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  1. Thinking about going for the plat on this. Are there any missable trophies? Is anyone working on, or have a link to a trophy guide? Thanks for any info or tips you can give.
  2. If that’s the case, why block the ENTIRE GAME!? They could just block scenes after a certain point in the story… Such a heavy handed approach for something so pointless. We live in an age when pretty much everything about a game is already known and posted on the internet somewhere on release day, or even before then. Plus, like DEMON said, external capture devices bypass this restriction, so there’s really no point in blocking content at all. So annoying!!
  3. I know, but this only removes the notification. You still can’t capture any videos or take screenshots. 😤
  4. I recently started playing Tales of Berseria, and I was dismayed to find that it’s one of those games that has the whole “cannot capture because this scene is blocked” bullshit. I remember Persona 5 was like this too, and it really pissed me off then too. I can kind of understand why they’d do it for certain cutscenes, especially if it has licensed music or something, but doing it for the entire game is straight up horseshit. I”m the type of player that takes tons of screenshots when I play games, so this really irks me. Seriously, why do devs do this?? And why does it almost exclusively happen with Japanese developers? I don’t think I’ve ever played a game by a western studio that does it. I’m hoping this “feature” is something that was exclusive to PS4 games, and it doesn’t exist with PS5 games but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe some of you have already encountered it on PS5 games? I’m not talking backwards compatibility, because I played Persona 5 & Berseria on a PS5 and it still happened, but those aren’t PS5 games. I haven’t played Tales of Arise yet, hopefully it doesn’t happen in that game too…. Anyway, if you have any idea why this crap happens and why it’s always JP devs that do it, please reply below. Or if you know of any western games that do this too.
  5. Thanks for this. My copy from Limited Run is supposed to finally arrive this week or next, and I think I'm going to try for the plat.
  6. Took me 97 tries to finally get really sucked. Thankfully the game loads almost instantly, so it would've sucked even more on a last gen system. The Hyakki Yako and this are really annoying, as zombie dictator said.
  7. I'm guessing this was supposed to unlock automatically after the boss fight with Byotara, but it never did for me. I already did the side quests that are mentioned here, but I did manage to find a crimson kuchisake (red scissor lady) at one of the cherry blossom trees you need to purify. I just spent close to an hour trying to get her to do the move, using the distance method posted above, but she never did it. She only seems to do two attacks from the running animation: a three hit slash, or a single slash the has a blue/purple aura. IDK what else to do. Hopefully I don't have to try this on a new file, as I'm pretty sick of this game. The trophy is almost certainly bugged. *EDIT* I just managed to get it from the Kuchisake you find in the dark basement during Chapter 4 main quest "Giants." I uploaded the whole clip of me trying to bait the attack out of her, and I didn't get it until I gave up and started trying to kill her. It was at pretty close range too, so IDK what really triggers this move. Here's the video: Good luck to anyone trying for this.
  8. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Also, you can see your legs in Borderlands if you look down or slide, but not in Ghostwire.
  9. Oh hey, you’re right!! I plat’d Borderlands 3 and I remember getting lots of cosmetic stuff. It didn’t really occur to me how pointless they were (since it’s an FPS) as I was playing, like I did with this game…for whatever reason. I wonder why…🤔 Granted, it does have co-op, unlike this game. But I never played it like that, aside from a trophy requirement I believe.
  10. Why??? The only time you’ll ever see them is in the pause menu or cutscenes…Or I guess, the only cosmetic items you can see during gameplay are the hand ones. The fact that these exist is further evidence to my theory that this game was actually third person until fairly late in development. (Late enough that the cosmetics were already made) I think they only changed it to first person after they realized you couldn’t really see the hand gesture stuff that they seem to really like. But that’s just a theory….A GAME THEOR.. ah, never mind I’m not going to do that bit. It’s too easy, too played out. 😅
  11. In case you were having any issues with combat, just know that once you unlock Wind Stance and subsequently Typhoon Kick, the game becomes an absolute joke. You’ll need the last skill on the Wind Stance tree - the one that knocks enemies down with Typhoon Kick, but once you have that, it’s pretty much an “I win” attack. This makes it so enemies go down in one kick, then you can walk up to them while they’re downed and press square for an insta-kill. This works on every enemy in the game, except for dogs and brutes. This includes camp/fort bosses, they just require two kicks and stabs to kill. Oh, you can’t use it in duels either. I have no idea how this made it into the game, because it trivializes every combat encounter. The game was already pretty easy, but this skill makes it laughably so. This might be well known, but I thought I’d share it anyway for anyone looking to breeze through combat.
  12. Oh, and you are? Do you work for them? Are you their accountant? No? Then you’re not qualified to speak on their financial situation either, so don’t act like you are. Lmao…It’s this kind of attitude why we now have $70 games instead of $60. It has nothing to do with inflation. It’s 100% about greed. Publishers raised their prices because they know people will pay it, thinking they’re supporting the company, even if the game launches completely broken; which is now the norm instead of the exception. Is that the kind of company you want to support? One that charges you more for something that barely works? I know I wouldn’t support such a company. We shouldn’t have to wait for a sale for a game to finally be priced what it’s actually worth.
  13. I get what you’re saying, and I hate that train of thought that big publishers have too. I also see now that my original post would lead you think that my issue with this game is based solely on play time, but it isn’t. I’ve edited the original post to expand on my problem with this game’s price. 🙃
  14. Firstly, I don’t watch movies, so I couldn’t care less about that analogy; it has no effect on me. Secondly, I know you’re all trying to justify your purchases so you don’t feel like you got ripped off….but you got ripped off my dudes. Sunk cost fallacy and all that. Thirdly, if this game was priced more reasonably then they’d get more sales. Instead, they overcharge for it knowing it’s going to divide their customer base. Lastly, “just wait for a sale.” I am, but that doesn’t change the fact that this game is overpriced. Like I said, I was really looking forward to playing this on launch, but now I have to wait who knows how many weeks or months before it comes down to a reasonable price; a price it should have been from the beginning. For $40, I could buy games with way more content than this one. For example, Evil Genius 2 just came out for the same price and it’s easily 3 times the size of this game. $70 is a AAA price (used to be $60) $40 is a AA price, and $25 is a single A price. This is a single A game with a double A price.
  15. Nope. That’s an artificial increase to play time; the amount of content is the same. This is a $25 game at best.