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  1. Same issue here. I've been through the area countless times now. Last thing I need for the Platinum too. Sucks.
  2. Most of the trophies are like this. The trophy will pop when the game saves.
  3. Cheers. @coregamer1998 and @Argandalf I'll double check all of that and see what happens.
  4. A Challenge from the Gods keeps telling me to "Progress through the main story". I've done the main story. Won't let me speak to the woman from the cash site.
  5. I did exactly 50 and it popped. I did about 8 Hives just though completing the post game then just repeated Let The Games Begin over and over for the rest.
  6. Just the Villain Sectors trophy left for me. Everything else popped fine. Edit: Any word on when the patch is expected yet?
  7. Ok so, started new game. Got to main mission 8 and it the level 3 Grip upgrade appeared in the Astral Constructs menu. Can't purchase it yet as I need 9 more Remote Thoughts lol but it's there. Starting a new game is the fix. Edit: purchased upgrade and got the platinum.
  8. Could be but at this point I have finished the story, done all side missions, bought every skill, visited every hidden location and unfogged the entire map but still nothing.
  9. Just finished the skill tree and no level 3 upgrade but I did randomly get the last weapon form.
  10. I'm not getting the option to upgrade my weapons either. Just getting "No Weapon Forms Available". Getting a gun to level 3 is one of my last trophies too Yup. Same.
  11. Any one else having issues with getting the Charge Weapon Form? I've finished the story and done 12 side missions. Haven't had any weapon upgrades since around main mission 4 either.
  12. The two Nightmare Carkour tracks are ridiculous. Totally at the mercy of the physics engine.
  13. You're my hero lol I was doing the other questline hoping for the 2nd one.
  14. Any luck with the second one? That's the only one I've left. The 3rd one is story related.
  15. If you play games to impress strangers online then fair enough to go for rare platinums. If you play solely for numbers to say "oooh look how many I have" then that's fair enough too. Each their own. I personally do both. But rarity itself has never been my main focus. My rare ones have just come naturally. I just like trophies lol