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  1. Got up to chapter 11 and during a fight the game crashed and my ps5 said the save file was corrupted. To my surprise when I started the game back up i could load my chapter 11 save but all my collected outfits had vanished. I heard about the chapter rollback but I can't even seem to access it. When I try to load a chapter all I see is a pad lock symbol over the chapters I can't click them at all. No idea what to do to be honest anyone have any ideas? :/ Edit: This problem resolved itself by simply continuing playing even though the costumes were gone from the inventory I guess the game still remembered that I had toggled them and everything unlocked fine in Ng+
  2. I was thinking of starting Peacewalker and I have some questions that I cant find answers to; Should this game pose any problems to someone who has the Big Boss emblem from MGS4 and has 100% completed MGS5? I have a bit of Metal Gear Fever at the moment and it occurred to me that I have never played peace walker. I'm not really sure how the whole multiplayer co op stuff works does it make it easier / does it change boss health or anything like that? Also how actively do people play co-op / multi etc I'm tempted to go in blind but I'd hate to do 90% and figure out the online is dead
  3. I cant help you with the rest of your trophies but for the tutorial one I spend the last 2 months banging my head off the wall trying to get it, I finally just resorted to using the well known patch roll back method described here; Who knows if or when they'll fix it the game released nearly a year ago and some people have a perfectly easy time and some people dont
  4. Finally getting back into this game, to my great surprise I'm actually very close to 1000 levequests completed, to my great disappointment I have over 500 fates to do, is doing the kobold fates in noscea still the best? (20 an hour seems like an awful slog even by mmo standards) I currently own stormblood, and was gonna wait for the next expansion to get shadow bringers, is fate grinding any better in the current expansion?
  5. For some reason I cant unlock this one trophy despite having done everything else in the game (oh god my knees) I have no idea why I can't unlock this seemingly simple trophy I've allowed myself to be damaged (breaking shields) and hit a guy to get them back at least a 100 times by now, what could I possibly be doing wrong? Any ideas? edit: Finally got it, I moved my save file to usb and started it on a new game, it unlocked easy enough. I think this game has some issues with the modifiers if you ever use one, even if you switch them off the game sometimes doesn't remember they've been turned off.
  6. I got the platinum a few hours ago by using the well documented patch roll back method mentioned here: It's probably unnecessary since Job simulator is a very popular VR game and Owlchemy seem like respectable devs who would fix it (it's more a question of how long really, but keep in mind it took them 4 years to add PS4 Pro support lol) but I've been burned by broken trophy lists before, so I'm always paranoid about this sort of thing.
  7. Just want to make this thread to outline that 100% completion in this game is impossible as of February 2020, I got around this by using the patch rollback method below. I will, or hopefully someone else, will update this thread if the game gets patched. In the meantime I can attest that rolling back to patch 1.0 does make the trophies unlock, currently the game is at patch 1.02
  8. I'd just like to quote this post to confirm that I was able to unlock the collectible trophies by using this method, the game seems to have some strange issues with "registering" certain collectibles, so you just have to pick em up again.
  9. Hello, I'm the most recent person to get the 100%, and from what I can see I'm the first to get it since the game got a pretty major graphical overhaul back in November last year, part of this overhaul changed all the character models in game, the allied soldiers are indeed supposed to look different, but for whatever reason, they dont, I'm guessing that this has something to do with why the trophy wont trigger. My solution to this problem was to use the method documented below, and revert to the last point this frankly awful game worked.
  10. Well then it's settled, Death Stranding is a mammoth undertaking to platinum, not that I mind, I loved doing everything in phantom pain (which took me 160 hours if I remember?) From Hakoom's stats he spent the most time traveled by truck, which I'm kind of surprised by, that driving would be that big of a deal. Everything I've seen has been all on foot. The community needs to co-ordinate it's efforts to build a motorway asap lol
  11. No, I simply don't have the time, I'm not sure how much use a guide would get though, 90% of the info you need to plat Sairento has been available since the pc version came out ages ago. The PSVR requirements are actually way more lax since they removed the ridiculous prestige 10 times. It's a very simple game, self explanatory almost.
  12. Having a whale of a time getting the last trophy for plat called Barbecue Party. I'm following cloakedreapers guide on youtube so I know what spot I need to do it in, I just can't for the life of me get it done in time, it feels like I'm a half second slow each time. Anyone here have any ideas? It's the rarest trophy on the list atm, and with good reason it's utterly awful to trigger.
  13. I may as well start the obligatory thread (surprised to see someone hadn't already) So I've done everything except leveling up and prestiging in Sairento, it's difficult to tell how long it well take, campaign completion is very easy and the shinobi difficulty levels are not too bad with some decent skill and weapon upgrades. 90% of the list is a 2/10 difficult wise, but reach level 50 and reach prestige 2 (?) seem like they could bump this to a 3/10, now idea how long it takes to reach prestige (is prestige different from level 50? I'm playing the game with loads of exp relics slotted and I also play on Shinobi difficulty exclusively, and the leveling still seems to be going at a snails pace imho. What does everyone else think? Edit: Two days later and I'm a few levels away from prestige 2, ultimately it's an easy plat, about 20 hours in all I reckon, find a weapon your comfortable with, socket some exp relics and stick a podcast on, you'll be done in no time. On an unrelated note I think Sairento is on the top shelf of vr games along side Astro, Moss, Superhot, Resi7, Wipeout etc, bloody brilliant game.
  14. Does anyone know where "intel" spawns in this game? i've looked all over multiple levels and I cant seem the find it
  15. Did any of you guys struggle with the pound your chest trophy? I cant seem to get it to unlock