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  1. I'm honestly not entirely sure if I'm looking at the right Zach profile here 😂 Guess I'll find out at the end of the fixture
  2. No worries, you'll still easily beat me. Busy days for me + still addicted to Fall Guys
  3. All finals (beside royal fumble) are actually max 20, I've had jump showdowns and even a fall mountain with 20 people (which is just ridiculous)
  4. Damn congrats man that's a huge one indeed!
  5. Hey everyone, it's been a busy summer for me due to school obligations but I finally do have some more free time to spare atm (and my fall guys addiction has died down a bit) so I finally feel able to participate again, looking forward to it already! This is my starting line-up, will probably add some more in the future though. 🔲 LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 5-7: 21% 🔲 Erica: 0% 🔲 Snake Pass: 13% 🔲 Murdered: Soul Suspect: 0% 🔲 Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time: 28% Good luck everyone and happy hunting those
  6. Same I'm getting disconnected 9/10 games lately, almost always within the first 10 seconds of the first round. It seems their last update has caused these issues, guess I'll have to play something else for the time being.
  7. Same here, It's extremely bad at the moment, In the first weeks there was like an occasional disconnect 1/20 games or so. Now it's almost 9/10 games that just end for me within the first 10 seconds...It can't be my connection, everything else works fine, they have to fix their servers again it seems, untill then I'll play something else.
  8. It's just latency, on your screen it doesn't look like a person grabbing your tail is close enough to grab it but on their screen they actually were close enough and vice versa. Everytime you grab a tail the person you grabbed it from has probably the exact same complaints you have yet you clearly saw you were close enough to grab it. It's just because the positions of other players isn't going to be 100% correct all the time which has nothing to do with bad coding or bad design whatsoever, It's just a logic yet unfortunate side effect of a massive multiplayer game like this. I'm not saying it can't be frustrating, but it's just something you're gonna have to accept. Everyone has to deal with this so it's not unfair. Besides the tail games, I actually don't think it really affects the gameplay that much anyway tbh. You might feel cheated on a race or a fall mountain sometimes because it seems you were "first" on your screen but in that case it's not the latency that made you lose, you just weren't fast enough.
  9. There always indeed seems to be that one item you can't seem to get, for me it's a legendary pattern I still need and I feel like there hasn't ever even been one in the shop for me unless I missed it.
  10. Yeah same, I was a bit burned out on gaming lately (hence my impressive results so far) but Fall Guys is just too addicting 😄
  11. I think Hex-a-gone is the best game by far but I'm just not good at it at all so from a competitive mindset I hate to see it as the final game, especially with more than 10 players. I've only won it twice so far. I like Fall Mountain the most since I feel like I got a more realistic chance to win it and I just love the obstacle courses the most in this game, I just wish it was longer or didn't rely on rng too much with the balls (and starting in the 2nd or even 3rd row) Royal fumble is just crap, I hate it, I usually go afk for a minute and a half only to start chasing the last 30 seconds and still win sometimes, it's boring and it feels rigged even if you win yourself. Excited to see they added jump showdown though! That might become my most favourite final game.
  12. Well no need to be so rude to be honest but you're right that I probably shouldn't have phrased it like that, so let me rephrase it: It's not easier to do impossible mode with only the plasma cutter but I saw that the guide actually recommended to do an easy playthrough first with only the plasma cutter and then to do the impossible playthrough with using and upgrading all the weapons but I honestly think that doing it that way is harder than the other way around. When you have to buy and upgrade ALL of the other weapons (not just the line gun which indeed is a very good weapon as well) and ammo for it you actually will have a hard time not running out of money and ammo in comparison to only having to buy ammo for the plasma cutter (and some nodes to upgrade it up to max as early as possible). I just highly recommend to combine one gun and epic tier 3 engineer if you're planning to get the plat in 2 playthroughs since it's really not that difficult at all and it knocks out two birds with one stone, it will just save you a hard time trying to upgrade all of your weapons on impossible mode. Alternatively if you already have every trophy except for epic tier 3 engineer, then yes of course it will be easier to also buy the line gun and maybe some others to give you more options but I was just trying to state as why combining one gun and epic tier 3 engineer isn't a bad idea. Sorry for the bad phrasement of my argument.
  13. 9 wins so far for me, 7 on fall mountain, 1 tail win and 1 hex a gone win. Only managed to get 2 wins a row so far and then I eliminated myself in the dumbest way ever on gate crash.
  14. hm yeah likely, servers are probably overloaded atm. Just weird it happened on the same game twice though, and that ball team game doesn't seem that hard to run in comparison to some of the other more crowded games. I was just wondering if anyone else had crash issues as well.
  15. Ok so so far I've played 10 episodes (I won the last one so yay!), but I've had two episodes where I had to play the team game where you have to keep the balls in your camp (is it hoarders? I don't remember tbh) and TWICE my game just crashed on that game. Has this happened to anyone else as well? All the other games are fine and my ps4 usually never crashes (and the fact it happened twice on the exact same game has me worried). Winning 5 episodes in a row with team games included is already hard enough, but if I have to take into account that my game is going to crash everytime the ball game comes up as well then I'm just gonna call quits on this trophy.