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  1. Rogue Company - Plat #64 Enjoyment - 8/10 Grind - 2/10 Fairly addicting 3rd person squad shooter. Love the importance of team play/cooperation and the way you can customize your loadout midmatch to try and get the best advantage depending on what enemies youre playing against. Medium amount of different guns and abilities but almost all have a particular niche and use. Easy road to plat as well. Would recommend to anyone who’s a fan of casual or hardcore shooters
  2. Star Wars Force Unleashed Enjoyment - 9/10 Difficulty - 7/10 Grind - 5/10 Cant believe how long it took me to play this. Sure it’s a little buggy but it’s still amazing in almost every way. Combat is intense and encourages experimenting, the story is gripping, and the highest difficulty is an insane challenge to take on. Definite must play PS3 game.
  3. I think it’ll be fun overall. I don’t think the grind will be too bad and yeah if it’s a really fun game it won’t get tedious for awhile. I’m also available for boosting anytime, and definitely gonna be looking out for tips and strategies to help us out with the Multiplayer trophies
  4. Good lord Injustice. Steer clear my friend lol. Online is kinda dead and the Star Labs stuff sucks so much. There’s a reason it’s a 0.15 plat lol
  5. Yeah the trophies for this game have been buggy for some time. Best way around it is to just focus on specific DLC trophies and the buggy collectibles and other miscellaneous ones will pop eventually. The mile tracker trophy is a buggy mess too. But it’ll all come eventually if you just play enough
  6. Platinum #61 - Chasm Amazing Rougelite game that any dungeon crawling lover would enjoy. Reminds me a bit of Dead Cells but far more easier to pickup and play. No real grind just skilled based play-throughs. Has a cool story and lore and the combat is simple and encourages experimenting. Enjoyment - 8/10 Difficulty - 5/10
  7. Platinum #60 - Grip Enjoyment - 8/10 Grind - 5/10 If you’re a fan of wall riding racers this is probably one of the best games. Really flew under the radar but it’s very enjoyable and the grind isn’t too bad. Campaign is fun and challenging, the obstacle courses are easy except for the last few which will take quite a bit of skill, and the CPU’s are balanced so beating the game is only dependent on how well you run the tracks. Would definitely recommend for anybody who enjoys casual racing games
  8. Platinum # 57 - Persona 5 Royal Difficulty - 3/10 Enjoyment - 10/10 I absolutely loved this game. The story, the voice acting, the exploration, the time between story related missions, everything was perfect. One of my favorite games of all time. I loved the trophy list because it really didn’t force you to go to far out of your way from the main story. Just a few side missions or activities and then the rest was just left up to you. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. Masterpiece of a game!
  9. Platinum #56 Resogun Enjoyment - 8/10 Difficulty - 5/10
  10. Platinum #55 - Brawlhala Difficultly - 6/10 Grind - 9/10 Enjoyment - 7/10 Very fun fighting game. The trophies do take a lot of time and some painful grind, but it really lets you practice and get good competitively at the game. Definitely more fun with friends and faster road to Plat that way too. Would recommend if you can take on a platinum that requires a small daily grind over a long period of time
  11. Monster Hunter World. They made crowns easier to get now with the event quests so it should be an easier time 👍🏼
  12. Monster Hunter World - Iceborne : Plat #54 Difficulty - 4/10 Replay-ability - 8/10 Enjoyment - 9/10 Not as grindy as the original Monster Hunter but definitely more difficult. I feel like they hit a decent balance in this one when it comes to RNG. They added plenty of new features to keep the game interesting on the road to Plat. Getting the Gold crowns was still a grindy mess but the game was a lot more rewarding this time IMO. Definitely would recommend!
  13. Awesome! Thank goodness haha
  14. I struggled for so long with #169 but I’ve finally made in past Black Canyon. Does anyone know if the black Stadium tracks are pretty easy compared to the rest of the black tracks. I would like to feel like I’ve made it to a safe zone once I get past lagoon lol
  15. Gotta be Bio Shock Infinite. I fell in love with that game. The story was amazing and the gameplay was some of my absolute favorite at the time. Loved the music and the ambience too. The environment was just so interesting and detailed. Beating it on the hardest difficulty was tough no doubt lol but I enjoyed absolutely every second I played of that game