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  1. Lucky With the Ladies Executed Unison Strip with all 6 partners.
  2. The Decisive Battle Defeated Zenya at the battle arena and turned him back into a regular otaku.
  3. Strip Specialist Removed 300 articles of clothing.
  4. FFX, no question about it. And I say this as one of the rare few who really enjoyed XV.
  5. Hey man welcome to the forums. Good luck trophy hunting.
  6. Hey welcome! I like the enthusiasm in your post. Also...bruh. You been to Japan 7 times?! I can't even save up enough for a one time trip. 😂 👌
  7. Yoo

    Welcome again, levi. Good luck on your new account.
  8. Pants Man Collected 25 different types of lower body clothing. Total Image Change Changed clothes on all parts of the body. Weapons, Man! Collected 50 different weapon types.
  9. Zacian & Zamazenta Switch Lite pre-order confirmed....woooo!  Honestly don't understand some of the hate the Lite has been getting.  Handheld-only is so sexy and appealing.

  10. You're With...Kaito?! Inferred information about Rin and Daishihon Pharmaceuticals.
  11. Hey Erik, welcome to the forums. Best of luck with your new account and hope you enjoy the community...there's lots of good folk here. See ya around.
  12. Welcome acearchivist or Alison (sick PSN ID btw), and congratulations on your first platinum! You've got a great list there...I've been digging Spidey recently too. What a game, eh? Hope to see you around.
  13. Veteran Freedom Fighter Cleared 30 unique side missions.
  14. Anti-Eco-Cycle Had 300 articles of clothing stripped off.
  15. A New Awakening Gained the ability to wear women's clothing.