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  1. I'm honestly curious why you didn't like it?
  2. I was able to pre order the disc version last night at Walmart. That's it so far.
  3. I'm going to go for Miles Morales
  4. Agreed, the soundtrack was great. So happy to see a sequel!
  5. Had a 3 win streak tonight and blew it on hex a gone in the 4th game. My highest streak was 4 a few days ago. I keep getting eliminated before I can leave the game.
  6. The trophy is definitely more parts skill than luck but luck is 100% still a factor. If it wasn't for bad luck then I wouldn't have any luck at all! It's the last trophy I need and I've enjoyed going for it. I got the closest I've ever gotten last night with 4 in a row and being in the final on the next one.
  7. I got four in a row last night, and made to the final on the fifth. It was fall mountain and I got hit by a couple balls. Obviously I didn't win, hopefully I'll get another chance.
  8. I jump between the two yellow triangles to get up at the beginning. I just wait so I don't get bumped, works for me everytime.
  9. Definitely. I wish there was one too.
  10. Lowest I've seen was 4 people. It was Royal Fumble.
  11. What does everyone think of the trophys? Also does anyone know when this is going to be released?
  12. I think you can find the games that appeal to you. If you look for the buggy broken multiplayer centric games and pay to win/microtransaction fest games, you will find them. If you look for the opposite and polished single player games, you will find those too. I believe there will be a variety of games on the next generation just like this one. There are tons of great games that release and are tons of fun, you just have to look for them. I also play games that have released a few years back so if there was an issue at launch and they had a ton of patches it doesn't affect me now. In fact I'm getting the best version of the game because of all the work the developers have put in before and after launch.
  13. Lost track of how many wins I've gotten after I got 20 but I think it's around to 30 to 35.
  14. Jason was up yesterday for invasion boss and I wasn't able to fight him until there was 3 1/2 hours left. I wasn't able to get the Die Will You trophy because it was so hard to hit him with any character. I'm assuming it carries over to multiple invasion bosses. At least I hope so. Fingers crossed there will be another one soon.
  15. True. There are usually people around you if you don't start in the front and that first obstacle is the most dangerous with a ton of players around you. The third obstacle, just past the balls, is easy if there is no one around you, but it is also dangerous with people around you. I'd say those are the only two trouble spots in Slime Climb aside from a careless mistake at the top that knocks you into the slime.