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  1. Platinum # 57 - Persona 5 Royal Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 10/10 I absolutely loved this game. The story, the voice acting, the exploration, the time between story related missions, everything was perfect. One of my favorite games of all time. I loved the trophy list because it really didn’t force you to go to far out of your way from the main story. Just a few side missions or activities and then the rest was just left up to you. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Masterpiece of a game!
  2. Platinum #56 Resogun Enjoyment - 8/10 Difficulty - 5/10
  3. Platinum #55 - Brawlhala Difficultly - 6/10 Grind - 9/10 Enjoyment - 7/10 Very fun fighting game. The trophies do take a lot of time and some painful grind, but it really lets you practice and get good competitively at the game. Definitely more fun with friends and faster road to Plat that way too. Would recommend if you can take on a platinum that requires a small daily grind over a long period of time
  4. Monster Hunter World. They made crowns easier to get now with the event quests so it should be an easier time 👍🏼
  5. Monster Hunter World - Iceborne : Plat #54 Difficulty - 4/10 Replay-ability - 8/10 Enjoyment - 9/10 Not as grindy as the original Monster Hunter but definitely more difficult. I feel like they hit a decent balance in this one when it comes to RNG. They added plenty of new features to keep the game interesting on the road to Plat. Getting the Gold crowns was still a grindy mess but the game was a lot more rewarding this time IMO. Definitely would recommend!
  6. Awesome! Thank goodness haha
  7. I struggled for so long with #169 but I’ve finally made in past Black Canyon. Does anyone know if the black Stadium tracks are pretty easy compared to the rest of the black tracks. I would like to feel like I’ve made it to a safe zone once I get past lagoon lol
  8. Gotta be Bio Shock Infinite. I fell in love with that game. The story was amazing and the gameplay was some of my absolute favorite at the time. Loved the music and the ambience too. The environment was just so interesting and detailed. Beating it on the hardest difficulty was tough no doubt lol but I enjoyed absolutely every second I played of that game
  9. 7/10 she pretty cute
  10. I hadn’t, but I’m assuming the reason is Need For Speed Heat recently came out, and if anyone is feeling nostalgic or wanting to revisit early installments of the franchise they’re gonna exploit that by bumping up the price. Happened with the first two Bio Shock’s when Bio Shock Infinite came out. I’d say after a few weeks it’ll return to normal
  11. Awesome! Thanks so much for the info
  12. .

    Good lord man you started TrackMania Trubo. Good luck bro haha that game drives me crazy. But I will say it’s extremely satisfying to finally complete an extremely hard race, which towards the end of the main campaign is almost all of them lol. I’m still trying to get that done myself. Best of luck 👍🏼
  13. Getting close to reaching a pretty impressive milestone on here. Any thoughts or comments on looking back on the last few years and games you enjoyed playing and platinuming? For me, discovering and playing all of the Uncharted series was the biggest highlight
  14. Probably The Crew Very fun game but the platinum is unobtainable and Ubisoft has made it clear they’re not gonna fix it even though the game isn’t all that old
  15. They may have changed how the tutorial world looks in the new update but this is how I did it. I had this problem too. A work around is to go to the tutorial world and it gives you an introduction to trading in the villager town close to spawn. You can easily craft tools to mine and acquire the items you need in the world to spam trading with all the villagers there. I had to get more than 30, I believe it was close to a stack of emeralds but it eventually worked for me.