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  1. Enjoy!!
  2. I remember, "who's footprints are these?" In snow being so amazing. Hideo invented Movie-gaming.
  3. Redeemed bro. Thanks!
  4. I still dont know which options affect what later in the game. Anyone? But what about the one that gives a quest? One of the questions asked (depending on my answer) will bring 1 character "back to life" & another gives a quest. I most certainly want that quest!
  5. So right now I am level 3 & want to fight this Griffin & move on. I have no more ?'s & its getting boring asf now. But reading ahead on guides I read something about before meeting the king (after the griffin) you get asked questions based on your W2 playthru. So the questions I will be asked, can someone who has finished W2 & W3 please tell me what I should say? I know one of the questions results in a quest. I never played W2 & im not going to. Just looking for the best dialogue choices if im going for platinum. I appreciate the help!
  6. Days Gone is supposed to Auto Download today. Does anyone know when exactly?

    1. SaltyCat


      Usually 48 hours before release so midnight on the start of 24th probably.

    2. dokkanexpert


      Thanks for the reply and info @SaltyCat. I'm new to preordering lol.

  7. So I'm looking at Days Gone and it says Auto-Download Date is 04/23/2019 -- which is TODAY. So my question is when will it download??
  8. Everytime I start a game I go to google and type "GameTitle Trophy roadmap" and get the proper trophy guide info I need. Hopefully this helps you too.
  9. So does being off leaderboards stop support? Cus I been waiting 48hrs for some genuine replies for Persona 5. I have 10 days left to fight Kamashido and so-called "trophy hunters" only advice is "do the palace as soon as possible" -- that makes no sense cus I am level 05. Can I get some genuine help please? What should I be doing for the next 8-9 days to rank up? Please... REAL help needed.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. dokkanexpert


      @Mako thank you! And I also thank you for being polite. Ok so I will do the palace a few times to level up. Appreciate the answers. Everyone kept saying Go Go Go but nobody until now said I can go multiple times. So thank you.


    3. dokkanexpert


      @starcrunch061 please stop your smartass and rude remarks and leave me alone. Thank you!



    4. Hemiak


      You can go multiple times, until you beat the palace, then it disappears. One thing to note though, on a day you visit the palace you can't do anything afterwards. So if you need to shop go before the palace. 

