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  1. Thanks for the info everyone. Just had this happen to me as well. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem if I could make a backup of my save, but nooo Sony wants your money for that privilege. Fucking greedy corporate fuckers. #FreeOurSaves
  2. Had this start happening to me today as well. Seems like it is the controller, not the game. A bit ironic considering the name of the game… There’s an option in the game to reverse the analog sticks, so the right stick controls movement and after doing that I don’t experience the issue anymore. So it seems the left stick is faulty. It’s not a solution, because playing that way is horrid, but it’s a useful diagnostic tool. Using the artifact viewer in Astro verified the left stick is faulty. I can see it jumping back and forth slightly when I hold it forward. It only appears to happen with forward movement, not backwards or sideways. If I jam the stick forward as hard as I can, it appears to work normally, but this is an untenable solution. I only have the one controller, so I can’t test with a different one. Guess I’ll have to send it in for repair…ugh. 😤 That’s pretty shit quality for something less than a year old and has around 500-700 hours of use. My PS4 controller that came with a launch unit and has thousands, if not tens of thousands of hours on it still works perfectly fine and I’ve never had a single issue other than the rubber coming off the sticks.
  3. For those that don’t know, you cannot backup your PS5 saves on a USB device, like you could (and still can) with PS4 saves. The only way to actually backup PS5 saves is through the PS Plus cloud, which is NOT free. Hopefully you see the issue with this. I freely admit to being a PlayStation fanboy, but this is an area where Microsoft/Xbox is kicking Sony’s ass. (Along with Gamepass) While it’s true that you can’t backup Xbox saves to USB devices either, you can use the cloud to do so, and crucially, IT’S FREE. This should absolutely be the case with PS5 games too, but it isn’t. The suits at Sony will say they’ve disabled the USB backup functionality to prevent save tampering, but if you actually believe that excuse, then I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. Obviously the real reason is to force you into paying for PS Plus. This is unacceptable, and now that more people are getting their hands on a PS5, hopefully this issue is becoming more widely known and the outrage will follow. There are two possible solutions we need to push for: 1: Restore USB backup functionality for PS5 games. or 2: Make cloud saves FREE. To anyone who agrees that this is a huge issue, I suggest making your voice heard by using all forms of social media to call out Sony and force them to enact a change using #FreeOurSaves We got them to cancel the PS3 store closures, so it’s definitely possible to make them change course on something we don’t agree with. If you think PS Plus is worth the price and are a subscriber, that’s great, I’m glad for you. But as someone who doesn’t play games online (that used to be free too, btw) and finds the monthly game selection to be, at best uninteresting, and at worst absolutely useless, I don’t think the service is worth the price. And hopefully you can agree that the ability to have your saves backed up isn’t something we should have to pay for. For anyone that cares, here’s a little story on what brought this issue to light for me. Recently I played a PS5 game that had a save corrupting issue that happens seemingly randomly, and usually always in the late game after 10-20 hours of play. Since I don’t subscribe to PS Plus, because I don’t think it’s even remotely worth the price for what you get, I lost my save since it wasn’t possible to back it up. A few weeks after this happened, my PS5 completely shit itself and I had to do a total factory reset. Needless to say, I lost all my PS5 saves. I was one of the lucky ones that got a PS5 on launch, so it’s been my main console for almost a year at this point. Needless to say, I had a lot of saves that are now gone. Something I didn’t realize until after this happened was that technically you CAN backup your saves (and everything else) by using the system backup feature, but this is incredibly inconvenient and is in no way a practical solution to this issue. Your console has to reset twice when doing a backup, and if you want to restore a save, you have to do a complete factory reset. Once again, this is not an acceptable solution.
  4. Yeah, same. Very strange if it is a bug…don’t know how it passed cert like this. There’s a trophy list in-game, but it only shows up after you kill the first boss and “unlock” that trophy.
  5. It launched on PS4 today, but for some reason there are no trophies…like, at all… I didn’t think games could release without trophies in this day and age. 🤔 *Edit* Correction: there ARE trophies, and they appear to unlock in-game, but there is no trophy list on your profile. Don’t know if this is a bug or what…There is an in-game trophy list, however.
  6. Interesting! I wonder if the devs know about this…. It seems to be a bug specific to the PS5 and however it’s handling save data. I almost switched to the PS4 version to hopefully avoid this bug, but now we know that wouldn’t have made a difference. Thanks for the info.
  7. Sorry to hear that digwig. It’s super frustrating, I know. Wasn’t aware it could happen on the PS4 version…were you playing it on an actual PS4 console or using the PS5’s backwards compatibility? I know the devs are aware of this issue, but it’s only supposed to affect PS5.
