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  1. Any other ones or is that the only one?
  2. I got another question: How does the Cover look or which code is on the disc that u know it's OR?
  3. Ok thx for the information
  4. Ok does that mean i got OR? or I don't? because u talking about CUSA/Code that i got on PS4/Disc and I'm not understanding what you mean?
  5. Sorry, I checked but still don't get it, I got a PS4 a copy but don't know which Version it is but when i check from the CUSA - Codes these guys posted it isn't same
  6. Which CUSA - Code is OR?
  7. @kenseizenkai Thx will see on PSN
  8. I'm looking for this Game is it on Disc or can it be bought on PSN?
  9. I need help with the diamonds if anyone has time to help me i would appreciate it, have no clue how it works, placed all diamonds and it was a mistake