  10. This topic should be called "Games you could not platinum because someone didn't find a glitch, exploit or cheat"
  11. I'm not. I didn't bring this thread up or revive it someone else did. Besides, I have every right to say whatever I want and when I want. I legit fought for that right. And I was talking to you. Everyone is you. You leave me alone. I was just trying to be polite about it. But since you came at me with this dumbass remark, you can leave me alone. Just you. The original version was from a Vita account that I owned and like I said in other posts a year ago, I DID NOT POP THEM!! I didn't even know HOW to do it. I was a goddamn newbie at the time. And if you honestly think I should be banned for life over something so fucking stupid then don't talk to me ever again. You're not cool at all.
  12. You are actually correct. I do not know why this is being reopened either. Maybe what I wrote early this morning but I didn't ping anyone so I honestly didn't think it would be read. I was just venting. But you're forgetting something and so is everyone else... YES. I FUCKED UP! I AM SORRY! I WAS NEW TO THIS SITE, I DID NOT READ THE RULES, I TRUSTED PEOPLES WORD HERE. I THOUGHT WHAT I WAS BEING TOLD WAS NOT AGAINST ANY RULES. SERIOUSLY... Please go look at my Status updates BEFORE this happened. Do me that much at least. People kept replying to my status updates about the Sound Shapes servers being shut down and I repeatedly ASKED MANY, MANY TIMES what the rules were. Someone private messaged me more info & I took them at their word. Yes.. shame on me. I failed to trust my gut & listened and believed. Then I got screwed over (which I don't wanna talk about) so yes, I deserve a strike because I believed people's word instead of reading the fine print. Yes, I am guilty! Does that deserve 5 strikes???? Noooooooo!!!!! I don't deserve to be completely off leaderboards for it. And btw, I hid the trophies AFTER I got the strikes. I did that because I felt I didn't deserve them to shoe on my profile & I am a little hazy on the details but I am pretty sure I read somewhere if a game is flagged you have to hide them. I don't hide them on other Trophy sites cus the Admins have emailed me (not pm actual emails) asking me to describe to them in great deal everything that happened. I did that and they said they believe me. It's really a matter of trust. I was NOT trying to violate any rules, gain an advantage, make my profile look better or anything that was even about psnp. Truth and honesty... I had no goddamn money & from what I was told, I would get $10 from Sony Rewards & I actually got $20 for Red Dead Redemption 2. In hindsight, I wish I could take it back. I was on a lot of antidepressants (even antipsychotics) at the time & was suffering very badly... I don't wanna talk about that but I promise I wasn't trying to do anything wrong. I get 5 strikes for 1 game and that is fair??? For being stupid and ignorant that is how I am punished? Permanent removal from leaderboards for the rest of my life??? That isn't exactly fair and one of the mods said he felt the same way. Ya know, I don't know why this is such a big deal anyways. I have made many enemies here simply because of my anti-cheating posts. See, you guys say using a script that Autobets for you until you get a 21 while you watch a movie is NOT cheating (red dead 2). You guys say earning a trophy by acting like a Veteran then switching to Recruit difficulty at a last checkpoint is NOT cheating (CODMWRM). You guys also allow Conan Exiles to be autopopped in 45 minutes thru an admin debug panel. But see, it's a conundrum. You guys say one thing is not cheating because you cover the word with "glitch". Well lemme ask you, how did the people who discover these so-called "glitches" actually discover them? Did they accidently exit out super fast & when they went back in and figured out they could switch the difficulty? No. They went thru lines of codes or PURPOSELY looked and found a way to CHEAT and get the trophy. Those people have a shiny Silver Trophy & Platinum to show off & say, "hey guys, I beat the game on Veteran difficulty!". But you didn't. You resorted to a video that gave explicit instructions on how to cheat and get a trophy that you did NOT legitimately earn. Alot of you did NOT earn the Veteran Trophy in the COD 3 Remaster. Why the hell aren't they flagged? Why is everyone autopopping ibaddriveri's video shows how to cheat. They were discussing him in a Trophy Hunter Community on PS4. And nobody is allowed to be in that community if they did Conan, or use these glitches. Because these glitches are just a rephrase for cheating. A glitch is when something does something it isn't suppose to do. Cheating is defined as gaining an advantage or doing something you did not earn. So how is cheating defined here? Pretty much as long as the word "glitch" is in front of it than its not cheating. I sat for hours and earned my Gambler Trophy. I made it thru Veteran difficulty and earned my Trophy. A lot of you can't say that. Why? Because it's a lie. A lot of people here have purposely CHEATED in a game using exploits, scripts, methods that gave them a Trophy that they did NOT legit earn. And if someone came out with a script that makes your Fighter auto fight for you to earn zenni in Dragon Ball FighterZ and get the Gold 20,000,000 zenni Trophy, you guys would be like "omg thank you sooooo much!!" But no matter how much it is defended against that is cheating. So again I ask, do I deserve to be off leaderboards for life??? No. Thousands of people here should be off leaderboards for blantenly cheating. Willfully doing it. I didn't do that. I asked and asked and asked if what I was gonna do in Sound Shapes broke any rules and I was told NO. I was misinformed. I get it tho. You guys think I should be punished & I suppose I deserve it for not reading it for myself or directly asking an Admin or Mod. But I don't deserve 5 strikes for it. I think one or even 2 is acceptable. I think I should be allowed a chance to be on leaderboards. I really hate having to screenshot from other trophy sites when I make leaderboard. Showing off a trophy from this site would be nice. But I cannot do that and I don't think that is fair. Take into account everything I said above about other the other games. They are on leaderboards but they did not legit earn those trophies. They thought the game was crap & didn't deserve hours of play or it was "too hard" & found an advantage that gave them a Trophy and now they get to say on their profile "Hey everybody, I beat this on that difficulty" but it's a LIE. They resorted to cheating and just because its called a glitch doesn't mean it is a glitch. Cus it may be a glitch but it's still cheating. But you'll think what you want. I hope I wasn't rude in any way, I don't think I was. Besides, if you feel strongly about me being off leaderboards, you don't have anything to worry about. The mods won't change it anyways. Like I said above. This site has very few people who believe the same I do. I see people calling out the scripters and glitchers and calling them cheats or saying to earn it legit but then he gets pounded on by a bunch you guys. So I stay out of it. When I say something like I.did a few weeks ago "THIS IS CHEATING" I get recked on for it. So it is what it is bro. Thousands of people on this website are straight up CHEATERS who couldn't hack it so they used an alternative method to achieve a trophy. And I 100% guarantee you if there was NO Trophy behind it people would NOT bother with it. So do I deserve to have 5 strikes and be banned for life?? No. Are the thousands of people who knowingly cheated for their trophy gonna be flagged or off leaderboards? Nope! Are things gonna change? Nope. That's all I have to say about this. P.S. Legit, not hiding anything. I know people can see a link to go to my hidden trophies, again, not trying to hide anything. I was told to hide them because they were flagged. If I have been misinformed please let me know and I will unhide them. Just hid them cus I was told that. Anyways, that is all.
  13. What does that mean? I use to go by many names. I change my username every so often so what's the harm in that? I'm currently using "TrophyHunterTyler" as my new name as "dokkanexpert" was pretty much to claim the name to spite someone else.. The account doesn't need to be my username. As long as the name & account info are linked to me then it is mine. Besides, I don't know why all this has started up again. Everyone just please leave me alone.