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  1. Yeah, it looks like the Collector trophy is glitched as no one has it.
  2. Well duh, this is Konami we’re talking about here. Nothing is beneath them when it comes to scamming customers. 🙄
  3. I’m hoping there won’t be anything requiring crazy amounts of grinding, but I’m not holding my breath. Would also be nice if there isn’t anything tied to max difficulty. Even God of War didn’t have that, and I’m really glad it didn’t because that would have made me really hate the game, having to finish it on Give Me GoW. Buuut, I doubt this game will be worth the trouble to plat. It’s most likely going to be a game for my alt account. 😔
  4. Fuck no. It’s exactly what I DONT want in a game with two of my least favorite genres; Multiplayer, and Shooter. It really pisses me off that BioWare is wasting their time with bullshit like this. They’re known for single player RPGs, and I’m all for them trying new things, just not this crap.
  5. Certainly seems to be the case. I wonder what happened... I’ve never heard of a game releasing a trophy list then never coming out. 🤔
  6. Glad to see Greg Kasavin is still a great dude. 😁
  7. I noticed that the platinum trophy for every Darksiders game is called BFA. What the heck does this stand for? I don’t know of anything that it might be lore-wise or in game. The only thing I’ve come up with is Bad Fuckin’ Ass. Are the devs making a BFG reference or am I completely missing something?
  8. I understand how all 5s works now, but I’m running into the same problem I had with the Blackjack challenge; too many people at the table. It’s much harder to win when there’s 4 people playing...3 people is okay and 2 is just right. But the opposite is true for Draw games; it takes FOREVER to get to 60 when there’s only one guy to play against. I cant get more people to show up at Emerald Ranch and I can’t get people to leave at Saint Denis!! I’m at 2/3 wins and this last win is proving to be impossible. It’s like the game knows I just need one more and is colluding against me! And I can’t really do much else because the game resets your progress if you camp, reload a save or start a story mission. Learned all that the hard way. Edit: of course I got it right after I posted this. 🙄
  9. I don’t understand how all fives works. They say you get points if the pips on the open end are a multiple of five, but I never get any points when I play a domino meeting those requirements AND I’ve seen the AI get points for pips that are DEFINITELY NOT a multiple of five...like 3 or 2. What the hell is going on!? Never mind, I figured it out. Still, All Fives seems to take longer than regular dominos, so I’ll stick with that. Also, where is the Block variant table at? I assume it’s in Blackwater since that’s the only place I can’t check yet and I can’t find it anywhere else.
  10. I did the mission in Rhodes with the guy in the basement, but I haven’t robbed any trains since the early mission where you do it....does that count? I’m at 3/4 also, so I’m not sure which I’m missing. I’ve definitely done coach robberies.
  11. I’m on this now and I seriously want to kill every dealer in the game and his family. My biggest issue is other people keep showing up to the table, which seriously slows things down. I can’t ever get a game with less than two people!! I tried killing everyone but new people just show up when I go back. This challenge is infuriating!! Anyone have any tips on getting rid of people from the table? Other than busting them out or murdering them.
  12. I would HIGHLY recommend going for the Golds the first time through. As others have said, it’s much more difficult when you use the replay feature due to the crappy weapons and resources. You’re much better equipped and prepared when you play normally. Even though it’s time consuming, I make a manual save before starting each mission and reload if I don’t get the gold on my first attempt. It’s annoying, but it saves a lot of hassle and frustration by avoiding the (awful) replay feature.
  13. You say track and kill, but birds can’t be tracked AFAIK. Obviously they don’t leave tracks seeing as how they’re in the sky and all...so I’m guessing for flying birds it’s just kill and pluck.
  14. I hate the replay feature in this game. I’m convinced some missions are absolutely impossible to get a gold rating with the crappy weapons, stats and horse they force you to play with. I’m trying to get gold on my first attempts so I don’t have to deal with that bullshit. Oh, and can anyone clarify something for me? If you do a mission and get 3/4 objectives the first time, then replay the mission and get the 4th one you missed, does that carry over and give you 4/4 after completing the replay? I could have sworn that was how it worked, but I had some previously completed objectives disappear on me when replaying a certain mission one time. Anyway, thanks for the list.
  15. Stupid fucking online trophies. I wish they’d at least make that stupid crap separate so you don’t need it for the plat. Fuck that shit. I’ll have to play on my other account since I won’t be touching the multiplayer.