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  1. [EDIT]: never mind, just want to already say congrats to the one matching up against me 😉
  2. @ShogunCroCop Seems like a really cool idea to me! Just one question that came to mind, If the winner of the tournament also ends up winning his league will he be rewarded with an extra life for the CWC then? Or will the ticket go to the other finalist of the tournament in that case?
  3. I think I would have enjoyed this game if only they removed the constant need to refill oxygen... I want to explore every nook and cranny but I simply can't due to this stupid mechanic, I did "repair" my oxygen already which does help a bit but I was expecting it would just keep my oxygen filled at all times tbh but nope, still have to waste my time going after those stupid O2 cans all the time, it's just so annoying and it completely ruins the experience of the game for me. Yes it's more realistic, but that doesn't mean it's better... Stuff like Everybody's gone to the rapture and Tacoma, which are both very similar imo but lack this stupid idea of artificial difficulty, are far better games because of it. If this sort of game interests you, I would highly recommend those other two over this one.
  4. Since we are entering the final days already, an update from me feels way overdue so here we go. Sadly there isn't too much to report though, I have a strong feeling I will not end up high in the final ranking, perhaps and probably even dead last 😂 Exams in january and other stuff have prevented me from really being able to commit to this event, but it is what it is. Picked up 2 platinums in december at least: AC brotherhood (UR) and Darksiders Warmastered (R), hopefully these will be able to boost my score a bit, exciting to see what the finall ranking will look like for sure, good luck during the final stretch everyone!
  5. Thanks! Sorry for the trouble, I was hoping to still get at least 1-2 hours in a day to spend towards the event but things got a bit more tight as of late.
  6. If we could get another one for team deathmatch that would be great because I personally would like to drop out of that one, I'm just really not able to play atm due to my exams, it's even worse than I expected. I'll stay to balance it out for now but there is a very likely chance of me just getting 0 points during that attraction, so I hope whoever ends up on my team is okay with that.
  7. Stun...You have been stunned...Stun... Well, what has been a personal goal for a while now has finally been made a reality. Dragged myself through the desolate wastelands, also known as the AC brotherhood servers, and was finally able to clean up the remaining multiplayer trophies and the plat alongside it after more than 8 years of procrastination. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 51 of 61 Trophies 14th December 2020 • Platinum in 8 years, 5 months Rarity: 3,77% I honestly didn't think this would actually ever happen and of course it also would have never happened if it weren't for the help (and pressure) of the many saints out there who were just like me insane enough to repeatedly punch eachother in the face for about 9 hours in total just to get our hands on some virtual bling, even though it probably takes twice that time to get everyone connected into the same lobby first each time (@ubisoft). All salt aside, I'm just really relieved to see this one finally being checked off. Not only is it a great game that I really wanted to plat but It's also nice to work my way up my backlog starting all the way from the very beginning like this, not just for nostalgia but also to actually see those old games starting to dissapear out of the slums of my profile page. In that regard, AC revelations will be up next (after finishing up the Da Vinci DLC for brotherhood). Luckily managed to get the mp for this one out of the way as well the past couple weeks, but there's still quite a lot left to do for the singleplayer here, looking forward to it though!
  8. Moved up to Disciple today thanks to the AC Brotherhood plat. Next target will be AC Revelations. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 51 of 61 Trophies 14th December 2020 • Platinum in 8 years, 5 months Plats Assassin's Creed II (PS3) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (PS3) Assassin's Creed Unity Assassin's Creed Origins 100% Assassin's Creed II (PS3) Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry (PS3) Assassin's Creed Unity
  9. Since you seem to enjoy third person action adventure games I'd say to plat God of war (2018) or Ghost of Tsushima next!
  10. So perhaps we and @Beyondthegrave07 @Stand_User3 should all just team up against team jemthejerm, since we all have chosen the exact same game to play anyway.
  11. Not too much to report on my side, only 26 trophies so far, been spending most of my time trying to clean up multiplayer stuff for the ps3 before it's too late, mainly for the Assassin's creed games since I do plan on getting 100% on this entire franchise someday. It's definitely been fun so far but I just can't wait till I finally get these mp trophies sorted out! After that I'll probably continue with Dead space 2, which should start to get me some trophies on a slightly faster rate.
  12. whoops srry for my hasty comment with misinformation, I thought it would just be the same as november
  13. Maybe we can exchange our exam scores for points? 😇
  14. A bit last minute as usual, but I did get a game for november done! Dead Space All 49 Trophies 29th November 2020 • Platinum in 10 months, 1 week Rarity: 15,88% Got the majority of the trophies done back in January, but I decided to postpone the impossible/one gun playthrough a bit because I had already completed it twice back to back by then and a third time would not have been enjoyable for me. Definitely wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but still a rewarding challenge to get through. Currently on a quest to finally clean up (as much as possible of) my ps3 backlog once and for all and yes, that sadly also includes all of the dreadful mp trophies as well, especially those from the old assassin's creed games. Brotherhood is currently my oldest non-completed game on my profile so completing that will be my next target (read: getting the DLC trophies first to pretend I put some effort into this, followed by trying to find a boosting group for like half an hour untill I wisely just give up on this game completely).