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  1. Dang a lot of y'all started in the PS3 Era.:( I'm using the PSNow to experience what I miss and maaan what a stiff gen of gaming. Some really good content on the PS3 but a majority of it feels like a hit or miss.
  2. I am praying MK11 has some easy trophies too LOL!
  4. LOL the first option seems amazing. Thank you!
  5. Deal With It: Hit a grand slam. (This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, practice mode, or by switching teams.) Hopefully I can get a reply soon, haha. I've realized that the trophy isn't necessarily hard, as it depends on luck. Or fluidity of natural gameplay, but if anyone has tips on how to get this quicker I'd appreciate it!
  6. I grew up with the PS2 and the PSP but I never got the chance to buy/play the PS3, I had a conversation with my professor recently, I was shocked that he knew about trophy hunting, he started asking me all these questions about the hobby but I couldn't answer for them. I started to think that trophy hunting has now become a phenomena, slowly sinking it's way to the casual/general/main stream population. I'm not knowledgeable on the subject itself. I have tons of questions: What was it like to game in that economy state (America, which was not so long ago) and another question, was trophy hunting big back then? My main thought, however, how many people began to trophy hunt in the PS3 Era? To me, it looks like a lot of people in this Era started. -Frank
  7. Title as it says! But to add my backstory: I had to uninstall Battlefront 2, a lot of glitches and bugs that just made the game less fun for me and as a gamer that is 1 of 5 of my iron rules when it comes to gaming. If there is a crap ton of bugs and glitches it's time to say goodbye. Okay with that being said, Double XP event is coming up AUG - 9 th 11th. Source: I am LV. 30 but judging by the XP system I'm going to assume it's still going to be a grind even with Double XP. Anyways I'm in a bit of a pickle here so much ANY wisdom and advice and tips on this will help. Thank you for reading P.S. I eventually will return to plat Battlefront 2 but I've out it on hold to plat / play other games. So I wanted to know maybe Double XP is worth to grind for 1 trophy and then put Battlefront 2 back on hold again!