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  1. I've never played a Star Ocean game before but I'm really impressed with what I've seen from this one so far. It looks great! I might just pre-order it today.
  2. Oh wow! Cloud technology. Sounds interesting. *laughs in Australian*
  3. No idea, sorry mate. I don't autopop trophies so don't know much about it.
  4. 100% safe to get it, mate. Since you're just starting it just play unpatched until you pop it and then update your game. Should take around 2 hours to get it. You will need at least a green piece of gear to upgrade, the white ones won't work.
  5. Of course! Two days after the backlog challenge event finished and it was all I needed to finish up my Gran Turismo 7 😂 Oh well, I'll buy it after work and finish it off. Thanks for all your time and effort @SiC!
  6. You only had 7 years to do it, and 9 months notice of the server closures. You didn't want it that badly 🙂 At least you didn't start it and are left with unobtainable trophies and can just do the PS4 version. I'll be starting that one soon myself. I was just waiting on 100% confirmation it wasn't impacted by the server closures.
  7. Just a quick update to say I managed to get Gran Turismo 7 to 97%. So close! I just need to buy 1 car for the and I have the credits ready to go, just need to wait for it to become available again (most likely end of June). Anyway, see you all in the summer challenge!
  8. Editing my starting list a little. I'm doing Heavenly Bodies in co-op and don't want to rush it. Elden Ring - 2% Horizon Forbidden West - 4% Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - 0% Tales of Arise - 10% The Riftbreaker - 11%
  9. I haven't come close to reaching my goals in this challenge. I had a pretty busy few months and didn't get to game a whole lot. I got Gran Turismo 7 to 92% but I don't see it getting much higher in the next couple days. I need to buy 1 more car which won't release in time, drive a fair bit for a distance trophy, and finish another 43 online races. Unlikely in 4 days. I've signed up for the summer challenge and hopefully get to progress a bit more in that one. Congrats to everyone on all their progress and thanks @MidnightDragon for organising! See you in the next one!
  10. I voted for Monster Hunter World. One of my favourite games of all time. I just recently got the in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne as well. Not often you get an expansion that is as good, if not better (and bigger), than the base game. Very fun and addicting game but be aware it is also very long. Base game took me 179 hours and the expansion probably 300+ hours but I spent a lot of time stuffing around in there. Can probably be done a bit faster than that. Crown hunting does take a while and some people find it tedious but I quite enjoyed it. Just make sure you research which investigations give crowns as you can waste a lot of time farming the wrong ones. Find a weapon/playstyle that suits you and try and master it. All of them have their own strengths. If you're not up for something that long then my pick would be Spider-Man Remastered.
  11. Silent Hill (PS1) Champions of Norrath (PS2) Parasite Eve (PS1) Need for Speed: Underground 2 (PS2) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (PS2)
  12. You don't need a wheel to get it. Keep practicing and you will get there! There are a few videos online to help guide you. The braking markers on this track are wrong in a few places that cost you time. Also sometimes all you need is to ease off the throttle rather than brake and then you can coast around a corner. You'll get there mate! I had countersteering off and sensitivity down to 3 when I did mine.
  13. The short answer is, I don't. It keeps getting bigger and as I get older I have less time to play. For a while there I had one game going at a time which I find quite methodical and it kept me focused. I have about 10 going at the moment though and it's all over the place. Will try and knock a few over in the summer backlog challenge!
  14. Thanks for running this again @MidnightDragon! I've joined the last two and they have been great motivation and it's fun checking back in and seeing everyone's progress etc. I'll sign up again for sure. Tentative starting list is: Elden Ring - 2% Heavenly Bodies - 6% Horizon Forbidden West - 4% Tales of Arise - 10% The Riftbreaker - 11% I have been caught out twice now unfortunately with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne at 88% after the winter challenge and this time Gran Turismo 7 will be above 90% at the end of the spring one. Would be nice if we could roll one game into the next challenge. Maybe include one game at any % or something?
  15. Yeah, true. That makes sense. I was waiting just like you. I managed to grab the Ford and I have around 4M leftover so have a little grind ahead for the Jag but I think I should be able to make it.