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  1. Last night I did a sidequest that involved hunting sharks across Greece. Sharks will be underwater & will come in the way *sometimes* when you're clearing an Underwater objective. So in a way, you will have to deal with sharks to complete all underwater objectives & get the Child of Poseidon 🏆. But they are easy kills. One arrow to the head (use Ikaros to tag sharks) is all it takes.
  2. Dont be such a baby & tattle-tell. Hundreds of posts per day by *major* Youtubers flood the threads every day. I don't think we need a video every week on a sale or patch info but it's done & I don't see you whining on their posts.
  3. This was a ton of fun & I recommend being at least level 46 if you want the Arena to be a challenge. Anyways, here ya guys go.... Please give me some likes!!! Link: Some comments & likes would greatly be appreciated. I will give +1 rep to all those who comment & like my video!!!
  4. I am 87 hours in and still need to complete my own Odyssey (gotta talk to some guys to complete the Episode but goddamn, soooooo many bounties). The damn bulletin board has so many bounties on it. I am currently level 47 & already defeated Exekias & the entire Arena. I might have to increase enemy AI scaling cus it's making the game too easy now. I too am a total slut. I actually fucked the blacksmith just to get some other dudes sword (who happened to be his father by chance) & then murdered his mother, a Huntress & former wife of the blacksmith. It was well worth it. The cutscenes shown are just soooo funny. My ultimate goal is to have a three-way. Is that possible???
  5. I saw a video a week ago of this dude who killed Exekias from a rooftop using headshots for hours. He got both tons of hate (for not battling him head-on) & love (for hours of sniping). So i thought "when I find this Malakas I am gonna challenge him under level 50 with under leveled weapons & armor" & guess what? I fucking did it!!! Took mmea couple dozen tries cus he does have the Red Skull icon (Ubisoft's way of telling you they can one-shot kill you) but I got him & I recorded this epic battle of Misthios vs. Legendary Mercenary for your enjoyment. Link: Please leave me a like so I can get this video 🔥 hot 🔥 & popular. I know challenging a Red Skull or Elite enemies is meant to make you come back later... But I had to make this to show up that other guy who sniped Exekias from a rooftop for 3 hours. After reviewing the video a few times, I had some pretty close calls... I think I counted 6 or 7 times I was on the brink of death. Several times I pressed wrong buttons (i think one of them I was on the brink of death & I did a Spartan kick in the wind lol). But the adrenaline rush I got from this battle will always be remembered. Anyways, please watch my video & comment your thoughts. Also, you can watch this to "study" his movements for your own challenge. I thought killing him would make ME the #1 Mercenary (and unlock the trophy) but it just made Helen the Translucent #1 & I took her place in Tier 2. Ok enough said. Let me know your thoughts. Since battle I have Engraved my main weapon with "Weapon Damage becomes Poison Damage" & even tho I am only level 46 I find everything too easy now so I am gonna record becoming Champion of the Arena now. Enjoy!!!
  6. I am gonna quote the million things you get per day.... "FIRST!" lol... Cya on PS4 bro! And great guide on Burly Men.
  7. I am gonna be real honest. I forgot this whole thing was going on. I am not saying I appreciate the badge cus I do... But I totally don't deserve it cus however I earned it was by total luck. But I will gladly accept it so thank you. I will put it in my profile now. Thanks OP!!!
  8. Awesome! And thank you for letting me know what happens. I got that Embrace trophy fairly easy. I had a quest from an older woman to get a bear scrotum & deer tongue so her husband could fuck her all day & night. Well... He still complained about it (what kinda man turns down some poon?) so i took matters into my hands and decided to get me some cougar. And I play as Kassandra lol. I love the 'sexuality' in this game. It makes me wonder tho... For those who play as Alexios... Can he fuck men???
  9. You're very welcome, friend. If you want some great help with this challenge use Very useful website since you can ZOOM in and get EXACT/PRECISE locations whereas my guide I would need a magnifying glass to see shit. Good luck!!
  10. I found the Scions crew theme last night in a shipwreck surrounded by sharks (on my way back from the arena). A few minutes later I got the WRATH OF THE AMAZONS trophy. So... NO SPOILERS!! lol Thanks tho!!
  11. I am curious on a few things here. I recently met her a few levels ago (currently lvl 24) & killed the boar (even flirted with her). So I will have to kill this sexy bitch eventually?? Man that sucks. (I already got my Aphrodite's Embrace trophy by sleeping with the older woman who wanted bear balls & a deer tongue so her husband could make love all day & night)
  12. Thanks very much for the quick reply and answer. Now my OCD is cured. +1 for ya!
  13. So i came across Hepnor's brother in Phokis & my wife had the volume on her TV so loud i couldnt hear what he asked me. I had 3 choices: "I KILLED YOUR BROTHER" (FORGET) (LIE) "(FORGET)" After i chose the first option he cursed me away and I got a quest failed. I didnt think anything of it at the time but I am still thinking about it and am curious "what would have happened if I lied?" (to do the quest) but more importantly: "did i miss a trophy oppurtunity?" Those of you who lied and did the quest... Can you give me some answers please? Really hope I didnt miss out on a trophy cus thats all i care about.
  14. But that requires 7,500 XP from this game alone. Can you tell me the quest/level?
  15. 100% but still showing also.