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  1. Strip Amateur Removed 50 articles of clothing.
  2. Sticky and Tricky Chain 4 unique tricks before landing Hero for Higher Perch atop Avengers Tower
  3. Schooled Complete all of the Corrupted Student missions Tombstone Takedown Defeat Tombstone
  4. Sweet, very sweet. I never went after the plat for the PS3 version so maybe I'll do it this time for PS4.
  5. Born to Ride Ride the Subway 5 times Pigeon Hunter Catch all of Howard's Pigeons Overdrive Complete 10 Vehicle Takedowns
  6. #29 - Demon Gaze Demon Gazer Thanks for playing!
  7. Muramasa Got the Muramasa Beyond Muramasa Got the Big Muramasa
  8. I love Akiba's Trip. Just thinking it's gonna be censored..my enthusiasm is shot down.
  9. New TV for the rec room.
  10. What's up, Doc? 😁

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DoctorGameGeek


      I thought it was a quick weekend trip, but my buddy told me they are flying down on a Wednesday morning and leaving on Sunday night.  Whew, sooooo much drinking that I'll have to change my banner on Twitch. 😂  I'm working on the itinerary now, but let's just say the first stop (after a quick cup of coffee) is a distillery that's a short drive away.

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Guess you were the last to get the change of plans notification. 😂 Boozing it up and goofing off with a few good buddies...dude you've got all the makings of a classic road trip comedy right there.  You better make sure you and your posse have a blast!

    4. DoctorGameGeek


      Oh, we will!

  11. One Happy Family Became Friends with Pinay Are These Feelings...? Became Friends with Prometh
  12. FFXV - Better to wait til post-game to knock out the trophies for Cooking and Survival Expert or get it over with now? :hmm:

    1. PooPooBlast


      100% wait post game! You'll be doing those things anyways naturally as you play. Trust me the grind even after finishing most things is still a long one. 


      I rubberbanded my controller for the survival one so I suppose you can do that if you want to when you're not playing but me personally I'd do that at the end  

    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Oh nice.  Totally forgot about the rubberband trick.  That'll make the survival skill infinitely easier now.

  13. Mieruko-chan
  14. Angling Expert Reached maximum fishing level. Keeping the Keeper Defeated the Destiny Demon, Aries!