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  1. My guess: all the Cheeto dust and beer residue.
  2. CyberPunk is literally the only reason to purchase a PS5.
  3. I'm very picky. And I tend to play a game for years (casually; not as a hardcore trophy hound). I'm still playing Skyrim, and still discovering new places and quests to this day. The only reason I'm keeping my eyes open for a Ps5 is to finally have a playable console version of Cyberpunk. I will easily be playing that game for the next 10 years.
  4. Just everything from the last 2 weeks taken into account holistically. Was a thread started yet about Sony shutting down Communities soon? Such a shame.
  5. The way the battle lines are being drawn, I really really really really hope Sony doesn't become the console of cutscene simulators and $70 "movie games."
  6. Of that list, I purchased Cuphead and Streets of Rage 4, but have yet to boot them up. Those games seem like they would float my boat. I feel that Battlezone-Gold Edition doesn't get enough love. A highly-customizable tank sim with Tron graphics. What's not to like?
  7. Defective HDMI cable/port? It happens. Buy a brand new cable and/or use another port.
  8. Looks like I'm not the only weirdo on here who names their vehicles. My first car: 2002 Toyota Corolla which I called the "Green Goblin" because of its puke green color. Got it while I was stationed in Germany back in the day. Current car: 2010 Toyota Camry, "The White Zombie". This time got it at another 'lemon lot' in Germany when I returned to Europe as a Federal civilian employee in 2015. It's entirely white except the wheels. I love "lemon lots" in overseas military installations. Some awesome deals from people desperate to unload their POVs as they are trying to PCS.
  9. Sports, racing, and "horror" games.
  10. After playing Sky Force Reloaded, I have zero desire to play any other shoot-em-up.
  11. More like Cucknami. All their games are trash.
  12. I'd be pissed too if they switched the "X" and ""O" buttons around on me.
  13. I have huge genitals.
  14. Lamb kabob with pita bread, rice, and salad, and loads of extra spicy mint chutney. Dayum it was delicious.
  15. My boy V from the Cyberpunks. He's a corpo with a huge circumcised penis that flops around alot.
  16. Yeah, it's blurry, an eyesore, and filled with bugs on the base model PS4. But just on a whim, I decided to buy it on Stadia last week. I am NOT a tablet/smartphone/PC gamer. I purchased Cyberpunk on the Google store just out of sheer curiosity to see how it would look on my Macbook. It was my first time ever buying a Stadia game, and had zero intention of actually playing this thing on my laptop. Then the next day, Google emails me telling me they are sending me a free Google Stadia (controller + Chromecast Ultra). I received it on Saturday, hooked everything up to my TV, and my goodness. Cyberpunk runs perfect. Looks amazing (on my 1080p Sharp TV). Runs amazing (via ethernet cable on my regular $39.99 a month internet connection). The Stadia controller feels nice and solid (it is not a "cheap" controller in any way, shape, or form). Virtually none of the bugs I encountered on my base model PS4 exist on Stadia. I've been playing it for about 10 hours so far, and it is my favorite RPG since Skyrim / FO4.
  17. I, too, had no idea Cyberpunk has completely-fleshed out lore and history that rivals ShadowRun. There are lots of excellent YouTube videos. Just search "cyberpunk lore". Some of those videos are 3 hours long just explaining the historical and social events leading up to the game.
  18. Corpo. I wanted to start in the city and be imbedded in the corporate/political intrigue.
  19. I majored in International Affairs, but my favorite courses in college were hands down, Biology 101 and 102. It was several magnitudes more comprehensive than HS biology. I actually learned how proton pumps worked, ATP, DNA and protein-folding, and abiogenesis. Not just looking at pictures of cells and memorizing animal kingdoms. I work for the Federal government, and my IA degree is somewhat useful in my current job, but not required (the bare minimum requirement is a BA in any field). It comes in handy during, say, staff meetings, and some smarty-pants in the room mentions "throwing people from choppers like Pinochét", and you know exactly what he/she is referring to and what the context of that comment is. My job also posted me to a 5-year assignment in Europe (Germany). It's helpful knowing basic European history and what countries constitute the EU in case you're up for a little travelin'
  20. The hunger/thirst mechanic in any "survival" game (á la Fallout 76). Whomever invented that gameplay mechanic needs to be bitchsmacked up the head. In any real life post-apocalyptic situation, you aren't going to need to eat every 2 minutes, so why include something like that in a video game? Thankfully, they removed the hunger/thirst penalty in FO76 in the latest Steel Dawn update, and just made it so it buffs your character. As it should be.
  21. Wait until Ps5. I won't ask for a digital refund.
  22. Listening to lots of Cocteau Twins lately. Head over Heels is amaze-balls.
  23. Sports games. Just doesn't interest me, when I can always go outside and throw a ball around. Horror/zombie games. I find them rather silly. (not scary)
  24. That was my entire rationale in checking out the game on a cloud service first. To see if the game was even good in its "optimal" state. I am still anticipating the Ps5 version (if I ever manage to snag one), and that version will be my "real" playthrough. Which is why I never bothered asking for a refund on the PSN store.
  25. Hehe. So far, the only "glitch" I encountered was an NPC shaking on the floor like crazy the first time I encountered one of those tarot graffiti things on the wall (outside the diner in the alleyway...when Johnny Silverhand points it out to you; about 5 hours into the game) But I'm not even exactly 100% sure it's a glitch. Maybe the NPC was meant to be "possessed" by the tarot thing. Either than that, no glitches so far.