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  1. I'd say the game just sometimes isn't balanced all that well in terms of difficulty. It's relatively smooth sailing untill you leave the graveyard. Both scarecrow fields and enchanted earth are some major leaps in difficulty and it took me, and probably many others who haven't played the original, by complete surprise. Feels like the best plan of action is to visit the ant maze first (make sure you have the hammer) since the chicken legs are 1 hit kills against the scarecrows. Dealing with the ant maze this early on was definitely tricky though, but i feel like it was easier then trying to kill the scarecrows without the chicken legs. You could also always just leg it and ignore the scarecrows and leave both these areas for later on but you would be delaying the chalices making the next levels also harder than they need to be, speaking of which, the pumpkin levels are just so incredibly easy in comparison, even easier than the early levels so the game can just be weirdly paced sometimes. Point being that some levels can and will just be a bitch without you really having to blame yourself for it, although it can massively help to just bring the right tools to each fight and situation.
  2. Ah okay yeah gotcha, also doing human abilities playthrough first, it's going really slow since I enjoy exploring a lot and this game is absolutely perfect for that, plan to make the 2nd run more of a speedrun as well, just really hoping all collectible trophies will unlock without trouble, even took some notes on the food and drinks too since I would otherwise forget which ones I had already done 😅
  3. Yeah pretty paranoid about stuff like that so I wanted to make sure no one would die but 8 fortified turrets was pretty overkill 😂 the anticlimax of it being over in 3 seconds was quite funny though You're already on your second playthough then? Or are you trying to do everything in just one?
  4. same problem, Prey is an amazing game, but quite a slow one in terms of trophies.
  5. Yeah same for me, haven't been that active at all last season due to exams but hope to do better next season.
  6. Could be, it's been a while since that playthrough. I do, however, remember following a video guide after missing that first convo in the hope of unlocking it regardless but to no avail, but with that in mind I shouldn't have missed anything on the beach. Doesn't matter I guess, I'm gonna do them anyway just to be safe.
  7. Just weird since the first convo with Whitman is the only one I missed and I didn't get the trophy, so either it glitched or you do need it, how you so certain you don't need it while every guide out there says you definitely need to have the first convo with him?
  8. First one is definitely needed?
  9. [EDIT]: never mind, just want to already say congrats to the one matching up against me 😉
  10. @ShogunCroCop Seems like a really cool idea to me! Just one question that came to mind, If the winner of the tournament also ends up winning his league will he be rewarded with an extra life for the CWC then? Or will the ticket go to the other finalist of the tournament in that case?
  11. I think I would have enjoyed this game if only they removed the constant need to refill oxygen... I want to explore every nook and cranny but I simply can't due to this stupid mechanic, I did "repair" my oxygen already which does help a bit but I was expecting it would just keep my oxygen filled at all times tbh but nope, still have to waste my time going after those stupid O2 cans all the time, it's just so annoying and it completely ruins the experience of the game for me. Yes it's more realistic, but that doesn't mean it's better... Stuff like Everybody's gone to the rapture and Tacoma, which are both very similar imo but lack this stupid idea of artificial difficulty, are far better games because of it. If this sort of game interests you, I would highly recommend those other two over this one.
  12. Since we are entering the final days already, an update from me feels way overdue so here we go. Sadly there isn't too much to report though, I have a strong feeling I will not end up high in the final ranking, perhaps and probably even dead last 😂 Exams in january and other stuff have prevented me from really being able to commit to this event, but it is what it is. Picked up 2 platinums in december at least: AC brotherhood (UR) and Darksiders Warmastered (R), hopefully these will be able to boost my score a bit, exciting to see what the finall ranking will look like for sure, good luck during the final stretch everyone!
  13. Thanks! Sorry for the trouble, I was hoping to still get at least 1-2 hours in a day to spend towards the event but things got a bit more tight as of late.
  14. If we could get another one for team deathmatch that would be great because I personally would like to drop out of that one, I'm just really not able to play atm due to my exams, it's even worse than I expected. I'll stay to balance it out for now but there is a very likely chance of me just getting 0 points during that attraction, so I hope whoever ends up on my team is okay with that.