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  1. Hey there, welcome. Nice intro post. Gotta say you're the first person I've ever heard state they're a collector of mobile phones. I find that pretty interesting. Happy hunting.
  2. Inner Sanctuary Take down each Demon Warehouse
  3. Spider-Sensible Perfect Dodge 10 attacks
  4. Knocking Down Kingpin Defeat Fisk Protector of the Grave Defeated the Earth Demon, Chronos!
  5. #28 - Punch Line Your rank went up! Your new rank is "Punchline Master!" Get all trophies.
  6. Platinum #28 - Punch Line


    Wild story.  Lots of pantsu.  I give it 10/10.

  7. PSN - WhiteDragonAura Not really a fan of co-ops, but feel free to add me if you like stuff like anime and JRPGs. I always like meeting new people.
  8. How about some old classics like City Hunter, Kimagure Orange Road, or Ranma 1/2?
  9. Yikes.
  10. Platinum #27 - Akiba's Beat


    Started playing in May 2018, forgot about it for a while, and decided this week to just kind of zoom thru to 100% completion.  Glad I can finally put this game away.

  11. #27 - Akiba's Beat
  12. Kingdom Hearts 3 or Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition for my next PS4 purchase?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. WhiteDragonAura


      @MidnightDragon - Oh yeah.  Definitely a hard choice to make.


      @ruffedgz - Yeah, Tales games never disappoint.  They're fun to plat too.


      @DamagingRob - I've heard KH3 is more cutscene than gameplay.  Any truth to that?


    3. DamagingRob


      I haven't played it. :P I'm sure that's an overexaggeration, though. 

    4. WhiteDragonAura


      Haha, no problem. :)

  13. East Meets Quest Completed all quests. Master of Deluseons Defeated all enemies. Nameless Trophy Cleared the Nameless Delusionscape.