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  1. This game can be challenging at times but if you just keep trying you'll eventually get past whatever area you're having trouble with. I found a lot of success with the harder planets by strafing using the bouncer and rockets especially their upgraded versions.
  2. I think it's a waste of time playing a game like this, but that's just my opinion. Anyone can play whatever game they would like. I've never felt shame having played any game, but Coffin Dodgers got me pretty close.
  3. I opened 3 chests and the trophy didn’t pop. I then decided to clean up some rubble in the backyard and it popped. It’s worth trying if anyone is having trouble with this trophy. There is some rubble right behind the quest board in your backyard.
  4. This worked for me too. Thanks!
  5. It worked. Thank you so much @Dante_MS After I installed .NET Framework 3.5 it was smooth sailing from there.
  6. This game was loads of fun. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers have made me a believer in the Dualsense. I don't know why I haven't played Rescue Mission yet.
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn. Really fun game and very doable platinum!
  8. @Dante_MS I can't even install Simple DNS Plus. It says "There was an error during the Windows features configuration process. Your original configuration will be restored." Does anyone know how to get around this or what I'm doing wrong?
  9. It is strange that they worded the platinum trophy description that way. There are a lot of games that put something simple like "Earn all trophies"
  10. Agreed, hopefully they figure a better way to do it for the next game.
  11. I'm honestly curious why you didn't like it?
  12. I was able to pre order the disc version last night at Walmart. That's it so far.
  13. I'm going to go for Miles Morales
  14. Agreed, the soundtrack was great. So happy to see a sequel!
  15. Had a 3 win streak tonight and blew it on hex a gone in the 4th game. My highest streak was 4 a few days ago. I keep getting eliminated before I can leave the game.