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  1. I tried to get the rolling across the bridge trophy as a blue phantom and it didn’t pop. Note: while I made it through the arrows, the host did not—so I don’t know if him dying impacted me getting the trophy.
  2. Beyond: Two Souls I have never worked up the motivation to backtrack and play through all the variations. Good on ya!
  3. I was playing the Fortress of Dawn mission the other night and lost connection after the third trial. I received an error message of “can’t load pilot data” following a prolonged load. After relaunching and connecting back in, the game skipped past the first cut scene (when the trophy should have triggered) and jumped to the second. I checked and the challenge related to that story mission hasn’t been completed, but I am prompted to go on to the next mission. I hope the trophy will pop when I replay that mission. If anyone wants a squadmate when they get to this point in the story, let me know! I am reluctant to progress in the story until I try to play that mission again.