  8. I posted this in the Subnautica 1 forums, and after doing some reading on Unknown World’s (the devs) site, it seems this bug is also present in this game too. 😩 I haven’t had it happen to me yet, but I know it’s a possibility. I’ll include the text from my original post below, but the TLDR version is basically: the game sometimes fails to save randomly and when this happens, your save becomes unreadable by the game; it won’t show up on the load menu anymore, despite the fact that the save still exists on your console’s hard drive. I’d highly recommend subbing to PS Plus if you aren’t already so you can backup your save before each play session. We can’t copy saves to USB anymore, (for PS5 games) so this is the only way to do it now. 😤 This bug only appears to affect the PS5 version, and the devs haven’t been able to narrow down what’s causing it yet. It’s in the “early stages of investigation” per their bug tracker site: Original post text:
  9. If it works like regular Subnautica does, then all commands classified as “cheats” disable trophies, while everything else doesn’t. In Subnautica 1, it’ll say “xxxx cheat set to true” where xxxx is the name of the command, for example it’ll say “no cost cheat is now true” if you used the no cost command. All the no damage, oxygen, no cost, fast build, bobthebuilder, etc. are cheats. Bobthebuilder is actually several cheats in one; it gives you most of the tools, turns on no cost and fast build, AND unlocks all blueprints. In general, if you make sure to disable any cheats/commands before doing something that unlocks a trophy, then it should be fine. But if you use a cheat to give yourself something that awards a trophy upon receiving that item, it won’t work. Like if you used the command to give yourself a cyclops or seamoth in Subnautica, it won’t pop those trophies. You have to actually legitimately build them. You can, however give yourself the materials to build them through cheats, then disable all cheats and build the items and it’ll pop the trophies.
  10. The PS5 version is pretty much identical to the PS4 version. There are no enhancements as far as I can tell. It runs about the same and doesn’t look any better. Other than faster loading times due to the SSD, there’s nothing different. Unfortunately that’s pretty common with these “upgraded for PS5” games…they’re just excuses to charge people for the same game twice. At least some of them are free, but not all are.
  11. I just had my save corrupted 20 hours in. 😤 I was playing the PS5 version, and I have no idea what caused it. I was exploring a base and opened my PDA to read an entry for something I just scanned, and suddenly I started getting an error saying the game save operation failed; despite the fact that I didn’t ever try to save. A few minutes later, I DID try to save and got this same error. I tried about 10 times and the error persisted. I figured I’d just relaunch the game and revert back to my older save, but upon launching the game and selecting load, my save isn’t listed anymore. I then closed the game again and went to check if the save was still listed on the PS5 system itself, and it was. So my save still exists, but the game refuses to load it or even recognize it’s there. And since you can’t copy PS5 saves to USB devices anymore (thanks Sony) I don’t have any backups. They really want you to pay for PS Plus for the privilege of backing up saves now. 🙄 Really disheartened this happened, as I was really enjoying the game. I guess I could cheat my way back using the dev console, but I’m kind of jaded now… I just wanted to warn other players this might happen. No idea what caused it, like I said, but be wary and I guess subscribe to PS Plus to backup your save if you’re really paranoid. No clue if this can happen on the PS4 version either, but at least you can backup your saves to USB on that version. *Edit* Since posting this and restarting the game, I’ve had my save corrupt three more times. I did sub to PS Plus so I could at least back it up before each session, but I’ve still lost hours of progress each time it happens. Honestly, fuck this game. Don’t play it until this shit is fixed.
  12. Really hate it when they de-list stuff like this; especially with no warning. Like most people, I was looking into games to buy when the PS3 store was going to be shut down, and this was one of them. Now the store isn’t being shut down anymore, but we can’t buy this game regardless. Publishers and developers don’t care about preservation. When it comes to preserving game history, the quality of the game is irrelevant. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to preserve digital only games like this. (At least in a “legal” manner) Sad times, sad times indeed.
  13. Thanks for the info. I was wondering if there was some kind of backwards compatibility issue as I’m playing on a PS5 and the trophy wouldn’t pop. I’ll try eating a raw one tomorrow and see if it works for me.
  14. So apparently the platinum is unobtainable in this game along with the “Nice” trophy. Both of them have a 0% earn rate here. As I haven’t played this yet, I don’t know why. I’m assuming it’s bugged and not just impossibly difficult. Anyone who’s played the game care to elaborate?
  15. Thanks for this. I messed around with this game for a few hours on PC, and I started thinking how intercepting round seemed rife for exploitation. I kinda just assumed boss attacks would be immune, but apparently not. I’m a bit surprised this hasn’t been nerfed...