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  1. Wow sorry my bad finally got it by buying both variants, THANKS guys
  2. No no, i didn't buy both variants of every level, should i ??!!!
  3. Thanks for your reply, but 8m in patch 1.04 (type error) And firstly i leveled up only two weapons in post patch and bought lvl 5 straight away, then yeaterday after the trophy glitched i tried to buy every level but still nothing 😞 Any idea?
  4. Patch 1.04 Just meet the requirements today 28 May 2019 for the trophy and it it didn't pop up, Open and buy final versions of all weapons Anyone experienced that? Any fix?
  5. I just maxed out 25 weapons no trophy poped, then i prestiged all 25 weapons, but still nothin, any idea? Does any 1 got this trophy?
  6. I also can confirm that this trophy "not a fluke" is glitched and didn't pop for me