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  1. Been seeing so much positive reviews on DMC I wanna get in on the action but do I have to play the previous title to get to know the game and story? Is DMC5 a game open for new comers?
  2. LMFAO I just picked up the game and played it on proud first. Died 5 times against Phantom Aqua (LV50) but other than that I felt something so off about the difficulty! (I also finished the game around LV60)
  3. Personally I believe you should. You've been amazing help!
  4. You've been a great help in these forums. Thank you!
  5. Honestly wish someone can just explain. My interpenetration of this trophy is that, you get items from playing mission, AND by playing upgraded materials your getting x50 items. So if we read the above messages. People are playing upgraded material missions because they drop more items. That's my theory hopefully someone can inform us!
  6. Can I replay the same mission over and over?
  7. Apex Fighter and Mastering Your Craft Got S rank 10 or more times I'mma a little stuck. 2 Double perfects would give you an S but some of these have been tough to crack so if any of you know any good guides or advice or tips all the help would be appreciated
  8. FFXV had 2 free DLC/Trophy so I'm with you too. I hope to Nomura they give us free DLC/Trophy.
  9. Update: I finally got a rank match Keep searching the ranks you will eventually find get a match. If you have a shaky internet connection try closing tabs out or anything connected. (I was able to fight online listening to a podcast but it seems like rank requires everything closed out) If everything is all good and your internet connection is fine then it's Bandai's part. It took me 4 hours to get a rank match. This is not a hard problem nor is it easy, it's just plain simple yet troubling, so for any future readers having a problem stay positive and keep searching!
  10. Same here. Must be Bandai's part. I don't understand.
  11. Phew glad I'm not alone.
  12. Anyone else getting this problem? I'm able to fight in friendly search but can't seem to find anyone on rank
  13. So many worlds so much potential for the future of KH
  14. Since this post there have been many theories regarding DLC and the future of KH.
  15. Thank you Hakoom for updating! Since your playing what is your estimate of difficulty /10?