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  1. There is also a bug when you need to interact with the witch on the roof. She will not move forward. How to fix: 1. Be sure that your Queststep is talking to her 2. Restart the game 3. Renenter the Forrest and it should work.
  2. There is a bug causeing to open the secret treasure chest and Depot even when you collected all Books and interacted with the Treasure chest map. This bug will appear in a online co-op session. If you face this specific bug: 1. Restart the game 2. Change your lobby to local session 3. Reenter Obsidian Forrest 4. Open both collectibles. You can after those steps change your online settings back to Online. Hope could help 😁👍 Best regards Beat
  3. Hey guys i have a quick question. I got all netherite ingots and a full diamond gear. I can’t upgrade via workbench or at the repairstation. How do i obtain the gear on Ps4 bedrock version then? Would love to hear from you. Cheers Beat
  4. Yes this is my Profile. For some reason i can log in now to my profile. Did you do anything? thanks for all replied and guidance. Much appreciated.
  5. This is not my profile. I never played those games. If i log in with the ID and password, theres a msg that says account not found. If i log in with BeatBoxFreak im able to log in but not doing anything. Also the 2 L‘s in CallMeBeat are Capital i‘s. I rly dont get it..
  6. Hey guys Since i changed my PsnID from BeatBoxFreak to CaIIMeBeat i have this issue about private trophies. I found this guide and i checked for everything, followed all the steps, earned trophys and refreshed my profile etc. Nothing worked. Today i can’t even klick on sessions or Main profile. What should i do? Is this normal? Would love to hear from you. best Regards Beat
  7. Greetings everybody Im looking for an active guild. Just started the game and reached lv13. Since i wanna try to hunt for the 100% i play on a daily base. Keep in mind that i have another project right now (Horizon zero dawn 100%). After that i will be more active then now. Like i said. im rly new to the game and need to learn the mechanics and also a bit luck to gain some good cards. My invitecode: BEATBOXFREAK_YP3J Feel free to add me and i will help as good as i can. See ya around
  8. Welcome to the site MaxPayne-1983 I agree with ex10097. Just do what you want to do. THere are some people who just focussing the hunting, others are better to sharing guides and theres some people that have fun in the forums and like me welcome new people to the site and share some experiances too if i can Glad you here and have fun with the awesome site! -Beat
  9. Greetings OneSkillPoint o/ Welcome to the site. I wish you also very good luck on your fresh start. And never forget: Have fun on your projects. Everyone started somewhere back in the days. What are your current projects right now? See ya arround, cheers -Beat
  10. Greetings Akechi o/ Nice to meet you! I was actually never in Istanbul. Your little story is very interessting to read. How is the living part over there? Nice to have you here Have a nice day. -Beat
  11. Dear knoef_NL Great introduction! Thx you so much for your guides. Might you agree that guides are a coreelement for trophyhunters. Keep up the good work! Im not good at create and writing guides btw Thx again for your freetime to help us! Cheers Beat
  12. Hi Pariannath I also agree about some words in your introduction. To be a Trophyhunter you will not be tested about your personality, also by your budged (LuL). My tips for you about the hunting: Dont overestimate yourself. Have fun in first line. Focus trophy by trophy or even try to combine some to spare some time. Also very important and thats my personal favorite: Perpare yourself about your next project. Read full Trophyguides, watch YT-vids about things (Collecting, Grinding, tipps and tricks trophys) . Create a personal guide to get the trophys in one go (playtrough) you like. There are times comming up where trophys will frustrate you. Tipp: take a breake from the game and try it another time. For example have 2 Projects to have some variation. Hope i could help you in any kinda way Feel free to msg me if you need help. See you arround. -Beat
  13. Welcome Caiphon to our Forum! I like your attitude about a platinum in your favorite games. Well on my part i wanna go for it too but my trophylist is not always on my site Lets hope that you will reach your goal you attached on the future. Happy trophyhunting and maybe we will see us one day in a gaming session. -Beat
  14. Hey Eramir o/ Welcome to the Forum. You dont need to be a trophyhunter. It is always good people joining our forum to expand it in other way. I also like to have fun playing my games but i need a little challenge besides a playthrough. I think trophys will give you another perspektive or even new ideas sometimes about the game. Nice to have you here youre welcome! See you arround and have fun! -Beat
  15. Thanks for the follow, nyaa~ ^^