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  1. I am soo addicted to FALLOut SHELTER now. It's soo much fun!

  2. dont forget..... 24 trophies! i got GOTY Edition for like $10 during a sale. just wait till a price drop happens
  3. game almost out a year now and still announcements dont show up! btw.... ANYONE HERE LOOKiNG TO BOOST TO 530K BP????????
  4. "a representative of ours was able to unlock the trophy on an account that already had over 30 arena matches by closing the application/game and then launching and winning an Arena Match" Straight from Bandai's email and it does work!
  5. Ok, I finallly got it going and I decided to work out the numbers. To make 5,000,000 zenni at 6,587 zenni per match, it will take 759 (approx.) matches. For the hell of it, for 20,000,000 zenni -- it'll take 3,036 matches. God. fxcking. Dammit.
  6. So guess what? I shit you not. I open up FighterZ and guess where I'm at in HARD mode? Chapter 8 Map 15 lmao! So now I don't have to actually FINISH hard first, I can just get to the end and do your method. Thanks again! Your entire post brought the fire of DRAGONBALL back into my veins!
  7. THIS IS GREAT! I'm gonna jump back into fighterZ now and this video really helped. Couldn't have understood it without the video! Gonna jump on my ps4 now.
  8. Anyone wanna help me do a Dragonball FighterZ boost to 520K BP? I'd really like to platinum this game.

  9. any enterpreneus here? or people making it big?

  10. Well, let's get us some opinions!
  11. I want to expand my games/trophies and start playing some games i cannot access in the North American store. So question, if I'm gonna make a new region account, which region should I make it for? Which region has the best games, deals, & US Dollar currency exchange rate?
  12. LOL - im always bitchen at people to use google, I suppose my question was more of a conversation starter than an actual question.
  13. hey bro -- i'd love to work with ya, perhaps you can sponsor me and in return I'll advertise your site on my streams.

  14. iNKSPLOSION - Can someone platinum this via gameshare for me?

    1. Spyro


      It's not that bad...just keep trying, you'll get it. Took me longer than I expected and caused rage, but still got a very colorful plat image.

    2. dokkanexpert


      ive tried and tried.... i cant. something with my hand/eye coordination, just cant seem to follow everything, its way too fast. oh well, i thought id ask.