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  1. I Am The Batman Arkham Knight Platinum
  2. Plat # 86 Batman Arkham Knight One of my all time favorite games. The story and dialogue is so deep and well thought out. Combat is by far the most fun and experimental out of any of the Arkham games. The graphics are superb and the Plat is a challenging but extremely rewarding experience. You want too 100% everything. The post game is arguably more enjoyable than the story and everything about the game as a whole is done amazingly. Enjoyment 9/10
  3. Plat # 81 - Among Us
  4. Platinum #80 Dirt 5 I should start out by saying this isn’t the most exciting Racing Game you’ll ever play. The trophy list is simple and the overall gameplay is solid at its core but it gets rather repetitive. About right for a free game of the month. Still had a decent amount of fun with it and finished quite a few podcasts on Spotify while going through career mode lol. Overall, a little bland but worth a play if you’re looking for a relaxing plat
  5. Yeah man couldn’t agree more
  6. Plat #78 - Doom Eternal What can I say… this is one of the best single player shooters to ever exist. The story is extremely deep and engaging and the combat is nothing short of a masterpiece. It makes you feel insanely powerful but the enemies and levels keep you in check. One HELL of a game. Would recommend to everyone!
  7. Rogue Company - Plat #64 Enjoyment - 8/10 Grind - 2/10 Fairly addicting 3rd person squad shooter. Love the importance of team play/cooperation and the way you can customize your loadout midmatch to try and get the best advantage depending on what enemies youre playing against. Medium amount of different guns and abilities but almost all have a particular niche and use. Easy road to plat as well. Would recommend to anyone who’s a fan of casual or hardcore shooters
  8. Star Wars Force Unleashed Enjoyment - 9/10 Difficulty - 7/10 Grind - 5/10 Cant believe how long it took me to play this. Sure it’s a little buggy but it’s still amazing in almost every way. Combat is intense and encourages experimenting, the story is gripping, and the highest difficulty is an insane challenge to take on. Definite must play PS3 game.
  9. I think it’ll be fun overall. I don’t think the grind will be too bad and yeah if it’s a really fun game it won’t get tedious for awhile. I’m also available for boosting anytime, and definitely gonna be looking out for tips and strategies to help us out with the Multiplayer trophies
  10. Good lord Injustice. Steer clear my friend lol. Online is kinda dead and the Star Labs stuff sucks so much. There’s a reason it’s a 0.15 plat lol
  11. Yeah the trophies for this game have been buggy for some time. Best way around it is to just focus on specific DLC trophies and the buggy collectibles and other miscellaneous ones will pop eventually. The mile tracker trophy is a buggy mess too. But it’ll all come eventually if you just play enough
  12. Platinum #61 - Chasm Amazing Rougelite game that any dungeon crawling lover would enjoy. Reminds me a bit of Dead Cells but far more easier to pickup and play. No real grind just skilled based play-throughs. Has a cool story and lore and the combat is simple and encourages experimenting. Enjoyment - 8/10 Difficulty - 5/10
  13. Platinum #60 - Grip Enjoyment - 8/10 Grind - 5/10 If you’re a fan of wall riding racers this is probably one of the best games. Really flew under the radar but it’s very enjoyable and the grind isn’t too bad. Campaign is fun and challenging, the obstacle courses are easy except for the last few which will take quite a bit of skill, and the CPU’s are balanced so beating the game is only dependent on how well you run the tracks. Would definitely recommend for anybody who enjoys casual racing games
  14. Platinum # 57 - Persona 5 Royal Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 10/10 I absolutely loved this game. The story, the voice acting, the exploration, the time between story related missions, everything was perfect. One of my favorite games of all time. I loved the trophy list because it really didn’t force you to go to far out of your way from the main story. Just a few side missions or activities and then the rest was just left up to you. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Masterpiece of a game!
  15. Platinum #56 Resogun Enjoyment - 8/10 Difficulty - 5/10