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  1. Well this sucks. I was really hoping for more content, at least another annual pass. Best co-op shooter in a long time.
  2. Of course different opinions are fine, we don't have to agree on everything. I just find your comment mind blowing to be honest. The acting, writing, and direction of the show was outstanding. The episode was damn near perfect and you're writing it off as a dud simply because it deviated from the source material.
  3. Interesting take on arguably one of the greatest hours of television ever produced. Phenomenal episode. The way they told Bill and Frank's story was superb. What works for one form of media doesn't necessarily work for another. What we got in episode 3 was far superior for television compared to seeing Joel hang upside down and jump start a car. Getting to see more of Anna Torv as Tess was nice as well, I'm hoping she features again in another episode. She has been fantastic.
  4. I'll sign up again! I'm hoping to finish the previous challenge off in time although I think I may fall 1 game short as I don't think I will get God of War Ragnarok done. We'll see though, I still have a month. Hogwarts Legacy - 0% - There is a good chance this is all I'll play for the duration of the challenge so signing up may be a waste of time 😄 Resident Evil 2 - 0% Resident Evil 3 - 0% Biomutant - 0% Life is Strange - 0% Good luck, everyone!
  5. Update: Resident Evil - Golf Club Wasteland - Heavenly Bodies - The Gardens Between - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - 0% God of War Ragnarok - 11% Swaps : 3/3 Just a small update. Using my last swap and bringing in The Gardens Between. Fantastic little puzzle game, highly recommend it. Going to use it in the difficulty challenge as well when I sign up for it. Made a little progress in Ragnarok also, will get more done over the weekend.
  6. Yeah I've been trying to avoid a lot of things too but my excitement gets the better of me sometimes. I'm definitely going to tackle this one without any guides or anything though. I don't care how long it takes me. Haha. I had to Google it myself. They are a bird of prey. They look a lot cooler than they sound that's for sure.
  7. I did mine a long time ago, may as well stick with it. House: Gryffindor Patronus: Marsh Harrier Wand: Willow Anyone know if we can actually have a Patronus in the game?
  8. I was on the fence as well with World for a long time due to the huge commitment. I eventually gave in and bought it and absolutely loved it. The gameplay is so addictive and I never got bored or sick of grinding. There's always something to do or work towards be it a new quest, a trophy, new weapon, new armour etc. It's now one of my favourite franchises and I have both World and Iceborne plats. The World plat took me around 170 hours. It shouldn't take you anywhere near 500 hours if you research how to hunt for crowns.
  9. Another great episode. It's a shame we don't get to see more of Anna Torv, she was fantastic as Tess! Bella is growing on me as Ellie and I'm really looking forward to meeting Bill. So many key moments I just can't wait to see!
  10. The hype is real here. I noticed the first 4 movies are all currently in the top 10 on Netflix. I have friends that have taken time off to play at launch as well. I've pre-ordered my PS5 copy and can't wait to play. My fiancé is also really excited for it and she never plays games so I may have to get 2 copies and one of us can play on PC 😄 I'm a little disappointed there is no quidditch but with flying already implemented I'm holding out hope for some quidditch DLC down the track. Maybe a Quidditch World Cup expansion or something.
  11. Update: Resident Evil - Golf Club Wasteland - Heavenly Bodies - Elden Ring - 10% Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - 0% Gotham Knights - 8% God of War Ragnarok - 5% Swaps : 2/3 Two earned since last update. Finished up Heavenly Bodies which I had been playing through slowly in co-op with my fiancé who doesn't really play games. Was a great game and a lot of fun. Sometimes incredibly frustrating but we laughed our way through it. One of my favourite gaming experiences being able to do it together. Also finished up Golf Club Wasteland. Another fun little indie game for the most part. Iron Mode will test your patience though, that was tough. I'm going to use another swap as I just don't see myself finishing up both Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok in time. Will hopefully have some time this week to get properly stuck in to Ragnarok.
  12. Was thinking of trying the charge blade this time around. Thank you, sir!
  13. I was a long sword main for World and a lot of Iceborne, switching to a light bowgun with sticky ammo towards the end. Wouldn't mind trying something different this time. Maybe great sword or charge blade.
  14. Great movie. Had me laughing the whole way through. Definitely worth a watch.