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  1. As caravan stories is a pluralised title it could be that more stories will be added, a way to make money after the initial freebee. I could be wrong of course, only time will tell.
  2. Crazy people will do crazy things, the likelihood of this happening to you is increased exponentially if you make it easy for them.
  3. To anyone interested in this the Audio is in Japanese and the text is in English. There will likely be DLC added so bare that in mind if you plan to 100% long term.
  4. PSN: Haysi_Fantaysee It would be a pleasure to be friends with anyone from this site.
  5. I have just searched for you on PSN and looked under your trophies there and it does show the games as: Uncharted Drakes Fortune re-mastrered Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception re-mastered Uncharted 2 Among Thieves re-mastered Thats how it displays them to me, it shows them as 3 separate games and no mention of the Nathan Drake collection anywhere...
  6. I have just checked your trophy list and it displays each of the 3 games in own space like 3 individual separate games, I wasn't sure if they would all be under 1 game heading. I hope I am making sense there. Thank you for the replies.
  7. Thank you for the reply, so each of the Uncharted games on the 1 disc has it's own platinum and separate trophy list? Or are they just listed under one heading?
  8. Sorry to hijack but I didnt want to create a new thread as this is about the same game... Are there 2 different versions (ive seen 2 different art covers) for the Nathan Drake collection and also does each game have its own trophy list or are they listed as subtitles under 1 game called Nathan Drake collection? Thank you
  9. Putting on my presumptuous hat for a moment, the majority of people do not care about anyone else's trophies, they are far too busy being concerned that other people are concerned about their trophies, which of course they are not.
  10. PSN name changes sure are taking their time to drop. Or did I miss this already? You know how it is, you tie your kangaroo to some tree somewhere, drink a few beers and the next thing you know you can't remember which tree you tied it too...
  11. I just walked in to see what the latest games on offer were, I didn't take a seat, I just strolled round for a couple of seconds, threw a 180 and *POOF* I was gone.
  12. Why the specific demographic requirements? You are potentially alienating yourself from a lot of good people by being so select.
  13. PS4 Pro latest model (Nov 2018?) with the quiet fans.
  14. If you are using the same PC each time you are resetting passwords or just in general using it to log into Sony's website or chat I would strongly recommend using a different source. Sorry, didnt read the whole thread but worms, trojans etc could be at play here. I would try changing all of your details on a new / different PC / cell phone.
  15. The Comrades DLC from the physical royal edition is fully listed in the main FFXV trophies list as a sub folder just like any DLC. The new Comrades stand alone has It's own list and is completely separated from FFXV. 2 separate lists.