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  1. I got this 350+ page guide for $17 (with a 10% code) -- it's got EVERYYYYYTHING bro. I've known to have good honor from the start cause of the many misable trophies -- this guide includes EVERYTHING -- even trophy tips, every single point of honor (when and where to get it), all stranger missions, seriously, everything. I'm actually going to make some videos cause there is a lot of information in this book that I have not yet seen on youtube. There's sooo much in this book they even say at the end that not everything is in the book lol there's a ton of stuff you have to discover your own. R* really got it right this time. I assumed they were trash cause of all the nonsense that occurs in their GTA games. Anyways, I got this book cause looking at a laptop screen versus just looking down at the book is easier on my eyes, back and other joints lol. Not to mention, I'd rather just have the "correct" info the first time around. I had to read for an hour a couple days ago on forums and powerpyx's site just on one stupid topic and the answer was still wrong, the correct answer was in the book actually. Going to have to buy a pocketwatch now, cause sooo much shit can occur based on timing. I didn't even know but for some quests to appear you literally need to wait 24-48 (in game) hours and the time of day/night matters too -- certain "events" or "missions" occur only during certain times of the day or night. This game is sooo detailed. Alright, I'm jumping on. Cya later bro.
  2. how much will that psn year be on black friday, do you know?
  3. it's not but @A_B_Y_S_S_1 is my friend so I was asking him a question -- IS THAT OK WITH YOU??? ABYSS: Regardless, I bought the strategy guide from Barnes and Nobles, so I've figured it out.
  4. that would be James Franco. *** My picture is actually my avatar! HOORAAA!
  5. 2018: MONSTER HUNTER WORLD - 5.51%
  6. If you want a cheap copy of the RDR2 Strategy Guide, you can get it from its $24.99 in store but $19.99 if you buy online (ship it or pick it up in store). Use the code "FALL10" & get $2 off! ENJOY!!!


  7. well this went from an early game spoiler that was properly tagged to the video actually spoiling something major. Thnxxx, I avoided spoilers for weeks and you just blew it!
  8. Guys, I keep hearing about this MOOSE right --- so yesterday or maybe it was the day before -- i'm riding thru the wilderness after reading the "moose/mooses/meese" thread right. Literally, I look up from the laptop and I see the LARGEST frigging moose i ever seen in a video game. It was BIG ASF!!! So I shot an arrow at his face but it bounces off his damn antlers!!! Couldn't find him after that lol.
  9. Question.. I'm in Chapter 2. Last quest I did was for John and we robbed a train. Only quest I see now is from Dutch. I'm afraid to do it cause I don't wanna advance to chapter 3 yet cause I haven't done the "sheep" side quest -- how do I get that quest??
  10. You can get the paperback version of the guide for $17.23 and free shipping (with Prime) on Amazon. OR you can do what I did and go to and get it for $17 (Use code "FALL10" at checkout)
  11. thank you!!! I saved this spread sheet, and will go back to these missions after I beat the story.
  12. Do you have an RDR2 Strategy Guide you no longer need?? If so -- message me please. I really need one. I can buy it or TRADE you for Monster Hunter World/The Division.

  13. let me be the first to congratulate you on this remarkable achievment! Your Monster Hunter Crown videos were BOSS. And our chat last week was what got me into this game and now I can't put it down. I'll save this thread -- hoping to find all the animals myself. But thanks for this video my friend!
  14. @PowerPyx has confirmed you do NOT need to "Track" the animals. You only need to skin and Research them. That's it.