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  1. Platinum #16 Jak X been off the site some, but this is my latest Platinum, still working for #17 somewhere heh heh
  2. Final Fantasy X HD
  3. Mortal Kombat X All The Pieces Equip an Icon, Background, and border Set
  4. i passed out while playing one night and had over 20-25 message for the Digiline had a good amount of quizzes if you don't care about your play cloak?
  5. @Durandal on PS3 version of Ezio Assassin Creed games, i've got 2 out of 3 now, just need Revalations, and a belated thanks on the sessions advice, i started one and after we got a few in there someone asked me about also joining a group chat specifically for that game and since i joined (including about everyone from that session as well)) i think about 10 more people ((maybe more, wasn't counting)) have gotten the Brotherhood Plat, i even helped two more get the plat the other day lol i didn't notice i had gotten so many games for free from PS Plus, I had over 40 for PS4 alone before i got the PS4 as an early birthday present couple weeks ago i don't own a Vita yet either but i have about that much or more with the cross console games lol
  6. great event everyone! i didn't get as many as i wanted to get completed, (also meant to be on here a couple days ago lol) i think my latest completion before the event ended was getting the 100% status for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, but i couldn't use it in the event as i was already using the Platinum Trophy for it. i kinda fell off my event games coming up to the last 2 weeks or so as a friend of mine had gifted me a ps4 as an early birthday present and i've been on it reconnecting with some friends i used to game with a few years back who have gotten ps4's and for their respected reasons didn't or couldn't keep the ps3's, but i'm proud of the ones i did get progress in. Anyone can hit me up about any games or just to chat, and @Dragon-Archon i was looking at Entwined earlier when i remembered the other game i wanted to play was under maintenance lol. again thank you all for a great time here @ProfBambam55, and all who hand a hand in helping him out
  7. forgot to post this the other day..... well actually i haven't really been near the computer...... ASSASSIN'S CREED: BROTHERHOOD - Platinum! Julius Caesar Win every trophy.
  8. got these trophies, plus a couple others that i didn't post in here cause i forgot to over the last week or so, including a couple from Guitar Hero Metallica since i found my wireless connecter, and a couple from Assassin's creed Brotherhood bringing me up to 93% trophy Completion including DLC trophies for that one. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Find all Pieces Find all of the decipher fragments Cross Styx without dying Make it across the river Styx without failing Breaking the Loop Break the loop, escape the cycle this leaves me with one more trophy for the Lost Archive's DLC "Impress Warren Vidic" Trophy for memory 4..... fun times ahead lol
  9. so......... i have a question........ with the deal with games with dlc content.... you can split that up into two categories??? One for the 100% completion of the dlc and one for the platinum itself?? also @DoctorDrPepper what game was all that extensive note taking for??
  10. ok @ProfBambam55 would like to switch two of mine, please, i want to put MouseCraft into the Hermit spot and put Entwined into Get Tested.
  11. over last couple of days, have gotten Mouse Craft from 0% to 100% but the lastest trophy is Capture the Flag Remove All Borgia Flags in Rome.
  12. i wouldn't mind helping out any if ya'll need an extra hand still considering two other games..and might be switching a couple around but will do it all in one... so i'llmake it nice and neat and get back with ya on that @ProfBambam55
  13. not the only one @xMissFantasy lol also..... agreed.... and I myself was new when this event was already started, but i was able to get in as Toog still hadn't ended last call... i had four posts i believe when i told Toog i wanted in, and with the help of another member in the contest, he had sent a message between the three of us (Toog, him, and myself) with a list of threads i could post in to help get my post count up and i had it up in like 4 days (would have been shorter if i could have stayed in front of the computer getting posts inbetween others lol, but whats a couple days?
  14. you talked about it so i had to go and look LMAO
  15. i voted yes to keep going, and i want to continue with this! @ProfBambam55 I'm happy for @Toogie53 for running this, this is actually my first time in this event as i had joined PSNP just before hand, and i remember the time spent getting the 25 post count up, i had to have Toogie53 post for me for almost the first week i was here. Granted i wasn't actually here for what is said to have happened, but i remember trying to get my count up so i could finally post in the Event with you guys. So i'm not gonna say anything either way about the situation. I hope to have Toogie53 back in either capacity when he is able, either just hosting or participating when he can... i hope to see these events go on as i'm having fun! it's also gotten me to try a couple new games, one of the games i'm about to switch out i caught interest in by someone else having it as one of theirs