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  1. After playing Sky Force Reloaded, I have zero desire to play any other shoot-em-up.
  2. More like Cucknami. All their games are trash.
  3. I'd be pissed too if they switched the "X" and ""O" buttons around on me.
  4. I have huge genitals.
  5. Lamb kabob with pita bread, rice, and salad, and loads of extra spicy mint chutney. Dayum it was delicious.
  6. My boy V from the Cyberpunks. He's a corpo with a huge circumcised penis that flops around alot.
  7. I, too, had no idea Cyberpunk has completely-fleshed out lore and history that rivals ShadowRun. There are lots of excellent YouTube videos. Just search "cyberpunk lore". Some of those videos are 3 hours long just explaining the historical and social events leading up to the game.
  8. Corpo. I wanted to start in the city and be imbedded in the corporate/political intrigue.
  9. I majored in International Affairs, but my favorite courses in college were hands down, Biology 101 and 102. It was several magnitudes more comprehensive than HS biology. I actually learned how proton pumps worked, ATP, DNA and protein-folding, and abiogenesis. Not just looking at pictures of cells and memorizing animal kingdoms. I work for the Federal government, and my IA degree is somewhat useful in my current job, but not required (the bare minimum requirement is a BA in any field). It comes in handy during, say, staff meetings, and some smarty-pants in the room mentions "throwing people from choppers like Pinochét", and you know exactly what he/she is referring to and what the context of that comment is. My job also posted me to a 5-year assignment in Europe (Germany). It's helpful knowing basic European history and what countries constitute the EU in case you're up for a little travelin'
  10. The hunger/thirst mechanic in any "survival" game (á la Fallout 76). Whomever invented that gameplay mechanic needs to be bitchsmacked up the head. In any real life post-apocalyptic situation, you aren't going to need to eat every 2 minutes, so why include something like that in a video game? Thankfully, they removed the hunger/thirst penalty in FO76 in the latest Steel Dawn update, and just made it so it buffs your character. As it should be.
  11. Wait until Ps5. I won't ask for a digital refund.
  12. Listening to lots of Cocteau Twins lately. Head over Heels is amaze-balls.
  13. Sports games. Just doesn't interest me, when I can always go outside and throw a ball around. Horror/zombie games. I find them rather silly. (not scary)
  14. That was my entire rationale in checking out the game on a cloud service first. To see if the game was even good in its "optimal" state. I am still anticipating the Ps5 version (if I ever manage to snag one), and that version will be my "real" playthrough. Which is why I never bothered asking for a refund on the PSN store.
  15. Hehe. So far, the only "glitch" I encountered was an NPC shaking on the floor like crazy the first time I encountered one of those tarot graffiti things on the wall (outside the diner in the alleyway...when Johnny Silverhand points it out to you; about 5 hours into the game) But I'm not even exactly 100% sure it's a glitch. Maybe the NPC was meant to be "possessed" by the tarot thing. Either than that, no glitches so far.