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  1. Both of you made me want this game mooooore now!!! Thanks very much for the honesty. So is this RPG better than FF or MHW or Valkyries? I don't mind differences in stories. But when a game is nominated 35 times... That is a red flag to play it!!!
  2. Omg... I teared up soo hard when I saw Enid & Tara. What did you guys think of the Episode "The Calm Before"??? It was incredible!!! I am still haunted by all the heads on the Pikes, it was really very graphic!!! This one hurts me the most... 😥😥😥😥😥😥 So the leader of Hilltop (Tara) was executed just in time for the Finale to say "Maggie has returned!!!" I think they will say that in the Finale (a nod that Maggie is on her way back or has just arrived but we won't see her). Also, have ya'll seen the Sneak Peak for Season 09 Finale??? The Survivors are NOT looking for Revenge. Instead, they are looking for a way to "safely" cross the "Pike Border" due to harsh weather & that is going to result in Alpha unleashing the THOUSANDS of Walker's she has at her disposal. She told Daryl that her people are already amongst that herd "leading" them. She clearly controls the Walkers. And holy shit she killed one of her own just because they saw her Cry. This bitch makes Negan look like Ned Flanders. Which is why I know eventually, they are going to go to Negan & he will either offer or be asked to infiltrate them cus Alpha eye-balled everyone at the fair. But she did NOT SEE Negan!!! So she doesn't know he exists or where his loyalty lies so I really think Season 10 will be Negan's Redemption (in the comics, Rick allows him to live in exile beyond Alexandria's Walls) & since Danai aka Michonne's last season is 10, I think Aaron will be in charge of Alexandria for Season 11 but will get killed & Negan will Rise back up to Power -- but he'll be a good leader this time. And holy shit... Henry???? They killed off Carl to bring in Henry just to kill him off??? Wow (but a good wow) I didn't like him much but I had a feeling his "moral compass" was gonna get him killed... Just didn't expect his head to be on a pike too!! That was a huge shocker!!! Thoughts? Feelings? Lose a favorite character?? How did you react to the Pikes?? Share your reactions!!!
  3. +1 rep to all genuine replies. Especially those who have played it. Is The Witcher 3 good for me if I loved Monster Hunter World & Horizon Zero Dawn??? How long is the Story?? Is character development good?? I loved Detroit: Become Human Storyline... It was incredibly great!! Is this worth it for $14.99 how many hours of gameplay??? The more the better!! Anyways, I hope someone can talk me into getting this. Still waiting for Persona 5 to go on Sale.
  4. LMAO. When I asked for this exact same question last week, nobody replied or helped me so my 7 days expired w/o playing anything. Besides, no point in Trophy Hunting anymore w/o Sony Rewards' "Trophy Passes". Those LEGO games are all easy & fast! I recommend those.
  5. Well. I did say guess and you really want it. So I am giving it to you. You were closest to last number 747. Messaging your code now.
  6. You are the first person to get closest to 379. There is still *one* more code to give! Keep those guesses coming!!!
  7. I registered 3 emails & all 3 got accepted. So I have used one which means there are TWO keys left. To make this fair & because it is a "timed" trial we have to make this giveaway really fast. Rules: The first two people who get closest between TWO RnG numbers chosen from 1-777 will be messaged a code! Two Codes. Two Winners. Too little time. Screw it... Guess as many times as you want. First two who get close to the already selected numbers will get it. Let's Gooooooooo!!!
  8. Earned this last night. Took me 1yr & 4 months to get this.
  9. Isn't this an awesome pose? I finally got it!!! Took me only 16 months!!!
  10. After 1yr & 4 mos I finally got this trophy... And the pose is Perfection!


    1. ruffedgz



  11. I don't know how but Sony allowed me to sign up again (3rd time) for a 7-day FREE PSNow Subscription. Unfortunately, ALL THE WALKING DEAD TELLTALE GAMES HAVE BEEN REMOVED!! Anyways, to the point: I have 7 Days of PSNow & I really really want to Pre-Order DAYS GONE. So I need to earn a LOT of Silvers, Golds & Platinums in 7 days to help boost me in Sony Rewards. What are the easiest & fastest 🏆 games on the PSNow service? Right now my guess is LEGO games. They seem quick & easy. Can those of you who are very familar with using PSNow & their game catalog please reply with a list of easy games with tons of trophies that YOU played? I would like to get at least 10 games done in 7 days. +1 rep to all beneficial replies! Thank you!!!
  12. These two points are excellent. They have established that Negan *has* changed. They started that with The Governor if you remember when he first met Tera, you kinda felt bad for him. But then he reverted to his old ways. Negan seems to have genuinely changed. I must also say, the amount of Character Depth they are putting into Ezekiel is making me feel he will be the main one. As someone said, they use one of the conic and one of the tv... They did that with the Lucille lineup and makes a lot of sense. I enjoy seeing TWD fans agree that Negan has changed and I really think by Season 11 he could be the lead. I dunno. Imagine watching things from Negan's POV.
  13. Sadly I must say this. If you are here to say the show sucks because you could not handle a character not surviving an Apocolypse... THIS THREAD IS NOT FOR YOU!!! THIS IS FOR FAN DISCUSSION OF THEORIES! OH.. & OBVIOUSLY SPOILER ALERT! The Whisperers are here. Alpha, Beta & the Survivors now have Conflict! The Kingdom alongside The Highwaymen, Alexandria & Hilltop have all come together for 'The Fair'. This is an event that changes TWD and the Survivors FOREVER! It. Will. Happen. The only question is to WHOM? Who will the Whisperers decapitate & stick their head on a pike, like in the image above??! High bets are on Ezekiel, leader of The Kingdom & Rosita of Alexandria because of the Comics! However, AMC & Kirkman LOVE to switch it up. Lots of small details you wouldn't realize are actually changed because Kirkman didn't like the way it was in the Comics & they wanna keep Comic readers in suspense too so they switch it up. I.E. Negan v. Abraham (Abraham got Denise's "Arrow Death" in the comics) or Sasha's "Coffin" scene (a complete switchup of events occured in the comics) or even recently, "Negan's Escape" (in the comics he stayed, on AMC he left but came back). So with that said, it may not be Ezekiel & Rosita. I have my ideas of whom they will kidnap but I don't wanna say anything yet I wanna read some theories. LET THE DISCUSSION BEGIN! P.S. I do have a soft spot for Jerry. If they killed him... 😱 😱 😱 I would be soooo upset!!!
  14. Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness