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  1. What about gamers who use HUD? If they are expected to switch the TV over every hour to stop burn in that kind of negates the niceness of owning one.
  2. Seems you are right, it was real but now it is not. It was playable 2 years ago, I know this cos I played it at the NEC in England at a video games event. FFXV monsters of the deep is still real, just like I posted, before you started to get all shitty and picking the bones out of every thing that I posted just cos I called it FFXV and not FFXV monsters of the deep (like seriously). PS: Insults are completely uncalled for by the way.
  3. This thread is not asking for Non-VR supported games, it's quite the opposite actually. You can fight the Behemoth in FFXV in PSVR. Add that to your 'complete' list.
  4. It's still FFXV and it is playable with PSVR. No need to be unnecessarily pedantic.
  5. Final Fantasy XV Trackmania Turbo
  6. I don't like how Sony are really pushing this 4k nonsense when it really is not, that for me is this years biggest disappointment that it is still happening.
  7. Some of the comments to the original posters question in this thread are terrible, I thought this community was better than that. All they did was ask if one game could be better than another game, it dont matter if they are different genre's, it wouldn't even matter if they were different formats, it was just a simple question. Any new people reading this thread could be put off from ever posting here, like seriously. (Having now read the whole thread and noticing that the OP has not replied again I am not surprised in the least). Any way to answer the question myself, I hope TLOU2 is better than RDR2, aside from their differences I accept it is possible for apples to be better than oranges in any one persons opinion... imagine that.
  8. Shenmue I and II HD re-masters. The very fact I can even nominate them gives me goose bumps.
  9. PSN: Haysi_Fantaysee Add me if you want to, especially if you play similar games.
  10. Did you sign up on a different account because I just can't see it you need to have PS+ or PS Now to be selected for the Beta tests. To answer the question, no idea, I keep looking out for people saying they have been contacted but nothing yet.
  11. I have recently purchased PS4 Pro and PSVR Haysi_Fantaysee
  12. There is a WoFF demo available to download.
  13. The likely thing is you are right, we are associated with our user name and this cannot be changed, SONY would have been right with this. However, what could be done is a separate layer is then added onto the original user name making it appear as a new one. That could work just fine and seems like the only / best option? But, if this was the case then it would mean that any PSN names that were originally created previously and then subsequently changed by that user would not be 'freed' up for other users to have because the user name would be tied to that account indefinetly (even after a PSN name change had taken place).
  14. Some things to be aware of (maybe) regarding PSN name changes might include: Leaderboards. Will they automatically update themselves if 'AAAA' suddenly became 'BBBB' or would 'BBBB' be added additionally to the list along with 'AAAA' as it might be assumed to be two different ID's / people? Stat tracking (same as above). Not to mention that most names are already taken by the other many millions of PSN subscribers old and new, so for someone looking to change their 'rubbish name' they might find they only end up with a slightly less (probably miss-spelt) 'rubbish name'. The ability to change your name might sound like a great one, but it might need some consideration before getting too excited. I had considered that like yourself and to be honest I cannot think of any reason why it would be PS4 specific and not include PS3 and / or PS Vita unless Sony is to just completely stop support via updates for those two consoles and thus only offer the PSN name change update to PS4 users in an attempt to finally kill off the PS3 / PS Vita by 'forcing' users to get on the PS4 if they want to change their PSN names. That is the only reason I can think of sorry.