: Launch the game on your main account and load into the game with the character you just used in the previous step. Wait around a bit and the trophy for beating the story with that character should unlock. It can take a few seconds for it to register. Try opening the journal a few times. You need to switch back to your main account on step seven, because the game doesn’t register you beating the story when you’re on your alt account for some reason. If it doesn’t pop, go fight the final boss in boss rush (Which should be unlocked thanks to step 6) and it definitely will after loading back into the hub area. Anyway, repeat this process for each character you need the trophy for and that’s it! This saves about 4 to 6 hours per character, drastically lowering the time to platinum by about 12 to 18 hours. You might be able to do all characters at once if you have 4 controllers, but I don’t so I couldn’t test this. Anyway, hope this is helpful to someone. The game isn’t awful, just somewhat bland and is sold at an insultingly high price. DO NOT PAY $60 FOR THIS GAME!! Wait for a sale and get it for much cheaper. The maximum I’d pay for this is around $25, but $15 is the ideal price IMO. Also, Elessa is awesome.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I was thinking about getting the Holy Potatoes Bundle, as it looks like a pretty funny and cute game. However, it also looks like a ported mobile game....which is usually not good. Hopefully there aren’t any player-unfriendly mobile tropes like timers and painfully slow progression unless you buy certain microtransactions. Do you have a time estimate on getting the platinum?
  7. Guide should be up soon, it’s in verification now.
  8. I tried those steps as well, but was unable to replicate my results either. If anyone manages to figure out how to reliably do this I’ll put it in the guide.
  9. This is interesting, because I stumbled upon this as well, but I have no idea how I did it. If you have any idea how to replicate the results, I’ll add it to the guide (with credit to you, of course.)
  10. Hello. Just want to let anyone browsing this forum know that I’m working on a trophy guide for this game. It’s about 85% complete and should be done within the coming week. I’ve just got to finish up a hardcore play through, as well as a few miscellaneous things and it’ll be ready. *Edit* the guide is complete, should be up in the next few days barring any approval issues. Even though it’s a simple trophy list with mostly unmissable story related trophies, I still wished there was a guide, and there wasn’t. So I decided to make one myself. Oh, and I’ve discovered an infinite money exploit that’ll be detailed in the guide. There’s also an item duplication exploit that’s been around since the PC version that’s explained as well if you’re interested.
  11. I’m guessing you’ve never played a Torchlight game. It’s always been limited to 4 classes. TL1 and 2 are like that, and 3 will be as well. As far as couch co-op is concerned, well it’s a PC game at heart so there’s no reason it would have that. It supported LAN, which is basically the same thing in the PC world. I wouldn’t let those things hold you back from playing. If you like Diablo, you’ll like Torchlight. Though I might wait for 3 if I were you.
  12. Well, I just got to Zeryphesh myself and it does indeed exist! Very happy they added this after all!
  13. I know this has been an issue since the original PC version came out, but did they finally add a full respec option to the console version? I’m not talking about the guys that do the last three skills, but a full respec of all skills. Some guy on reddit posted that the NPC Albrecht the Transmuter in Zeryphesh sells a respec potion. I’ve not made it that far yet, so can anyone confirm or deny this? Can’t be sure if this guy was trolling or not. He said he was playing on the basic Switch version, but who knows. Just wondering if I should hold out until I reach that area or start a new character while I’m relatively low level. Thanks.
  14. Doesn’t work anymore. Also might have mentioned you need PS Plus to do this.
  15. While it is lacking in power, and it tips over constantly requiring the use of the autonomous winch, the Scout 800 is the best US region scout vehicle IMO. Why? Simply for the fact that with the roof rack, you carry enough extra fuel to refuel yourself up to full 3 times, allowing you to explore the entirety of any map without having to visit a fuel station - provided you don’t get stuck. Plus it has engageable AWD and always on Dif lock, and supports Mud tires. The International Load Star is the most powerful Scout in terms of engine power (and ignoring Russia only vehicles), but it guzzles gas and can’t carry enough to refuel itself more than once. Plus, it is extremely fragile. But it does extremely well on all terrain types, and even has the power to rescue larger vehicles. You’ll have to buy one, since there aren’t any ever given to you. But it’s fairly cheap and worth the cost - so long as you use it on a map with a few fuel stations. Also, turn the engine off whenever possible as it uses almost 4 liters a minute while idling. As far as heavy vehicles go, I like the Pacific 12. It’s better than the 16 purely because it has AWD. Just a shame it can’t use a low saddle. Heavy duty trucks are all quite similar. I used the International they give you on the first map for a long time and it did just fine. It’s only downside is that it doesn’t have Dif lock. I recently sold it and bought the Cat, which does have AWD and Dif lock. It’s pretty much the same, so use whatever you want from this category. Highway trucks are useless unless you’re on a map with lots of paved roads; there’s a couple in Alaska. Otherwise, just ignore them. Off-road trucks are interesting. Like Ac3dUd- said, the ANK is a beast over all terrain types - but it has a fatal flaw: it’s only supported add-on is the sideboard trunk it comes equipped with. You can still use trailers with it though. I used the Royal BM17 for a long time, and you get one for free in Alaska. It’s pretty versatile and is probably the best all around for the US maps. Once you get to Russia though, pretty much every US vehicle is replaced with something better. The Azov 64131 is great all around, and the Azov 42-20 Antarctic is probably the best vehicle in the game.