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  1. Honestly, I wouldn't go out of your way looking for it. Will drive you nuts as there are a few RNG elements to finding one. It should come naturally on your way to plat, I got lucky with mine. Just make sure you always carry grenades to one shot one if you see one. If you don't have grenades they do still die pretty quick with 2+ people targeting their weak spot.
  2. I decided to go down the first one to get "Two is One and One is None" as I think it will come in handy. I'm now going the last row and think I'll main Karlee. Being able to sense sleepers etc. is really helpful! Plus both her starting weapons are good.
  3. Try managing your ammo better and try switching weapon instead of reloading when your clip is empty. Can get you out of a tight spot. Also try and equip more movement related cards to make it easier to avoid being grabbed/slowed. Stick to the bottom supply line if you want movement cards. You shouldn't be getting surrounded so often, your team mates need to be watching out for you in those situations. I would also say probably 9/10 times you get surrounded is because your team was split up and not working together. Just try lowering the difficulty until you get better at the game and unlock more cards and you'll have a much better time. I sucked at first as well but I'm steadily improving with practice and a better build. And I'm by no means an FPS player at all.
  4. A few others have pointed it out already but I was just having a laugh, mate. Would hate an unachievable trophy on my profile, same as you.
  5. Google Docs can be awful on mobile, so hard to navigate. Here are the cosmetics I could find for Holly. Top Supply Line Fort Hope (2) - Softball Star (Body Piece) Paul's Alley (6) - Total Apocalypse (Head Piece) Middle Supply Line The Clinic (6) - Total Apocalypse (Body Piece) Bottom Supply Line Bridge Town (4) - Kinda Camo (Legs Piece) Knuckle House (4) - Banner, Death's Head (Body Piece) The Crow's Nest (5) - Neon (Legs Piece) Bridge Town (5) - Tie Die (Body Piece) Knuckle House (5) - I'll Live (Legs Piece) The Crow's Nest (6) - Total Apocalypse (Legs Piece)
  6. Maybe it's just me but I really hope the Anti Vaxxer trophy is bugged, unachievable, and never receives a patch.
  7. Great idea! It's a bit overwhelming at first glance. I came across this card compendium yesterday which has a very detailed list of all the cards and which supply lines to complete to unlock them (link below). Might help a few people out. Also, the three supply lines will each benefit a different playstyle with the first row being an offensive style, the second row is for a healer, and the third row focuses on speed and movement abilities. That might not be obvious to people right away. B4B Card Compendium
  8. I played the beta a lot actually. I am well aware the difficulty has been made harder. It's a good thing as the beta was too easy. He's complaining about being unable to complete the hardest difficulty in the game on the day it was released. These games take time and practice. You shouldn't be able to finish the hardest content in the game right away.
  9. I've had one trophy pop in game and I think that was the one for healing someone. All of the others I've unlocked have popped back at Fort Hort.
  10. The game has just released, of course you can't complete it on it's hardest difficulty setting with ease right away. You need better cards, map knowledge, practice etc. and you will need a skilled squad of 4 as well. It's not meant to be a walk in the park, it's called nightmare for a reason.
  11. Hyped for this and have it pre-ordered! The list looks really good and covers everything. I think most if not all should come from natural progression which is nice. "Good Riddence!" may take a while but that's fine, I plan on playing this one for a long time.
  12. The game is currently on sale for $6 here and I've never played it, one of few Assassin's Creed games that have actually interested me though. Wondering if it's worth picking up at that price and if the plat with the online trophies would still be possible? Cheers!
  13. Oldest platinums listed first: 1. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales 2. Astro's Playroom 3. Mortal Kombat 11 4. Resident Evil Village 5. Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Currently working on: 1. Marvel's Avengers 2. Tales of Arise Bought but haven't started: 1. Planet Coaster 2. Returnal 3. Hades
  14. Massive disappointment just finding out you can only play as Star-Lord. I'll probably stick pick it up but I would've loved the opportunity to play as the other characters as well.
  15. After seeing the 478th mediocre looking trailer for Deathloop at the PS5 showcase I thought if I ever see more of this game it will be too soon. Then it launches a week later with 9/10 and 10/10 scores across the board. I think it's safe to say nobody was more shocked than me when I saw those scores after I seeing the quality of the trailers that had been released up to that point. Glad everyone who bought it is enjoying it though! I may have to check it out down the track in a sale or hopefully it heads to PS+. My backlog is too large atm and I just picked up Tales of Arise.