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  1. oooooh shit im sorry OP but you cant cheat bro. i didn't know the full story. thanks my fellow saiyan friend. imma follow you. i follow all DbZ players
  2. great response.... and may i ask what the OP did?
  3. Yeah on first glance I thought it said 1800 trophies so I rounded up to 2000. NOW I see the correct amount. Anyways, I can't tell if the friend comment was sarcasm but I can't friend you unless I know your psn, so If you wanna friend me or msg me your PSN, mine is @dokkanexpert -- if it was sarcasm than sorry for even asking. P.S. I friend ALL Trophy Hunters. My goal is to have the largest list of HUNTERS ONLY. So far, your 150 Level is the highest I've ever seen, hence, the friend request.
  4. I have to agree with @Just_Amaz1ng on this issue. From a LEGAL standpoint we have to look at it like this: his "crime" was commited BEFORE a "law" was in effect. You can't give someone a punishment for something when no law or rule was in effect. Punishing him for this AFTER he was cleared in discussions about it AND AFTER a rule became official is NOT justice or fair. So I say it's only fair to accept his dispute and reverse whatever decision was made after "official rules" came into affect. GOOD LUCK TO YOU @Just_Amaz1ng -- and don't quit trophy hunting bro. I looked at your profile... you're obviously very good. Keep at it bro!
  5. Bro... almost 2k games and 98% completions! You sir... HAVE MY RESPECT! Can we be friends on PSN? @dokkanexpert
  6. Final Form Coora & Android #17 have been announced as the next DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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    2. dokkanexpert


      Maybe you know him as COOLER. he is Frieza's brother.

    3. DrakeHellsing


      Ah, I thought so, had a feeling that was him, but I wasn't sure.  But wasn't he announced a little while back now?

    4. dokkanexpert


      yes, all these units were technically "leaked" via datamine about a week after the games release. However, since the latest VJUMP magazine is showcasing them, that means they will hit U.S. very soon, I'd say around end of October.

  7. I actually have a habit of syncing trophy's directly to Playstation after I get them. I now know this habit is a good habit. Thanks!
  8. please disregard my last status... I meant MGS... this one: 


  9. I wish #Konami would remaster Metal Gear Solid 2: Solid Snake --- one of the greatest games!

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    2. mecharobot


      If Kojima was still in the house and could do whatever he pleases, a MG(S) 2 remake would most definitely be Snake's Revenge.

    3. dokkanexpert


      that's why #5 sucked... no Kojima, no snake.

    4. Deceptrox


      Did you mean Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake? That one and the first Metal Gear (Metal Gear) need to be remake along with Metal Gear Solid, but Konami will never do that, at least not with the current directory. If you mean MGS2: Sons of Liberty, it may get remaster at some point in the future.

  10. Is there still confusion on this question. Ok.... I have AT&T and it's slow asf. I'm asking if others have AT&T and what they did or have done to make downloads on the ps4 faster. So far, changing from Google to OpenDNS servers has worked and made it a little faster. But I need to know if I can get it to go faster. Any tricks, dns servers, just ANYTHING that;ll help make my downloads faster. I can stream Hulu just fine, youtube fine, but I can't broadcast (in 720p or 320p) and my downloads are 99 hours for a 60GB game. So... to the confused people... I hope this clarifies what I'm asking for.
  11. Here ya go, I recorded a video for ya... when you see the size of the leg, you'll know it's the Crown. the heel goes above the hunters head about an inch. Also, you can use your Palico equipped with the Plunderblade and do a Plunderblade attack (or that other one I forget the name of) and your palico will throw something at Kushala and Kushala will get up, roar, and walk around again.
  12. I have a degree too, but at least I can still read and understand questions.
  13. I need 3 Gold Trophy's for 250pts & then I'll have 1,006pts -- then I can get a $10 code!

    1. starcrunch061


      Is that thing updating for you? It's been incredibly slow for me. It's only just put up plats I got back in July.

    2. dokkanexpert


      is what thing updating? Can you elaborate? 

    3. starcrunch061


      The rewards passes don't update like they used to, at least not for me. It's running about a month behind for my trophies. I should have a $10 gift card in hand with the trophies I've earned since July, but it still lists me at 294 plats on my pass.

  14. well if you read what i wrote than you'll know what im talking about. Topic kinda mkes it self-explanatory bro.