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  1. Yes, definitely! Looking forward to seeing the list of launch titles.
  2. I'll join! I nominate Horizon Zero Dawn as my game. I only started yesterday so I think it's around 5% or so. PSN is PeachyJacobs.
  3. Thanks mate, was a great read. Appreciate you avoiding any spoilers too. 80 hours is much more doable than the earlier reports I saw. I'm thinking I will get it, it seems like an experience I don't want to miss out on.
  4. Like others have mentioned, most of the DLC's are easy with the exception of the challenges. The hard ones are pretty tough and a single storm can ruin you or building/researching things in the wrong order can end you as well. The jurassic one is really difficult. There's a great guide out there that I'll link below which helped me achieve it but it's very unforgiving. Good luck! Jurassic World Evolution - Jurassic Challenge
  5. Hey mate, I have the plat on RLL4 and I unlocked the training drills trophy on RLL3 on another account. I would recommend un-installing the game and then re-installing and playing offline without any updates. I know for 4 they released a patch which dramatically increased the difficulty of the drills and I'm wondering if it might've been similar for 3, I can't quite remember. Make sure it's the last trophy you need before un-installing though as I'm not sure how stats are tracked in these games. Hope that helps!
  6. Both Tactics and FF 12 are currently on sale as listed above. I've linked them below for you. FF Tactics FF 12
  7. It's definitely a solid list. I'm still torn on whether I pick this up with Division 2 out shortly after and both essentially shoot and loot type games. I'm leaning towards both at the moment. One trophy in this list which stands out though is Master Talent - Complete a mission, contract, or stronghold with a masterwork javelin rarity. Not really sure what is required for a masterwork javelin rarity (is it all gear at masterwork level?) but it could be tricky with low drop rates on masterwork level loot. Who knows. Anyone have any ideas on this one? I haven't played the beta unfortunately.
  8. It's a great guide! I used it myself, clocked in at 2:54. A couple tips I used that aren't in the video are to use the wide paths to help with transport and also to increase the amount of staff at your shops as needed so you don't need to put in a heap of shops of the same type.
  9. A couple of neat things I found were the ability to ride the monorail which I thought was really cool and also the ability to drive the Gyrosphere around. It adds a nice little touch to the gameplay.
  10. Probably around a 4/10. Nothing in the game is overly difficult. Every now and then you briefly hit a wall where it is tough to progress until you are better equipped but nothing too bad. It's a long journey though.
  11. 800 hours is absolutely insane. I just got my plat yesterday and clocked in at 179 hours. The hardest one for me was the giant Kirin. I had to kill 35 of them before I got the crown.
  12. This giant Kirin is killing me! I can't get it for the life of me. The last one I killed I was certain it was big enough but no luck unfortunately.
  13. I also need a large Kirin, it's my last one for the plat. I'll snipe with you, PSN is PeachyJacobs.
  14. I can't find a large gold crown Kirin for the life of me and it's my last one left for the platinum. If anyone wants to try and farm it with me or has a few Kirin investigations they want to do please add me. It's driving me nuts! Cheers!
  15. I'm down to 1 crown left for my platinum, giant Kirin, and it's being an absolute pain. Really struggling to find this one. I have quite a few investigations for it but no luck so far unfortunately.